Basic Internet Technologies designing and creating web pages

Hello, World introduces you to exciting Web Design and Programming. This course shows you how professionals build pages.

Basic Internet Technologies designing and creating web pages Online Course Review

Basic Internet Technologies designing and creating web pages

Course Description

In this course, you will learn essential information about the Internet, basic technologies and in practice, how to construct a web page, plus look at how professionals and commercial web sites are constructed. You will learn:

• What the Internet is and basic technologies available
• Steps in designing and creating web pages
• Selecting the technologies to use on your web pages
• Tips in producing high quality pages


• Steps in designing & creating web pages, Learn HTML & CSS, the building blocks of websites

• Learn HTML and CSS, the building blocks of websites

• Explore web sites on the web to reinforce course materials and review.

The entire course length is over 6 hours but there is a segment to quickly setup a page.

What are the requirements?

  • Access to a microcomputer, laptop, desktop, etc, PC or Macintosh computer. Although Internet access, an ISP or server access is helpful as well, it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Need a browser application like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer installed on the computer.
  • A desire to improve yourself as an engineer. designer, programmer or other interested person.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 44 lectures and 6 hours of content!
  • The course goals are to provide an understanding what web pages are and how they are constructed to ultimately constructing your own pages or web sites.
  • This course presents what the Internet is and basic technologies available.
  • You will understand the steps in designing and creating web pages.
  • Tools (software tools) you will need.
  • Tips on selecting the technologies to use on your web pages and in producing high quality pages.
  • Demonstrations of web page construction will be shown throughout the course.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to design and program web pages with design elements such as text and images.

What is the target audience?

  • The intended audience is people who have not designed or programmed web pages.
  • Or marketing managers and people just interested!

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Section 1: Hello, World – Introduction to Web Design and Programming
Lecture 1
Hello, World: what’s this phrase?
Lecture 2
What are Web Technologies?
Lecture 3
W3 Consortium or : Keeping Standards & Access for All
Lecture 4
Brief History of the Web (…very brief)
Lecture 5
The Wayback Machine
Section 2: Tools of the Trade
Lecture 6
Browsers and Web Developer Tools including Web Inspectors
Lecture 7
Code Editor Introduction
Lecture 8
Great to Use! The W3C Markup Validation Service
Lecture 9
Who Is Your Audience? Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
Lecture 10
Using Fonts on a Page: Google Fonts, Dafont, MyFont, FontSpring, etc.
Lecture 11
The Cloud
Lecture 12
Just a bit about… SEO
Quiz 1
Quiz: Tools of the Trade
18 questions
Section 3: HTML
Lecture 13
What is HTML? And the DOM?
Lecture 14
HTML Versions
Lecture 15
The Block Model and the Web Inspector: Very Important! Importante!
Lecture 16
HTML Elements
Lecture 17
HTML: Your First Page with Hello, World
Lecture 18
Using the Browser Inspector to change HTML on any Page
Quiz 2
Take the HTML Quiz!
25 questions
Section 4: CSS
Lecture 19
What is CSS?
Lecture 20
Hello, World: 3 Types of CSS: Inline, Internal, External
Lecture 21
Style: H Tags & Css
Lecture 22
CSS Style with inline, Internal, External
Lecture 23
Style: Creating Meme with Images and Text
Lecture 24
Using the Browser Inspector to Change CSS on any Page
Lecture 25
CSS on Sites that You Visit
Quiz 3
CSS Quiz
10 questions
Section 5: Setting Up a Page in HTML & Style in CSS
Lecture 26
HTML: Recipe Page
Lecture 27
CSS: Recipe Page
Lecture 28
Upload Finished Page to Server
Lecture 29
Test & Valid Page
Section 6: Adding Google Analytics & Social Media
Lecture 30
Google Analytics
Lecture 31
Adding Social Media
Lecture 32
Add Facebook Like & Share
Lecture 33
Add Twitter Tweet & Timeline
Lecture 34
Pinterest — Add Pin or Pinter-ize Images
Section 7: Menu Navigation
Lecture 35
Styling HTML with CSS for Menus
Section 8: Multipage Web Site
Lecture 36
Preparing Main Menu Web Site for a Multi-page Site
Lecture 37
CSS of Page Template
Lecture 38
CSS of Page Template – 2nd Part
Lecture 39
Adding Pages
Section 9: Setting up a Web Site, Hosting, Domain Names, the Cloud!
Lecture 40
The Domain Name
Lecture 41
Hosting Your Site
Lecture 42
FIle Upload & Transfer
Section 10: More Sites on the WayBack Machine
Lecture 43
UX/UI: A Look at Commercial Sites 2014
Lecture 44
Oh the sites we shall see… The Wayback Machine

Step by step Social Business Start Up is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. Step by step Social Business Start Up is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

Step by step Social Business Start Up Student Reviews

I learned some extremely helpful things…

…but I have already coded several sites. This course is full of great ideas and suggestions and what was especially helpful for me was watching a professional coder set up the architecture for a multi-page site. You will learn more by osmosis than direct instruction. I am not sure if I would have wanted this to be my very first course in HTML5 or CSS3 simply because this instructor is so knowledgable that some of the very basic elements are somewhat assumed. That said, however, it is a five-star course–you just may have to watch a lecture or two more than once. Highly recommended. – Stephen Box

Step by step Social Business Start Up Instructor Biography
Step by step Social Business Start Up instructor
Joanne Fantini , Web & Software Application Developer

Hello, I’m a Software Application Developer and have many years of experience putting together software products and services. Through these experiences, I believe I can accelerate the path to learning the essentials and creating web pages and sites quickly.

Active in new media development and software application development since 1988, I have held the professional roles of Computer Programmer, UI designer, Developer, Manager and Creative Director in addition to owner of an interactive studio in Boston, Massachusetts. I attained a BS in Computer Engineering and MS in Computer Systems at Lehigh University and Boston University respectively, to complement a few other interesting academic pursuits. I have taught Web design & programming seminars and courses at MIT Lincoln Lab and select colleges. Looking forward to the Udemy experience!

Throughout many projects, I participated in the design and programming of interfaces and projects for CD, DVD, kiosk, mobile and Internet applications. The design of UI/UX, User Interface design and programming, concept to finish is my specialty.

I worked directly with clients and senior staff level; CEOs, VPs, Presidents, Directors at MIT, Verizon Labs, ESPN, Comcast SportsNet, Cox Cable Communications, MTI, General Motors, Polaroid (maker of the original Selfie camera!), Smithsonian, Mercer Management Consulting, Fidelity, Putnam Investments, Mitsubishi Electric, Bell South as well as startups. Working with many different startups as the Internet has evolved, Sports Kareoke is a favorite project; yes, it’s true.

In addition, entrepreneurial experience and responsibility for/or with principals for complete lifecycle is what 50% of my career has been about. I have been in the trenches; the battlefields! I hope to help you in your development and endeavours in the exciting space of the Internet and Mobile device app development.

Let’s go!

UI/UX design, software and application development, digital/social media research, project management, product development, learning design, business development, partnerships.


M.S., Computer Information Systems, Boston University

B.S., Computer Engineering, Lehigh University

A.S., Architecture, Passive Solar Design, Burlington County College

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