Digital Client Crash Course Review

Digital Client Crash Course Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – This system gets High Ticket Leads Coming to You, Ready to Buy Marketing Services Like Clockwork

Digital Client Crash Course Review

Digital Client Crash Course gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Digital Client Crash Course is a complete training that teaches your subscribers how to build a six figure local marketing business. We show them multiple methods for bringing in a consistent flow of high ticket that are ready to buy marketing services. From there we teach how to break down the clients niche, put together a quality proposal and closing the deal using a “low pressure close”. We’ve even included a proposal template they can use along with the “secret weapon” we show them how to deploy. a Complete Training on Building a Six Figure local marketing business. Not only do we show you our proven 4-step system for getting high ticket clients coming in but we also break down everything you need to deliver high quality service and build a recurring income through monthly marketing.

This system has brought in Multilple Six Figures in Business Consistently for years now. It’s proven to work for us and we know it can work for you. We could easily charge $1,000 for this course and if you just landed one client from what you learned (easy) it would pay for itself. At $497 it would still be a steal.Because we want to see you be successful, we’ve decided to make this available for a limited time at a FRACTION of what it will sell for later.In addition to showing them how to build a client base rapidly we also break down our best methods for finding high quality outsourcers, delivering Design, SEO, Social Media and even monthly paid advertising.This course is a complete A-Z that is perfect for both beginners and advanced local marketers. We’ve sold this content for up to $497 so it will be a killer deal for this launch at the $27-47 price points.

The Mixtape Platform is essentially project management on steroids. We designed it specifically for people who not only do projects but also take on clients, sell services and train employees abroad.It’s a web app that is also mobile responsive so it works on any device with a web browser. Ultimately what Mixtape helps you do is stay on track while managing your team, clients and any other projects you may run.In addition to having features that other platforms simply don’t have (such as the employee portal) we also offer UNLIMITED projects, users and storage which is HUGE.

Digital Client Crash Course Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – This system gets High Ticket Leads Coming to You, Ready to Buy Marketing Services Like Clockwork will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Digital Client Crash Course Review

Get Digital Client Crash Course here :

Digital Client Crash Course Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – This system gets High Ticket Leads Coming to You, Ready to Buy Marketing Services Like Clockwork

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Here are Just a Few of the Things You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Our Complete 4-Step Lead Generation system that shows you how to get leads coming to you, ready to buy high ticket marketing services. Then you’ll learn how to use the low pressure close, turn them into monthly paying clients and your own personal referral machine.
  • Our Secret Weapon that helps us stand out from the crowd immediately. We’ve been using this for years to close deals and it flat out works. Once you have this in your arsenal closing deals becomes a breeze.
  • The lead generation method that gets local marketing leads dropping into your inbox, looking to buy marketing services. This is our go to method when referrals slow down or we just need some quick, easy to get business.
  • The email method that gets targeted prospects excited to meet with you in just a few simple steps. This method can be used to jumpstart your client base or drum up business whenever you need to!
  • The Exact Process for breaking down your clients niche, figuring out how you can help them, coming up with a price and putting together a proposal.  Plus you even get access to your Proposal template which makes it easy to create deal closing proposals in no time!
  • How and When to Upsell these prospects into monthly marketing services. Not only will you be able to make great money up front but you can also leverage this lead source into a monthly income source.
  • Plus you even learn how to deliver the main services we offer! We’ll break down how to Deliver Design, SEO, Social Media and even Paid Advertising services to these exactly leads you’ll be getting!
  • Then we’ll show you how to position yourself from long term growth while maximizing your profits and minimizing your stress! You’ll have everything you need to start landing clients consistently for years to come!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Buy Today…

Our 4 Step Lead Generation System
We show you the exact system including everything you need to know to get your Agency pumping out six figures yearly.

Proposal Template and Training
One of the keys to closing like clockwork is to put together a professional proposal. We’ve taken the guess work out of it by providing you with our own template!

Video Training (19 Modules)
In this complete “crash course” training we leave no stone unturned. We break down everything you need to know in a step-step video training series.

Email & Messaging Templates
For our two core lead gen methods we included our messaging templates which are a key component of the system. These templates are proven to convert leads into customers!

Digital Client Crash Course Bonuses :

Bonus #1 – Digital Client Mastermind Group
We won’t just hand you this system and send you off on your own. You’ll get to join our private mastermind group with like minded Local Marketers just like you!You’ll be able to network with others, get feedback on your business or anything related to landing clients and share your success stories! This is great group and we look forward to having you join us!

Bonus #2 – Live Group Coaching
We are also going to jump on a live group coaching call to give in depth advice on how to use this system in your business.We’ll cover the core system in detail, share a few extra tips and take any questions you have during the live call. You’ll also have access to the recording in the members area to review later if needed.

Bonus #3 – Local Lead Drop System
Our Local Lead Drop system is an in depth training on one of our best lead gen methods we’ve ever used. We show you a method that gets high ticket leads dropping into your inbox, actively looking to buy!We break down our entire system for getting these leads coming into your inbox TODAY and how to close them at 40% consistently. Plus you get our Rapid Fire Templates which are a key component to converting these leads.This course normally sells for $97 on it’s own and even that is a great deal. If you land just one client it pays for itself 10x over but we are actually including this entire course for FREE when you pick up DCCC today.

Bonus #4 – How to Sell Video Ads to Local Businesses with Justin Sardi
Once you get these leads you are going to want to sell them high end monthly marketing services and YouTube Ads is the HOTTEST SERVICE you can offer right now.To show you the ropes of offering Adwords for Video as a service to local businesses we brought in one of the leading industry experts to show you how it’s done.You learn everything from prospecting, setting up the campaigns with Geo-targeting, pricing and delivering the service to the client.There is no other course out there teaching this right now making this bonus easily worth the price of admission to Digital Client Crash Course on it’s own!

Digital Client Crash Course : FAQ’s

Does this Work Outside the US?
For one of our main methods the source that we use is not available outside of the US however there are similar sites and our process would likely work in a similar way. Everything else we teach in DCCC absolutely works internationally.

What types of Services can I Offer?
There are all types digital marketing leads available from SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Video Marketing to Consulting Services. It’s also great for creative types that offer Web Design, Development or Video Creation Services. Even if you don’t have a service to offer we show you how to Offer Video Ads as Service in our bonus training!

Download Digital Client Crash Course here :

Digital Client Crash Course Review and Bonus by Robert Dickson – This system gets High Ticket Leads Coming to You, Ready to Buy Marketing Services Like Clockwork
Digital Client Crash Course Review

Get Digital Client Crash Course Now! buy Digital Client Crash Course now and you can save money and work hours. Digital Client Crash Course comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Digital Client Crash Course review

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