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8 Simple Steps To Automate Tumblr To Make Money Using Easy Online Free Tools Such As Pinterest and Google Tools

Automating Tumblr For Profit

Course Description

When it comes to making money online, Tumblr is one network that can often be overlooked. But Tumblr is a little like blogging meeting Facebook with a touch of twitter. This is because you can create blog posts that can be liked and shared by other Tumblr users.

With such a great free tool available it would be crazy not to explore ways to make money using Tumblr. So this course will show you:

  • How To Find A Niche For Your Tumblr Blog
  • How Setup Your Blog
  • How To Source and Automate All The Content For Your Blog
  • How To Monazite Tumblr
  • How To Get People Viewing Your Site

What are the requirements?

  • Internet connection
  • Accounts with Pinterest, Google, Tumblr

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 9 lectures and 49 mins of content!
  • To full automate the site
  • To make money from Tumblr
  • To set up a Tumblr blog

What is the target audience?

  • People wanting to make money from Tumblr

Automating Tumblr For Profit online course is specifically designed to teach the skills needed to succeed in your life. This is an on-demand video (and audio) based course that you can go through at your own pace, and includes practice problems which reinforce the skills taught in the course.

Download Automating Tumblr For Profit here :

8 Simple Steps To Automate Tumblr To Make Money Using Easy Online Free Tools Such As Pinterest and Google Tools


Section 1: Find A Profitable Niche With Google Trends
Lecture 1
My First Lecture
Lecture 2
Find A Profitable Niche With Facebook Ads
Lecture 3
Find A Profitable Niche With Google Keyword Tool
Section 2: Monazite Your Tumblr Blog
Lecture 4
How Put Ads Like Chitika Or Google Adsense On Tumblr & Make Money
Section 3: Automate the Whole Thing
Lecture 5
How To Fully Automate Tumblr Using Pinterest & IFTTT
Lecture 6
Setting Up Your Tumblr Blog
Lecture 7
How To Get Tumblr Follower Using Reddit
Section 4: Finally
Lecture 8
Now How Do You Feel About Chihuahuas?
Lecture 9
Just Some Really Helpful Links


3 pages

Automating Tumblr For Profit is a step-by-step guide to helping you a good understanding in specific skill. The course shows students the most efficient solution method for each problem type, and how to use the techniques. The application of the techniques to the most common case types definitely helped solidify my understanding of the techniques introduced.

Download Automating Tumblr For Profit here :

8 Simple Steps To Automate Tumblr To Make Money Using Easy Online Free Tools Such As Pinterest and Google Tools

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Paul Tilley , Specializes in online education and course development

Paul has worked within education and learning for over 20 years, teaching teenagers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students at Oxford Brookes University. He specializes in online education and course development.

Involved in internet marketing and education for over 10 years Paul has written and developed over 7 online courses that include: Serious Profit on eBay & Amazon Without Funds or Products, A Rough Guide To ADHD From A Guy Who Lives With It, How You Can Actually Make a Passive Income From eBooks, 7 Simple Steps to Pinterest Selling, Traffic and Profits, 8 Steps To Automating Tumblr For Profit, How The Rich Get Rich And Keep It & How You Can Do The Same. As well as this, Paul has published: Emerging Church Theology & Youth Ministry Praxis: Eschatology, Preterism & Will Our Teenagers Sit On Clouds, Serious Profit On eBay Amazon Without Funds Or Products: Simple Steps to Making Serious Money on eBay, Amazon and Beyond Without Money or Products, ADHD Medication For Kids: Ritalin And Its Critics, What’s Really Behind Methylphenidate Meds For Your Child?, An Holistic Approach To ADHD Kids In Schools: Helping ADHD Kids, Teens, Young People Teachers & Parents Happy In The Classroom.

Automating Tumblr For Profit Instructor Biography
Automating Tumblr For Profit instructor

Hands down a great investment!
Short and to the point courses like this are my favourite. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge. – Lenny Ramirez

Great course
Helpful tips and resources. Recommended for Tumbler users. – JC Villanueva

Loved this course…I really had no idea what Tumblr is…
Paul really explained what Tumblr is and took the “mystique” out of it for me…so much technology and social media out there, it’s hard to keep up, but Paul broke down the steps so well…definitely recommend! – Anita Van Hal

Great instructor for engagement
Paul does a fantastic job at engagement (something I struggle to find with online courses). Within one freakin’ DAY I had a site up with over 200 visits the following day. Money spent on marketing: Zero. BOOM. Still tweaking with this and can’t wait to share results. This course is worth it if you take action. – Kevin Schouweiler

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