Chris farrell membership reviews and Bonus

Chris farrell membership reviews and Bonus

Chris farrell membership REVIEW

The Chris Farrell Membership program is one of the more credible programs out there because the owner, Chris Farrell stands behind his product and is actively involved in improving upon it (and he is quite a likeable guy). This is a comprehensive and realistic 21 day training program that breaks down many of the steps that basic steps you need to start making money at home. Although it is a video sales page (which is a big “scam” warning to me), it is actually a well put together product behind the scenes. It does not quite stack up my our #1 ranked product, but it is definitely one of the better programs out there in the industry and he is a credible and very trustworthy person. Please read the review below to get more details about the program.

Chris farrell membership Review

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Chris farrell membership reviews and Bonus


Chris farrell membership REVIEW

Does Chris Farrell Membership works? This program works fantastically for beginners because it teaches you basics that an Internet Marketer needs to know. And the great thing about the trainings offered is that it is very easy to understand. Basically, the program is like a “follow in my footsteps” kinda program. Chris Farrell have made a collection of tutorials sharing with you the things that work for him while he was searching for his success. But, as you know, things that work for him might not work for you. You should take this program as a guideline or a stepping stone to search for something that works for you.

Chris farrell membership Review

Chris farrell membership FEATURE :

Who is Chris Farrell?

Chris Farrell is a highly reputable and successful entrepreneur in the Internet Marketing Industry. He has been voted as the number one coaching program by IMReport Card in 2011 and 2012.

IMReport card is a community that reviews Internet Marketing products. He is a likeable English chap with a great accent and have made tonnes of money online.

What will you learn from Chris Farrell Membership and what does it offer?

  • Setting up an email marketing campaign
  • Creating videos and uploading it to Youtube
  • Creating a website from scratch
  • Creating a webhosting or an FTP account (This is confusing I know)
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Basics of Article Marketing
  • Basics of Social Bookmarking
  • Basics of Social Media

Above is a list of training that you can expect to learn from the program. This program is really great in covering the basics of Internet Marketing and the contents are very valuable to a beginner.

Let me side step a little here and explain to you what is web hosting. For every website you create, you need web hosting to tell search engine that your website exist. Without web hosting, your website will never be found.

Now, what I like about Chris Farrell Membership is that it offers Unlimited web hosting which usually cost approximately $20/mth by itself. You really do get your money’s worth!

Once you are in the membership area, you will get access to twenty one days of daily video training modules. Some of what you will be learning includes:

  • Creating your own eBook

  • WordPress Wealth

  • Monetize Mondays

  • Creating your own products

  • Killer copywriting.

These videos are supplemented with blueprint style guides that tell you what to do and when to do it. There are also manuals to follow as well. The resources are updated, but not that regularly. Sometimes it can feel like the entire membership is in a standstill as there is a lack of daily activity outside of the forum threads.

How Much is the Chris Farrell Membership?

The initial trial membership to the site itself will cost you $1 for 7 days, and then after the first week you will be billed $37 per month as long as you choose to remain a member. There is also fees associated with buying domains (which you will need, around $15 per year) which are very normal as a domain is going to serve as your “brand” online.

The Mentor Me program is an additional $997 and this is pushed to you within the back office of the membership.

How is the Chris Farrell Membership Support?

Like most sites, there is a member driven discussion forum which allows others to ask questions or to just get support when needed. Farrell definitely seems like a nice guy and he does list a phone number which he urges members to call if they have questions and concerns, but many have folks complain about lack of support and the overall lack of community. A lot of the time it feels like there is a reliance on under qualified “team members” to help you out, Chris is rarely there personally although very involved and it is definitely apparent that he stands behind his product.

There is a forum like most memberships that can be quite helpful if your a newbie as there are threads that cover some of the more basic questions, but you are going to be left “digging” if you look for anything specific. Overall the support within the Chris Farrell membership is “there” and better than most, but I wouldn’t say it is spectacular by any stretch of the means.


Chris Farrell Membership also offers an “high ticket” upsell to his Mentor Me program which is $997. This is a typical guru move, they get you into their program at a low ticket price (the intial $1) and then try to force you into a higher ticket item. Because of this and because most of the attention is focused on this upsell in terms of quality support. This is very commonplace in the industry and is almost becoming the norm, I always feel that with any program there should be upfront information about these types of upsells and costs for the sake of the customer.

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Chris farrell membership reviews and Bonus


Chris farrell membership REVIEW

Who is this membership intended to help? The Chris Farrell Membership program is advertised as “the perfect” program for beginners because there is a step by step easy to follow template to build a website. This however is not as simplistic as it may appear for folks that are not that good with technology. A website is an absolute requirement these days and the membership definitely understands that by trying their best to cater to your website development and hosting needs. Overall this membership is intended primarily for a beginner marketer as they focus on a lot of the more basic stuff such as getting your domain, hosting, setting up an autoresponders, etc. Once you get rolling though with a framework like this, you can often times use that foundation to springboard your business.

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Chris farrell membership reviews and Bonus


Chris farrell membership GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Chris farrell membership REVIEW

the fact that CFM is not, I repeat, NOT a scam. But is it worth it? Well, let me put it this way, the membership is worth of 5$ of one time payment, however, what it isn’t worth is 37$/month. And unfortunately that’s exactly what they charge you for the membership. Why? Simple. I hate to tell you this, but most likely, you will not earn a single penny with the help of CFM. As a matter of fact only 1% of CF members has made any money with his program! So if I won’t make any money, just what am I paying for then? Well, the purpose of the site is to make newbies to get started with their internet marketing career. They teach basic stuff, such as getting a domain, setting up your hosting, setting up the auto responder, etc.. Sometimes it feels like that the courses were made for the people that bought their computers few hours ago.

GET Chris farrell membership HERE :

Chris farrell membership reviews and Bonus

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