Clean Eating Basics PLR Honest Review

Clean Eating Basics PLR Review and Bonus by Michelle Bybel – What is Clean Eating? The Benefits of Clean Eating, How Clean Eating Leads to Permanent Weight Loss, Tips for Eating Clean and Green On a Budget, Your Clean Eating Food List

Clean Eating Basics PLR Review

Clean Eating Basics PLR gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Clean Eating Basics PLR tackles a major problem that keeps people up at night – their inability to lose weight along with the debilitating health concerns related to poor nutrition and weight gain. The healthy nutrition website Authority Nutrition does not waste time or beat around the bush giving you their opinion of the disease/diet connection when they say…”The modern diet is the main reason why people all over the world are fatter and sicker than ever before. Everywhere modern processed foods go, chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease soon follow.”

They couldn’t be more right! Did you know that diabetes was rare before the 20th century? Diabetes really began to get rolling in modern nations in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Since 1980 in the United States, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has increased from 5.5 million to 22 million in 2014. Similar 400% increases can be found in the United Kingdom and other westernized societies where processed food is the norm. People are killing themselves with food and what they don’t realize is that the solution isn’t as complex as they think. Clean eating is the true non-diet approach to weight loss and healing.

When you focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods your body responds by releasing fat, stabilizing blood sugar, reducing blood pressure and balancing your system – all things that promote healing. People need this information and now you can provide it without having to take weeks if not months of planning and product creation. This program has been created by experts in the field and provides everything someone needs to completely overhaul their diet and now you can provide this solution for an insanely low launch price! The Health and Wellness Market Has Grown Into A Multi-Billion Dollar A Year Industry. People are searching for solutions to their health problems and are desperate to find information that can help them heal and transform their lives.

Clean Eating Basics PLR Review and Bonus by Michelle Bybel – What is Clean Eating? The Benefits of Clean Eating, How Clean Eating Leads to Permanent Weight Loss, Tips for Eating Clean and Green On a Budget, Your Clean Eating Food List will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Clean Eating Basics PLR Review

Get Clean Eating Basics PLR here :

Clean Eating Basics PLR Review and Bonus by Michelle Bybel – What is Clean Eating? The Benefits of Clean Eating, How Clean Eating Leads to Permanent Weight Loss, Tips for Eating Clean and Green On a Budget, Your Clean Eating Food List

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Clean Eating Basics PLR OTO / Upsell :

Front End: Clean Eating Basics PLR List Building Bundle

E-Book: Clean Eating Basics: The non-diet approach to fast and easy weight loss, increased energy and vibrant health 5600 words, 20 pages

  • What is Clean Eating?
  • The Benefits of Clean Eating
  • How Clean Eating Leads to Permanent Weight Loss
  • Tips for Eating Clean and Green On a Budget
  • Your Clean Eating Food List
  • A Simple Clean Eating Meal Planning Formula
  • Clean Living: Incorporating Clean Eating Philosophy Into Every Aspect Of Your Life

E-Course: Introduction to a Clean Eating Lifestyle Total 5963 words
This series complements the E-Book perfectly. They can also be used as blog posts, assembled into a report or create a video mini-course.

  • Day 1: What is Clean Eating and Why You Should Care 617 words
  • Day 2: The Easy Way to Start Eating Clean 611 words
  • Day 3: The Not So Sweet Dangers of Sugar 547 words
  • Day 4: Clean Eating Dos and Donts 596 words
  • Day 5: Ready To Eat Clean: Simple Meal Planning Tips 550 words
  • Day 6: Clean Eating Grocery Shopping Tips 619 words
  • Day 7: How Water Can Make Clean Eating Easier 579 words
  • Day 8: Healthy Fats and Weight Loss 565 words
  • Day 9: The Surprising Health Benefits of Plant Protein 597 words
  • Day 10: Your First Clean Eating Day 672 words

Report: Top Clean Eating Mistakes and How to Fix Them 1618 words, 4 pages

  • Clean eating is pretty straightforward but sometimes people still find they aren’t meeting their weight loss goals. This report reviews the top mistakes people make that stall their weight loss efforts and how to fix them.

Social Media Engagement

  • 20 Tweets to generate interest in your clean eating E-book/E-course

OTO 1: Clean Eating Made Easy 30-Day Diet System Plus

E-Book: Clean Eating Made Easy 30-Day Diet with Meal Plan and 70+ Recipes 14642 words, 102 pages
This 30-day plan provides all of the information, meal planning and recipes to create a results driven program that you can start offering your clients today. It includes healthy and delicious whole food meals that will make them wonder why they didn’t make the switch sooner!

  • Hot & Sour Thai Shrimp Soup
  • Pan-Fried Chili Beef with Toasted Cashews
  • Spicy Chicken Salad
  • Yummy Black Bean Chili
  • Healthy Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole
  • Warm Strawberry Compote
  • Apple Candy

…and many more delicious recipes!

  1. The Dark Side of Poor Nutrition
  2. What Stops You From Eating Clean
  3. How To Eat Clean
  4. Clean Eating Made Easy
  5. Clean Eating Breakfast Recipes
  6. Clean Eating Lunch Recipes
  7. Clean Eating Dinner Recipes
  8. Clean Eating Snack Recipes
  9. Clean Eating Drinks

Opt-In Report: Clean Eating for Beginners: How to lose those last 5 to 10 pounds eating clean, 3119 words, 11 pages
This report provides an overview of what cleaning is, it’s benefits, food list, clean living tips, and a suggested plan to lose their last 5 to 10 pounds of stubborn fat using the clean eating philosophy.

Bonus Report #1: Stocking a Clean Eating Pantry – 2250 words, 8 pages
This report reviews why it is necessary to do a “pantry purge,” how to start the process and provides 29 clean eating pantry staples you should always have on hand.

Bonus Report #2: The Dangers of Too Much Sugar, and How to Kick Your Sweet Addiction to the Curb 2178 words, 8 pages
This report tackles the dangers that sugar poses for both adults and children. It explores the hidden sugars in various foods and the consequences of not cutting back on this dangerous substance.

Bonus Report #3: Plant Protein – The Secret Key to Lasting Weight Loss 2134 words, 8 pages
In this report on plant protein you will discover that you don’t have to exist exclusively on a diet rich in animal meats to get all of the protein you need. You will learn exactly how protein helps you lose weight. You get a specific list of fruits and vegetables high in protein, as well as tips and techniques to lose weight and keep it off by eating certain plant-based foods.

Bonus Recipes: 25 Plant Protein Based Recipes
You are getting 25 recipes that compliment the plant protein report perfectly. You can combine them for one comprehensive report or you can use the recipes as a content upgrade. You can also post the recipes on social media or use them in an auto-responder series.

Bonus Report #5: Beginners Guide to a Raw Food Lifestyle 2090 words, 5 pages
A raw food diet works in harmony with your body to remove toxins, boost immunity and improve your overall health. This report will help the reader transition to a raw food diet and make better food choices. It explores the benefits of eating raw foods and provides tips on meal prep. It reviews what to eat, how to prepare raw food meals, and how to fight food cravings.

Bonus Recipes: 20 Raw Food Recipes 1598 words
You are getting 20 raw food recipes that compliment the report perfectly. You can combine them for one comprehensive report or you can use the recipes as a content upgrade. You can also post the recipes on social media or use them in an auto-responder series.

Planner: Clean Eating Lifestyle Planner Fillable PDF
This beautifully designed fillable PDF provides all of the prompts your clients need to record their daily food and water intake, exercise, stress relief and self-care. This is a powerful tool that will help them gain invaluable insight into their lifestyle. It makes an excellent addition to any health and wellness program.

Shopping List: Clean Eating Shopping List Fillable PDF
This beautifully designed fillable PDF will inspire almost anyone to start eating clean. It is a comprehensive list that provides immediate direction and guidance to help take the guesswork out of grocery shopping.

Social Media Engagement

  • 45 Tweets for social media engagement and to generate interest in your Clean Eating Program

Keyword Research

  • Professionally done keyword research includes 3 reports to help you identify the best keywords to target.

OTO 2: Sugar Detox Made Easy

E-Book: Sugar Detox Made Easy: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Sugar-Free Life: 10 Day Sugar Detox with Meal Plan and 40+ Recipes, 8691 words 55 pages
Sugar affects every system in your body. It puts stress on your liver, causes hormonal imbalance, and impairs brain function. Every time you eat sugar, your insulin levels go sky high. This puts you at risk for diabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. In the long run, it increases your risk of heart disease and obesity. Sugar consumption has been also linked to premature aging, acidosis, tooth decay, and even cancer. This 10 Day Sugar Detox Program will provide all of the information needed to help your clients make the life changing decision to eliminate refined sugar from their diet. It includes a meal plan and 40+ recipes.

Bonus Report: Clean Eating for Gut Health and Overall Wellness 2099 words, 7 pages
Hippocrates, ancient Greek philosopher and the Father of Modern Medicine, realized how important the gut was to a person’s overall health, frequently stating that, “All disease begins in the gut”. He was right. Keep your gut healthy and you will enjoy emotional balance, improved physical fitness, mental clarity and an overall sense of wellness. This report will explore the importance of gut health and how eating clean can help you achieve a healthy gut. This is a must have report for any health and wellness practitioner.

Email Challenge: 14 Day Clean Eating Email Challenge – over 7000 words.
You will receive a fun challenge that includes 14 emails each containing a clean eating tip and clean eating recipe. (Also includes a welcome email). This is designed to inspire people to make small daily changes that promote a clean eating lifestyle. Topics include: batch cooking, motivation/how to stick to a clean eating plan, clean eating approved foods, how to cook on a clean eating plan, go meatless once per week and many more! This challenge will make an excellent opt-in gift, auto-responder series, social media challenge or content upgrade. You can even turn this into a fun video series.

Social Media Engagement

  • 26 Tweets for social media engagement and to generate interest in your Sugar Detox Program

OTO 3: Gastric Band Hypnosis Complete System

Obesity is growing at alarming rates and people who are struggling with this debilitating disease are desperate for a solution. This desperation is leading them to elect to have surgical procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric band surgery. Any surgical procedure comes with risk but when you choose to have surgery that alters your gut/digestive system, you are in for a host of potential problems – many could be life threatening. Even more alarming is that people are now going back for their second surgery because they regained all of the weight they lost after the first one. This is because the surgery is nothing more than a band-aid – it doesn’t teach people how to change their relationship with food on a psychological level.

This OTO solves that problem!
This self-hypnosis gastric band system will help your clients rewire their brain for weight loss success. It can actually deliver the same results someone would get from a surgical procedure without the risk, complications and cost. Even better, it will help to motivate them to start making healthy lifestyle choices without feeling deprived – this is what produces long-term weight loss success. This entire system was designed and recorded by a trained hypnotherapist and it has been proven to work. This system compliments the clean eating program perfectly – when combined, you are providing your clients with a comprehensive and holistic system that can and will produce life changing results. However, this system is a business all it’s own. You can create a business just offering this one product and be very successful. This offer is worth well over $500 but you can get it today for a ridiculously low price! Don’t wait – the price will more than double after the sales ends!

Complete Gastric Band Hypnosis Weight Loss Series: 3 Part Series Plus 5 Bonus Tracks

  • Part 1: Intro-A New Perspective 25 minutes
  • Part 2: Gastric Band Surgery 29 minutes
  • Part 3: Prepare for Life Changing Weight Loss 30 minutes
  • Bonus Track 1: Your Food Story 10 minutes
  • Bonus Track 2: Being Present with Meals 7 minutes
  • Bonus Track 3: Aligning the Body, Mind, Spirit 13 minutes
  • Bonus Track 4: Relaxation and Healthy Digestion 10 minutes
  • Bonus Track 5: Kick the Stress and Lose the Belly Fat 10 minutes
  • All recordings come with the script so you can re-record, edit, brand them.

Guidebook: Gastric Band System Guidebook 3400 words, 13 pages

  • This guidebook serves as the foundation to the program. It walks your client through the program and provides the direction they need to complete the program successfully.

Report: The Beginners Guide to Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss, 2040 words, 5 pages

  • This report reviews what hypnosis is, how it works, how it helps with weight loss, what gastric band hypnosis is and the benefits of hypnosis. It is the perfect lead magnet to presell your program.

E-Course: 10 Day Intro to Weight Loss Hypnosis E-Course Total 5604 words

  • This e-course reviews the major aspects of using hypnosis for weight loss and can be a great lead magnet or auto-responder series. It is designed to presell the gastric band program.
  • Brief Intro to Hypnosis 526 words
  • Does Hypnosis Really Help with Weight Loss? 557 words
  • What is Gastric Band Hypnosis? 531 words
  • Is Gastric Band Hypnosis Right For You? 540 words
  • Gastric Band Hypnosis: What To Expect 605 words
  • Traditional Hypnosis vs Self-Hypnosis 555 words
  • How to Relax During a Hypnosis Session 591 words
  • How to Maximize the Benefits of Hypnosis for Weight Loss 540 words
  • The Top 5 Self-Hypnosis Tips For Fast Weight Loss 560 words
  • Hypnosis FAQ’s 599 words
  • Social Media Engagement
  • 21 Tweets for social media engagement and to generate interest in your Gastric Band Program

Download Clean Eating Basics PLR here :

Clean Eating Basics PLR Review and Bonus by Michelle Bybel – What is Clean Eating? The Benefits of Clean Eating, How Clean Eating Leads to Permanent Weight Loss, Tips for Eating Clean and Green On a Budget, Your Clean Eating Food List
Clean Eating Basics PLR Review

Get Clean Eating Basics PLR Now! buy Clean Eating Basics PLR now and you can save money and work hours. Clean Eating Basics PLR comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Clean Eating Basics PLR review

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