ClickMSG Review and Bonus by Brad Stephens

ClickMSG Review and Bonus by Brad Stephens – How to Send A Personal Message To Anyone Who Clicks On Your Facebook Ad


With ClickMSG technology, you can send anything, including coupons, images, sales pitches all in the same message. Not only that, you can even ask your prospect questions, and give them options or even conduct surveys. All from inside Facebook messenger! Do you think there’s anyone who won’t be using this tech? That’s right. It’s going to be a part of every Ad on Facebook, and ClickMSG is what you need to get it right. This is Facebook’s NEWEST Ad Technology. Facebook just introduced a fantastic new ad format – ‘Messenger’. When you use this format along with ‘Clicks to website’ objective, anyone who clicks on your ad will get a personalized message right in their inbox. That’s right. Anyone who CLICKS on your ad, gets a personalized message! Ads Inside Messenger With ClickMSG. ClickMSG generates the powerful JSON ad data format with all your ad content that you can paste into Facebook ads interface. ClickMSG gives you everything you need to set up rich messages without technical know-how.

ClickMSG Review


ClickMSG Review and Bonus by Brad Stephens – How to Send A Personal Message To Anyone Who Clicks On Your Facebook Ad



Facebook Just Released A Solution For This. Their Latest & Most Powerful Ad Format. The guys at Facebook are working hard to solve this problem for you and give you many different ad formats so that smart advertisers like you can explore them, and take advantage to get better returns from Facebook ads. You have undoubtedly noticed video ads, carousel ads and other new ad formats from Facebook, but here’s something totally new. Something that is arguably more powerful than any advertising system from Facebook so far. Facebook Messenger Ads are incredibly powerful and if you aren’t using them, you’re letting the most potent advertising method on Facebook go unutilized.

ClickMSG Review


ClickMSG Features :

  • Type & Create Graphical Messenger Ads
    Just type out a few quick details and create your messenger ad without any programming knowledge or knowing JSON at all.
  • Live Preview
    See how your ad will look on the screen of your prospects complete with your selected image and options. Work with simple visuals not complicated and headache-inducing codes and syntax.
  • Save & Retrieve Ads Anytime
    Save the ads you create and retrieve them whenever you want. Modify them, or generate JSON from them in seconds.
  • Easy To Use SAAS
    Even a 10 year old can master this application and create effective messenger ads. You’ll be up and running in no time at all..

ClickMSG Benefit :

  • Everyone who clicks on your ads gets a personal message.
  • ClickMSG lets you create rich and responsive personal messages that have graphics and responses.
  • Send coupons, offers, pitches to your customer’s inbox and increase your sales and conversions 300%.
  • Reach your customer on all their devices – PC, Phone, Tablet.
  • Create your message visually and see a real preview of how it will look on your customer’s computer.
  • Renders 100% compatible JSON data that you can paste into your Facebook ads interface and activate your messages instantly.
  • Web based responsive SAAS runs anywhere, on all devices.

This is Killer Facebook Ads Technology

  • More Conversions
  • 100% Viewership
  • Reach Every Person Who Clicks On Your Ad
  • Send Any Content or Links You Want
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Start Conversations With Clients
  • No Recurring Expenditure
  • No Extra Expenditure On Facebook
  • Get More Cash From Every Click
  • 100% New & Fresh Technology
  • Brings Facebook Messenger Ads within your grasp.
  • Send a brand new type of personalized message to anyone who clicks on your Facebook ads (forget boring text-only messages)
  • Promote offers, coupon codes, grab leads, make sales pitches, or anything else you want.
  • This is the ONLY WAY to create graphical Messenger ads with an image, call to action, and even reply options!
  • Prospects get a customized instant messageright inside of their Facebook inbox as soon as they click on your Facebook ad.
  • 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. No risk of account getting banned.

This is Facebook’s Most Powerful NEW Ad System Messenger Ads

  • Whenever someone clicks on your ad they see a personal message on Facebook with anything you want.
  • 100% Inboxing and 100% delivery. Your message is seen 100% of the time.
  • People can select from preset responses to your ad message.
  • Prospects can type in any query and you can answer itin the exact same chat.
  • The only way you can actually find out who the people clicking on your ad actually are, and now you have a direct line of communication with them.
  • Carry on conversations with the people who have clicked on your ad and convert every prospect into a buyer.

The 2-Step ClickMSG To Messenger Ads System Up & Running In Less Than 2 Minutes :

  • Step 1 – Create Graphical Messenger Ad On ClickMSG
  • Step 2 – Export To JSON
  • Step 3 – Paste & Run Your Ad!

Frankly step 2 and step 3 are hardly any steps. All you need to do is type out a few details and ClickMSG churns out Facebook compatible JSON that you can paste into your Facebook ad page and run graphical messenger ads instantly.
It’s easier than you imagine. Remember, without ClickMSG, you will have to pay your hard-earning money to a developer for each and every messaging campaign you want to run. Plus, you have to wait around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the developer to complete the coding process.

ClickMSG FAQ :

Q. Is this Facebook ToS compatible?

A. Yes, the app is Facebook checked and approved and we use Facebook’s own APIs to enable the comment replies. Do not use this to spam or you will be banned by Facebook and by us!

Q. Do I need this if I am a programmer?

A. If you can code JSON and want to spend 15-20 minutes instead of just 1-2 minutes coding this correctly, then you don’t need this. If you’re not a programmer, or you’re not ready to waste time and money, then this is what you need.

Q. Can I show images in my ads?

A. Yes, you can only do that if you have ClickMSG. You can link any image that’s online and show it to your prospects. That means a bigger impact for your Messenger ad.

Q. Can I have call to actions and multiple buttons?

A. Again yes. If you have ClickMSG you can have multiple buttons and call to actions and can send the customer wherever you want.

Q. Can I start off a conversation?

A. Yes, ClickMSG lets you suggest preset responses and if the person types out their own message or chooses one of those responses you can converse with them and convert them into buyers.


ClickMSG Review and Bonus by Brad Stephens – How to Send A Personal Message To Anyone Who Clicks On Your Facebook Ad



Frankly, you may not even be to blame. Facebook Messenger Ads Are Incredibly Hard To Set Up Unless You’re a JSON Coder, You Can’t Do Them Right To create a messenger ad you need to know JSON programming. Yep, you can’t just point and click and create them. All Facebook lets non-programmers do, is create 100% text based messenger ads, but you already know that just text won’t get you any business. You need something that is eye-catching and engaging to make sales! With JSON programming you can create rich, graphical ads with images, call to actions and responses. So does that mean if you’re not a JSON programmer you have to forget the idea of making money from Messenger ads? No. Not if you have. The Breakthrough That Makes Messenger Ads Easy WYSIWYG Messenger Ads With ClickMSG.


ClickMSG Review and Bonus by Brad Stephens – How to Send A Personal Message To Anyone Who Clicks On Your Facebook Ad



100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The Breakthrough That Makes Messenger Ads Easy WYSIWYG Messenger Ads With ClickMSG. Yep, no need to know a single thing about JSON or any programming. With ClickMSG you can just simply type and create Facebook Messenger ads the way you are used to. You even get a live preview on the side, just like what Facebook shows you. It’s so easy that anyone can do it. Even a newbie with minimum exposure to Facebook ads. All you need is your fantastic marketing brain, and you’ll be pulling in more dollars than all your competitors in no time at all.


ClickMSG Review and Bonus by Brad Stephens – How to Send A Personal Message To Anyone Who Clicks On Your Facebook Ad


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