AppZilla Review

AppZilla Review and Bonus by Eric Dieperink – This Is Your Chance To Skyrocket Your Business And Dominate Your Niche By Getting Your Hands On The MOST AMAZING “Cloud-Based Tools” Designed To Revolutionize Your Online Money Making Journey

AppZilla Review

AppZilla gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

AppZilla is the #1 Marketing tool for Internet marketers! “AppZilla” fills a vacuum that has been in the Online Sales Business for as long as there have been Internet marketers. AppZilla helps you to dominate your niche using the same applications we use to create viral campaigns, grow lists and make more revenue! AppZilla will not only make a whole lot more sales for you, but also saves a ton of money for your online business!

AppZilla is a Cloud-Based Marketing Software designed to offer 14 different web-based applications that can be used on any website. It requires no installation and it works efficiently with all operating systems including: Windows, Linux and MAC. Appzilla is also compatible with content management systems (like WordPress and Joomla etc); and works effectively on mobile devices due to its web-based (cloud-based) and fully responsive nature.

Take Advantage Of Our Exclusive “Cloud-Based Tools” To Give Your Business A More Professional Look, Dominate Competitors, Increase Customer Base, Pull In More Sales And Skyrocket Profits… Starting Today!These amazing web based apps (which I’m about to expose to you), has transformed my affiliate marketing business and also assisted in generating a 6 figure income for me faster than I have ever imagined. These apps are so powerful, superfast and easy to use which is why I am convinced that your affiliate marketing business desperately needs it.

AppZilla Review and Bonus by Eric Dieperink – This Is Your Chance To Skyrocket Your Business And Dominate Your Niche By Getting Your Hands On The MOST AMAZING “Cloud-Based Tools” Designed To Revolutionize Your Online Money Making Journey will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

AppZilla Review

Get AppZilla here :

AppZilla Review and Bonus by Eric Dieperink – This Is Your Chance To Skyrocket Your Business And Dominate Your Niche By Getting Your Hands On The MOST AMAZING “Cloud-Based Tools” Designed To Revolutionize Your Online Money Making Journey

More Video

Here’s A Sneak Peak At The Various Web-based Applications Embedded in Appzilla:

Using this one-of-a-kind call to action video player can increase sales or opt-ins by more than 300%. Integrate a player into your page using an unbranded player- no watermark to deal with. Videos draw attention, and make a perfect platform to market your product or service. You decide when the opt-in form shows and stops, and: on a video you can have auto-play and many other features. The video player is fully responsive, working with self-hosted mp4, Amazon s3, Dropbox, or even YouTube. Changing the video content is easy, just use the members area so the code on your website is left unchanged! Alter the video using media share buttons, images, text, hyperlinks, and custom html within the video. Such allows you to create ways to interact with the person watching your video and make a connection. You can also use logo masking to put your logo on top of a previous logo. AppZilla offers video file protection by hiding the URL from source code, making it harder to rip, share, or download your videos from the site.

Use videos to make money!

Turn an article into 1000 using AppZilla’s article spinner. Each generated article is 100% grammatically correct, and unique to search engines. We have the best built-in English Thesaurus, keeping the content looking fresh without sacrificing meaning. Words are not reused quickly, and create a variety for your readers and market. Spinning uses unlimited nested capability, with full sentence and paragraph spinning. Far more than just replacing a word here or there, our program reworks your entire document, giving you new content. Such keeps it from being recognized by search engines as duplicates. AppZilla’s service also spins HTML, photos, videos, meta tags, and paragraphs to change far more than just the wording. Entire articles can be reworked and generated in new, eye-catching ways that are search engine optimized and ready to market your ideas faster than ever. Faster and cheaper than outsourcing to a copywriter, this gives you the freedom to make articles quickly and easier than ever.

Content – anywhere, anytime!

#3 – AppZilla’s CHAT-BOT
Nothing sells like an enthusiastic presence, or the one-on-one attention of a salesperson to your target audience. Rather than have somebody waiting on the system, having a chat bot ready to handle your needs can really boost sales- by more than double in some cases. Having a bot gives a dynamic form of feedback, and ours is smart enough to fool your visitors. They will never know you had a bot talking to them, instead of a person. Our bot is very interactive, and asks frequently for emails or phone numbers, using a fully responsive and highly customizable response set. Create a dynamic form of feedback and interaction for your visitors to the site. Having this bot is like having a trained and enthusiastic staff ready and waiting for any issues that might come up. You can even make money using the bot for others. Place it on other websites, and charge the owners there for each lead. Some companies will pay anywhere from $3 to $100 per lead, making it possible to get money fast!

Need more sales? Don’t miss Chat Bot!

Auctions are not based on sound decisions. Purchases there are emotionally-driven, mostly because of the short time you can decide in. Now you can take advantage of that same idea with an evergreen countdown timer. Creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, a countdown timer can make people think they have to move NOW. This increases sales, opt-ins, and revenue for you! Countdowns can include times and dates, giving a flexible expiry option. This works on any kind of website, making a versatile tool for any form of sales. Imagine giving each visitor to your site a unique timer. A one-time, exclusive, urgent event for them to join in now or lose that opportunity. Many people will pay far more attention, and join in just so they don’t lose out! This powerful tool can create more sales and opt-ins with minimal effort. A fully responsive timer can create that sensation for your visitors.

Tick Tock!

#5 – AppZilla’s STOP REFUNDS
Every business eventually has a dissatisfied customer or two. Most will demand a refund- but can be redirected. We have designed a miraculous app (Stop Refunds) to help merchants funnel customers into other options. People are given choices through an automated process that presents other options for a customer including a replacement product. This new system can give you 20% less refunds a year, all with a win-win situation. The client is satisfied, and you keep the money! The customers are sent to ‘special offer’ pages automatically created by AppZilla, saving you time and money. Doing this can transform a dissatisfied customer into a happy one while saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. An automated customer complaint resolution system can help keep them happy while you are able to focus on your business instead of the complaints!

Bye-Bye Refunds!

#6 – AppZilla’s LEAD CAPTURE BOX
When somebody visits your page, you have an interested party. Having a place for them to put in information for further contact can generate sales quickly and easily. Our lead capture box can gather email information, and offer a fully responsive method of following up on customers. It shows attention given to them, increasing interest in not only your product, but you specifically. The lead capture box works with all popular marketing platforms including Aweber, and Getresponse. Other similar services do not offer a fully customizable box like AppZilla’s Lead Capture Box does, letting you create something perfect for your page. Lead capture boxes help you create a higher level of trust, leading to more opt-ins and sales. This is far different than popups or more invasive methods as it allows the customer to ask for more. Instead of forcing them, they feel like you are paying attention to them- a far better rapport.

You Just Got Another Lead!

#7 – AppZilla’s EXIT POP-UP
Once you have visitors to your site, you want to keep them there as long as you can, right? Having a warning that they are leaving can help them be sure it was what they wanted to do. Accidental departures can cost you sales or opt-ins. This amazing app allows you to create a customized popup for your site to entice them to leave their contact details. You can design your popup in any way you desire to fit in with your site. Use humor, promotional offers, or something attention-grabbing to ensure customers do not leave your site without seeing the best you have to offer.Create a responsive note to warn people of deals that might have been overlooked, or services that might not have been noticed. Use this opportunity to get attention, gather leads, or increase your sales and opt-ins.

Don’t let your customers go!

Using a landing page is an effective marketing tool, yes you already know that! But the fact is: landing page must be well-crafted to do its job. Our awesome app allows you to easily create beautiful squeeze pages with a video background and opt-in form. You can fully customize it to your needs and use this lucrative opportunity to snatch more leads. The squeeze page generator is fully compatible with our lead capture box app, giving you double the value by using both in tandem to create attention-grabbing content that can lead to more sales and opt-ins for you. The tools are fully responsive, and help you to create a page that is beautiful and functional. Don’t miss this chance to offer deals and bargains to entice more prospects. Combine it with our lead capture box to simplify in the input from them, and create a call-to-action to draw them in.

Capture Leads! Make more profits!

Would you like to tap into the ease and expansiveness of the social media? Want to make your campaigns travel fast and far with the click of a button? Placing social media buttons on your website makes an easy and simple way for your customers to spread the word about a positive experience. This engagement lures in their contacts, and the effect cascades into massive sales increases. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to add to your pages to integrate social media into your site. Encourage those visiting to spread the word to potential interested friends, creating leads without having to ask for information. Floating text beneath the buttons can allow more information without having to be blatant, giving visitors a chance to concentrate on your product or service before sharing. When that sharing does occur, they can be encouraged to say a few words about their experience, adding to your reputation.

Engage your customers – anytime you want!

#10 – AppZilla’s SPLIT TEST
Using a split test allows you to see what various versions of a page might look like. This revolutionary idea can actually save you massive time and money. Yes, after your product launch, using a split test can help you find out what works best for you. If traffic is split among the pages, then you can see which one performs better, and understand how to make the most of your site. This can range from elements, to marketing, to sales offered. Discover what works for your site in half the time by running several versions of the page. A small change can make all the difference! You can even split test elements to make very minor differences, rather than completely different and fully developed pages.No More Hassles!

Now you can boost your conversions flawlessly!

Just like a countdown timer, having a listing of just how many items are left can create a sense of urgency. If people think they have to act quickly, they are less likely to spend time considering a purchase. Create a ticket or seat countdown to show an item is selling out, and sales will increase just to make sure one is available. Unlike a clock, it does not require a specific time to count down to. Instead, it has a randomized zero point, meaning it will every few seconds or minutes it will reach zero. Impulse buying is a powerful tool to make sales. When the supply is apparently about to run out, the urge to act fast can help move sales, and drive profits. A scarcity countdown creates that for you, and can be applied to a wide variety of products.

Don’t Miss Any Sale – Add A Scarcity Factor Today!

#12 – AppZilla’s BANNER ROTATOR
Are you interested in boosting your conversions and sales? Do you rent space to advertisers on your page, or create promotional material for sales and products you sell? Using this outstanding app, you can create a pool of banners to use, keeping content fresh within your page. Cycling through a series of banners allows you to keep using several banners without filling your page with banner space, using a variety of sales to maintain interest. This is also very effective when using a split tester to see what banners are more effective. Our innovative banner rotator saves you time in coding and making space within the format of your site. Each new page would trigger a new item from the pool of images, constantly refreshing the advertisements. Depending on how many banners are in your pool, this can be a simple back and forth, or create a catalog of items to entice customers with a variety of sales.

More Conversions; More Sales!

#13 – AppZilla’s URL SHORTENER
Are you tired of using long affiliate links? It’s time for you to make those long ugly looking affiliate links short and easy to read. You might be thinking: a lot of sites offer this same service, so why this URL shortener, right? Simple! We offer a quick and convenient way to make URLs far less cumbersome. We understand that long affiliate links address can be a nightmare; and this app is designed to make the URLs far shorter and easier to code. Long and unappealing links are reduced to only a handful of characters, something easy to cut and paste into a new browser or add to a message. Changing your link can also help cloak the intention of the link. More savvy customers can hover over your link without knowing it’s an affiliate link. If the link is kept curious and short, they will have to click the link to see where it goes. Such increased traffic, and the customer has to read the page to determine if they wish to stay or leave. This can increase the opportunity for opt-ins or lead captures in the future.

Say goodbye to those long, ugly links!

What seems to be a simple bar becomes a wonderful tool to interact with your customers! Imagine putting a search feature in that bar – something that allows you to search you and your affiliate’s stock quick and easy. Cool Idea, right? How about adding a countdown timer within the notification bar? YAY, it’s a constant reminder that something should be paid attention to before it is ‘lost and gone forever.’ Wait! You can even use this floating bar to place banner ads along the screen. Still refreshing, but a constant presence to offer sales or opportunities. This tantalizing notification bar can have so many different uses, and it is all customizable to your site and needs.
Never miss a chance to supercharge your business!

What Makes Appzilla So Unique?!

It’s an all inclusive website
You basically get all the tools (14 web-based apps) you need in one place, and our servers will help you to free up that much needed speed.

It’s very cost effective
Because these apps are all in one place, and because we have apps that are developed to lower your refund rate (stop Refunds), you save a lot money.

We utilize snippets
A lot of WordPress websites has so many plugins, that they become really slow or even non-functional. With Appzilla that will not happen, simply because snippets are lighter and everything happens on our server.

Great support and tutorials
We have more than 20 video tutorials to guide your every step, and we offer 24/7 email support.


We are breaking our backs for you on this one, there is no easier way. The risk is ours! Our part is to deliver the key to your succes. We believe in AppZilla so much that we back it with a full a full money back Guarantee! If for some strange reason you don’t like our software, or you just can’t get used to the good life, just send us an email and we send back every dime straight away, no questions asked!

AppZilla : Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on my MAC?
Absolutely! Appzilla is cloud-based software so no installation is required. The only thing you need to make AppZilla work is an Internet connection. Nothing more, and nothing less!

Who needs this?
AppZilla works great for affiliate marketers, online marketers, webshop owners, basically anyone with a website!

Will this work with WordPress?
Yes, Appzilla is compatible with all types of websites.

Is there a guarantee?
Absolutely! You get a full 30 days-no-questions-asked money back guarantee to make sure this is for you. If for some reason AppZilla doesn’t get you more leads and sales, write us an email and we send back every dime straight away!

Are all apps responsive?
Yes. All apps are responsive and will be shown correctly on all devices.

Download AppZilla here :

AppZilla Review and Bonus by Eric Dieperink – This Is Your Chance To Skyrocket Your Business And Dominate Your Niche By Getting Your Hands On The MOST AMAZING “Cloud-Based Tools” Designed To Revolutionize Your Online Money Making Journey
AppZilla Review

Get AppZilla Now! buy AppZilla now and you can save money and work hours. AppZilla comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. AppZilla review

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IG Automator (Worth $232): This is an ULTIMATE tool for automating your marketing effectiveness on Instagram especially with video posting from your desktop – We all know social media is a fun and sure way to connect with new friends customers and fans. Getting your Instagram profile out there for everyone to see is a hard and tedious task and time is very precious for all of us and promoting yourself on Instagram is a time-consuming everyday activity. Let IG Automator help you automate your daily activity and get you the crowd you deserve and desire!

YOUCOMMENTER ($247 Value): This is also another powerful YouTube marketing software recently customized by my in-house team for you to promote your YouTube channels and videos by setting automated comments to go out on selected YouTube videos in any niche… you can use this auto comment feature to grow your YouTube channels x3 faster or direct to your landing pages, websites, stores for more traffic, leads and sales!

FB Live Streamer (Worth $247):

This is a facebook streaming tool which allows you to go live on Facebook with Pre-made videos and share across all your fan pages. You can use this to go live immediately or schedule live video for future. Also, this application has the option to create Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting… We all know that Facebook is giving live videos massive engagement at the moment, so imagine using live videos to promote your promotional marketing videos and make more money, from both your products and your affiliate products too. Production cost is around $3800. Retail for $247. 

WP Whatsapp Support System (Worth $97): You want to serve huge customers and make more money? You know more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp… This will give you a WordPress WhatsApp Support plugin that provides a better and easier way to communicate visitors and customers directly to your support person. It runs on your own WordPress site, allowing you full control over your support via WhatsApp.… over $300 in production cost, retails for $97 dollars. 

WP FB Commenter (Worth $97):

Heard of this special WP comments Plugin which the big boy in town, I mean the highly paid experts are using to double they sale and profit with a genuine social proof. Would you rather believe cheap talk or evidence from real people like you?

Here is the solution; This is a is simple and lightweight plugin for WordPress platform that offers an opportunity to replace the default WordPress comments on your sites or blogs with a modern, new Facebook and Messenger style comment system. You can edit and modify user comments as you did it on the default comment system. The plugin has many features that make it one of the best comment systems for the WordPress platform. Production cost is above $800. Retail for $97 dollars.

PLRXtreme: Free Business Videos (Worth $1000):

We recorded a series of 20 new, on-screen video tutorials on how anyone can use freely available tools like Weebly, Wix, Haiku, Wufoo, and more To create simple, niche sites to promote their expertise or local business. Finally, You Can Make A Massive Income Hand Over Fist From This Premium Product In A High Demand Niche! Production cost is above $1000. Retail for $257 dollars.

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