Golden Keywords Course Review

Golden Keywords Course Review and Bonus by dougp – Best New Method how to create, analyze, and execute craft SEO campaigns for HUGE rankings and traffic

Golden Keywords Course Review

Golden Keywords Course gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Golden Keywords Course is another digital book about keyword research that I’ve written. It’s entirely different from GKC as it shows a different prospective to picking golden keywords. Let’s face it some books are just not for you. Even though I worked extremely hard so make GKC perfect there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Therefore, to combat this I created two complete courses on keyword research! If you don’t like GKC then Golden Keywords Supreme will be the perfect fit for you. Read what webmasters had to say about Golden Keywords Supreme.

Get a Third Complete Course On Keyword Research When You Order Today. “Secrets to Using Google, Bing, Yahoo, & ‘Ghost Search Engines’ to Find the Best Keywords”. If two expert courses on keyword research wasn’t enough then how about three? In this course I show unreal strategies for mining search engines of all sizes for quality keywords. It’s no secret, search engines are a golden source for discovering quality keywords and I’ll reveal a truckload of strategies. It’s time to make a change in your financial life TODAY. No more delaying to tomorrow, and no more passing up golden opportunities because as you know life doesn’t present too many. Give GKC an honest try as you literally have nothing to lose and the amazing results it can bring your internet business is phenomenon. Every webmaster that read GKC LOVES it and the numbers don’t lie. Internet users are very vocal about expressing their opinions on a product they purchased because of the anonymity factor of the web, but EVERYONE absolutely loves GKC and that’s because it FLAT OUT WORKS. SEO is still a big strategy for bringing hordes of traffic to your sites. However, the biggest mistake webmasters make is picking crappy keywords. Some keywords will bring you lots of traffic BUT no sales while other will be easy to rank for but brings little traffic. So what’s the perfect equalizer? The solution is the Golden Keywords Course. It’s actually 3 unique info products about keyword research written by award winning seo author. These strategies are virtually error proof and there are TONS of webmasters that absolutely love these methods.

Did you know that all well executed internet marketing campaigns start off with solid keyword research? Whether it’s a winning PPC campaign, a well executed paid advertising promo on Facebook, or ranking #1 in Google for the keywords you’re lusting for. They all start with keywords. In revamped course award winning seo wiz undresses the BEST fail-proof methods for picking golden keywords: These exact methods helped him to pocket over $50K in a couple of months AND it allowed him to purchase a sexy Lexus in cash! Vendors behind keyword tools are getting exposed big time. Award winning seo author reveals the truth about keyword tools in his new seo guide Golden Keywords Course. Your eyes will blankly stare at the screen after you read this case studies as you’ll know why your rankings have been suffering all this time. Don’t be left out. Take control of your seo knowledge today.

Golden Keywords Course Review and Bonus by dougp – Best New Method how to create, analyze, and execute craft SEO campaigns for HUGE rankings and traffic will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Golden Keywords Course Review

Get Golden Keywords Course here :

Golden Keywords Course Review and Bonus by dougp – Best New Method how to create, analyze, and execute craft SEO campaigns for HUGE rankings and traffic

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Controversial Case Study Proves You’ve Been TRICKED – Keyword Tools Give Inaccurate Data

If you were to ask keyword software vendors how their tool generate traffic estimates you’ll probably get a bunch of mumbo jumbo that sounds good but in reality will leave you confused. I struggled with in the beginning of my online journey and I felt that the only option I had was to give keyword tools a try because I had no other options. Below are case studies I conducted:

Case Study 1 – Three Different Keyword Tools Gave Three Different Results
If keyword software provides accurate numbers then how come all of them varied significantly? Sounds fishy? It should! All 3 keyword tools can’t be correct if they all provide different numbers.

Case Study 2 – Traffic Estimates Never Matched By Actual Rankings
When I worked day and night to climb the search engines to the number one spot I discovered something disturbing. The traffic I received was a lot lower than what the keyword tools showed. This was a big disappointment. Can you imagine working hard to rank for a keyword to only get a depressingly low 11 visits from it?

Case Study 3 – Keyword Tools Alone Wastes NOT Makes Money
Several months ago I sent an email to a segment of my list asking several questions about keyword research. 93% of them stated that they believe their keyword tools gave accurate data. However, when I asked did the keyword tools increase their online income a staggering 95% said NO. The fact of the matter is keyword tools alone will never make you money, and most of them are just bleeding money from your online business.

Golden Keywords Course Modules :

Module 1 : Fast Track to Keyword Success
I prefer teaching through examples because from my experience it makes the learning process SIMPLE. This module starts off with a simple example and then quickly expands upon it to advance your keyword research knowledge.eyword tools can’t be correct if they all provide different numbers.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module I:

  • The 4 biggest search cycles that most webmasters FALSELY believe they don’t need to know
  • One little example that’ll make your understanding of keyword research crystal clear
  • The top keywords that’ll get visitors to purchase something from YOUR site (illustration provided )
  • Fool-proof formula for maximizing success with keywords
  • How to “drastically” make keyword research easier
  • If your site doesn’t do this then I guarantee your conversions will always be piss-poor
  • The secret to getting #1 conversions (illustration provided)
  • How my original method keyword elucidation builds a virtual profile of your visitors
  • A winning formula for getting exclusive market data

Module 2 : Demystifying the Magic Behind Keyword Tools
A fatal mistake newbies make is investing in keyword tools without knowing how they work. I’m a firm believer in understanding this so that you can exploit them to the fullest. I explain the logic behind keyword tools and what this means for your online business.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module II:

  • WARNING: Don’t buy another keyword tool until you read this section!
  • (Keyword Tools Exposed ) why your beloved keyword tool is spitting out WRONG data
  • My original research titled the secret to how keyword tools work.
  • This may totally change how you do keyword research
  • The TRUTH about keyword tools and where they get their data
  • The most IMPORTANT details you should know about the keywords you’re targeting
  • How to do professional keyword research with free tools
  • How to know exactly how much traffic a keyword brings your site
  • How to know what keywords visitors are using to find your site

Module 3 : Hard To Find Keyword Discovery Methods
Depending on the market you’re entering other methods may be better for finding lucrative keywords to target. In this module you’ll learn a plethora of keyword discovery methods that doesn’t require Keyword Planner.

  • An overlooked method for finding quality keywords using Wikipedia
  • How to use social media sites for cutting-edge market analysis
  • Free tools for finding perfect topics to blog about
  • How to use keyword balloon to rapidly expand your keyword lists (illustration included)
  • How common house items can surprisingly help YOU discover profitable keywords
  • How one little tweak of a keyword can increase its traffic
  • How to use keyword stemming for QUICK and EASY search engine traffic

Module 4 : The Ultimate Keyword Discovery Template
In this module we’re going to create a sample keyword list that you can use to optimize your site for quick and easy rankings.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module II:

  • The best strategies for finding profitable long tail keywords
  • Why you should have at least 1 broad keyword in your keyword lists
  • One of the best methods for discovering untapped deluxe keywords.
  • How to use Google for fascinating keyword ideas
  • How to build keyword lists that have high income potential
  • A cheat-sheet for discovering LOTS of mind-blowing keywords
  • A sample keyword list I compiled using the methods taught in this module

Module 5 : Massive Keyword Generation
If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect keywords to target then this module will help clear your confusion.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module III:

  • A dead-simple strategy for expanding your keyword lists
  • How to use Keyword Planner to easily discover keywords that’ll make you money
  • How to perform competitive analysis for your seo campaigns like a pro
  • Red flags to avoid certain keywords
  • How I instantly know when I have the green light to target certain keywords
  • Two tools you can download for FREE that makes keyword research a lot easier

Module 6 : Easy Shortcuts for Higher Search Engine Placement
If you discover that the keywords you want to rank for are just too competitive then no worries, we have a backup plan in this section.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Module IV:

  • The backup option to take when the keywords you want to rank for are too competitive
  • How to use Keyword Planner to discover new long tail keywords for targeted organic traffic
  • An example of a keyword list I derived using the EXACT methods in this course
  • The fatal mistake newbies make when building articles
  • How to create pages that ranks high in serps
  • Two tools you can download for FREE that makes keyword research a lot easier

Module 7 : Quick Recap with Step-by-Step Gameplan
Headline says it all. I provide a recap of this fantastic seo course with a step-by-step blueprint so that you can start kicking ass in the serps and generate quality traffic ASAP.

Here’s What You’ll Master in Golden Keyword Secrets

  • How to trick Google into giving you TONS of money making keywords
  • How to use Bing to unmask NEW profit making keywords
  • How to use Yahoo to tap into new evergreen keywords
  • A FREE mind-blowing tool that’ll provide you with more quality keywords than you can handle
  • How to STEAL your competition’s BEST keywords
  • A stupidly simple method for monitoring the most searched keywords on the web
  • How to use ghost search engines to unlock amazing profitable keywords
  • How to use AOL to find HOT new keywords
  • How to use Excite to discover hidden traffic opportunities
  • How to use the popular meta search engine Dogpile for hyper lucrative keyword opportunities

Golden Keywords Course Testimony

“This Guide Is Pure Content & Includes Resources I Never Knew Of Before, Including A Place Where You Can “Build” A Domain Name (You Will Understand When You Go To That Site)”
This handy keyword guide uses familiar tools combined with uncommon sources to lead one off the beaten (down) path and into territory where real people’s searches are satisfied). I just purchased a domain using a suggested domain name from a fresh list. – Kyle

“Golden Keyword Secrets Comes At Keyword Research in A No BS Way That Takes In the Riches Available From Thorough Research”
He drops almost at random little nuggets of insight that alone would be worth the cost of the course. Just don’t miss them because you are skimming. – Charles CM Bannister

“If You Are Thinking About Buying Golden Keywords Course, Stop Thinking and Go Buy”
If you want a high quality seo product that delivers, buy Golden Keywords Course. You won’t be disappointed! – Squre

“Read It And All I Can Say Is WOW!”
The information is truly unique and I haven’t come across any product that can simplify while at the same time provide great details about how to do keyword research. I especially like the topic on analyzing your competitors properly and how to utilize Bing (which is getting pretty big right now and has been generating cash for many people since 2007). I suggest you check out this product and see the golden nuggets you want to use in your biz. – Alfonso Montenegro

“Golden Keywords Course Demystified Keyword Research”
The how and why to use the new Google Keyword Planner in depth and why most third party keyword tools don’t really do the job. It explains the ways to group your keywords and also how use nontraditional keyword methods. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for ways to find and grow your keyword list. Thanks Doug, another winner! – David Buhinicek

“He Emphasizes Getting An ROI In Terms Of Time, Energy & Money, So That You Can Gain Confidence Your Abilities”
It was thoroughly engaging and an easy, simple read. It laid out a step by step process to finding the kind of easy to rank for keywords that give back fast results in the search engines. I liked the use of easy to understand analogies and the straightforward examples in this pdf. The author is highly knowledgeable and comes across in a friendly and amicable way. – Lee Daniels

“I Personally Really Like the Template, It Sets You Up For Success”
It is a complete step by step actionable guide that not only shows you the correct path, but walks you all the way down it. This system will keep you ahead of the Google curve and ranking any site you want. Whether it’s a business, service, client or affiliate site, there’s simply no way you can fail. Unless of course you sit on the fence and do nothing with this invaluable system. I’ve already put your plan into action and uncovered a plethora of low-comp high converting keywords for myself and my clients. Now it’s off to the races! – RyGuy

“Lays a Simple Strategy for Outranking the Top Ranked Site for Targeted Keywords”
This is very well put together and very easy to understand even for newbie. It helps us to perform easy keyword research, organizing keyword lists. It shows us the ways to create real keywords for generating quality traffic for any site and outsmarting Google to top the rankings. – Nick

“You Lay Out a Game Plan Then Walk Us Through The Steps In Five Modules That Get Right To The Point Without Any Fluff”
The course is well laid out and you dive deeply into ranking through proper keyword analysis and selection. I would recommend it to both beginners and seasoned marketers. – Cliff Culgan

“It Is A Big Five Stars, For Golden Keywords Supreme”
When you apply these techniques you are headed in the right direction to learning how to do marketing. – Carlos Gonzales

“It’s Almost 3 Years Since I ‘Revised My Method of Researching Keywords’. I Have A “Concrete” Plan That’s Proven To Be A Winner. Well…Break Out The Band And Balloons Folks Because Golden Keywords Supreme Has Broken The Mold & Opened My Eyes To Exciting Methods That Are Fail-Proof!”
The step by step details of uncovering low competition, easy-to-rank, high-converting keywords are simple GENIUS. And guess what…the methods are FREE! Yes…paid keywords research tools have their advantages but they also have a lot of disadvantages! One major disadvantage these tools possess is that they cannot THINK like a human. Whatever you put in, they spit out. This is not good. This course closes this loop and introduces you to powerful keyword research methods that are invaluable to gurus, experts, intermediate and newbie marketers, respectfully. It’s like mining gold! I believe the buzz of this course is going to spread like wildfire! Google is always changing their game but Golden Keywords Supreme will keep you steps of them! – dsirk32

“This Is a Winner”
A good read for all levels of marketers. – Ethan

With Good Keyword Research

  • Your Facebook page gets 1000+ likes
  • Your tweets gets a TON of engagement
  • Your YouTube videos gets 21,355 views a year
  • Your WordPress blog gets 41,755 visits a YEAR and 4,000+ comments
  • Your site is #1 in Google
  • The money you invest into paid advertising returns big profits
  • Your info product sells 1,000+ units yearly
  • You have tears of joy because you’re living the internet lifestyle and can take your family on a one week vacation in Paris

Golden Keywords Course Bonuses :

Month #1 – Golden Keywords Course Uncut
Do you consider yourself a newbie, intermediate, or advance internet marketer? Well, it’s impossible for me to know your background so that’s why I included this bonus after Andre Klein suggested I add this. This report will include additional keyword research methods so that you can start dominating the search engines asap.

Month #2 – The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing
There’s no doubt that video marketing is a proven way to generate massive traffic to your sites. After all YouTube is consistently in the top 10 list of most visited sites in the world! However, it’s easy to get the wrong e-guide about video marketing as most sellers have no REAL understanding of it but just sell junk to fatten their greedy pockets. In this course I’ll show you precisely what you need to do to create videos that generate targeted quality web traffic.

Month #3 – Unlimited Social Traffic with Ease
Only a moron would deny the potential that social media can bring a business. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Squidoo absolutely dominate the web. Billions of users flock to it daily and it’ll show you EXACTLY how to tap into all these online treasures.

Month #4 – Mastering Facebook Social Ads
Having a high variety of traffic options can never hurt your business and tapping into Facebook is an amazing source of traffic. However there are so many products on Facebook marketing that it’s so confusing which one you should select. Not anymore. If you suffer from information overload then your frustration ends today as I’ll show you how to create consistent quality streams of traffic, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This powerful guide teaches how to tap into Facebook’s highly lucrative billion user network. If you want to make it big online then this guide will KEEP you on track in your journey.

Month #5 – The Complete Outsourcing Blueprint
Outsourcing can really speed up the money you make online, but if you don’t know how to attack it properly then it’ll be a nightmare. In this eye-opening guide I’ll give you the real truth about all the best practices for outsourcing.

Month #6 – Email Marketing Wizard
E-mail marketing is one of the easiest ways for someone off the street to make money online. However, sending email blasts everyday is not building a business. Would you rather be like Amazon and make millions with emails, or the average webmaster who burns their list down to ashes? You would want to be like Amazon and this course takes you one step closer.

Month #7 – Secret Unadvertised Bonus
If you order today you’re guaranteed another secret unadvertised bonus for FREE. If you like the bonuses previously listed then you are sure to like this one.

Golden Keywords Course : FAQ

Q: What do I get when I order Golden keywords Course (GKC)?
A: Three mind-blowing courses about keyword research from award winning seo author. Golden Keywords Course (GKC), Golden Keywords Supreme, & Golden Keywords Secrets. It’s like if you ordered three separate books about programming from the same author. Each book is totally unique and provides different insights into keyword research. In addition, you’ll get unlimited updates for a year, 24/7 access to customer support forum, and 6 months of epic bonuses for a low one-time price.

Q: What’s exactly inside GKC?
A: This is the number one course about keyword research. It works fast because it educates the reader on every single facet about this process. Most webmasters get this process entirely wrong as they think it’s nothing but typing text into a tool and getting tons of data back… that’s all wrong! Keyword research is a science I’ll show you how to pick the right keywords for your business and how to fully understand your market so that you can generate rapid results. I don’t include any fluff, just straight methods that work like crazy.

Q: I’m a newbie, will this be too difficult?
A: NO. As you can see from the reviews the material is very simple for beginners to digest. Also, if you’re an intermediate or advance marketer you’ll find new methods that you can assemble into your arsenal as well. I have seo professionals like André W. Klein with years of experience thanking me for my methods so this course is for ANY webmaster that wants to improve their search engine traffic and rankings regardless of experience level.

Q: Does GKC contain old rehashed information I can find on the web?
A: No way! All of the methods are modern and up to date. I don’t include outdated rubbish like other seo guides as there is tons of information online about it. Everything in the guide has been acquired from experience and NOT compiled from secondary sources like many products are.

Q: I want to make a lot of money so I can finally quit my job, is this program for me?
A: Why not? Keyword research is the fundamental of any online business. If you don’t know the right keywords to target then you’ll never generate quality traffic from search engines. This course shows you how to conduct high-depth keyword research for phenomenal results.

Q: I’m not very technical and can barely send an email. Will I be able to use this?
A: Yes! I’m considered a master teacher by many of my clients as proven in the reviews, and will make the learning process smooth and easy. I include many examples, screenshots, and custom illustrations so that customers will easily digest the content.

Q: Can I use this for local marketing?
A: Of course! In matter of fact you’ll probably be able to dominate local competition with ease using these methods.

Q: I live international, will these methods work?
A: These methods will work regardless of your geographic location, so to answer your question YES.

Q: Can I use this for my WordPress site?
A: YES! The beauty about these methods is that it’s truly “platform independent.” You can use these methods if you have a static site, wordpress site, joomla site, drupal site, vbulltein site, affiliate site, or insert ANY type of site.

Q: Any previous knowledge needed?
A: No Experience Necessary. Basic computing knowledge should suffice. If you know how to open and send emails and use Facebook then you should be fine.

Download Golden Keywords Course here :

Golden Keywords Course Review and Bonus by dougp – Best New Method how to create, analyze, and execute craft SEO campaigns for HUGE rankings and traffic
Golden Keywords Course Review

Get Golden Keywords Course Now! buy Golden Keywords Course now and you can save money and work hours. Golden Keywords Course comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Golden Keywords Course review

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FB Live Streamer (Worth $247):

This is a facebook streaming tool which allows you to go live on Facebook with Pre-made videos and share across all your fan pages. You can use this to go live immediately or schedule live video for future. Also, this application has the option to create Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting… We all know that Facebook is giving live videos massive engagement at the moment, so imagine using live videos to promote your promotional marketing videos and make more money, from both your products and your affiliate products too. Production cost is around $3800. Retail for $247. 

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Heard of this special WP comments Plugin which the big boy in town, I mean the highly paid experts are using to double they sale and profit with a genuine social proof. Would you rather believe cheap talk or evidence from real people like you?

Here is the solution; This is a is simple and lightweight plugin for WordPress platform that offers an opportunity to replace the default WordPress comments on your sites or blogs with a modern, new Facebook and Messenger style comment system. You can edit and modify user comments as you did it on the default comment system. The plugin has many features that make it one of the best comment systems for the WordPress platform. Production cost is above $800. Retail for $97 dollars.

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