How to be Great Writers and Improve Your Writing Skill

Discover dozens of writing techniques that will instantly add strength, readability and saleability to your writing.

How to be Great Writers and Improve Your Writing Skill Online Course Review

How to be Great Writers and Improve Your Writing Skill

Course Description

How’s your writing going?

  • Is it as good as you’d like it to be?
  • Are you frustrated because readers aren’t reacting the way you’d like them to?
  • Do publishers keep sending back the work you send out to them?
  • Or, perhaps you simply want your writing to be better?

If you’re feeling any of these, this course is here to help. The information it contains has already helped hundreds of good writers transition to great writers.

Did you know, for example, that there are a whole load of classic writing mistakes you could be making? And any one of them could be stopping you from reaching your true potential. The sad thing is that the skills you need to avoid these mistakes are easy to learn – if only somebody told you what they were. These vital, but often overlooked, writing skills could truly be all you need to see a difference to your writing.

So that’s what I’m covering in this course, because I believe everybody should know what the mistakes are, how to avoid them and how to become a better writer. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like knowing people enjoy reading your writing and that publishers are happy to publish it.

Anyway, to learn more, simply enrol in this course and I’ll share everything you need to know.

If you’d like a better idea of what the course is like, please have a look at the list of videos it includes. You can even watch some of them before you enrol to get a taste of things of what to expect.

Also, don’t forget this course comes with a full 30 day money-back guarantee, so if for some reason it isn’t quite what you’re after, Udemy and I are more than happy to give you a complete refund.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Whether you want to be published or just improve your writing, I guarantee this course with all its videos, examples, exercises and quizzes, will make a definite difference, and without a doubt improve your writing.

What are the requirements?

  • An interest in improving writing skills

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 20 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • In this course you will learn a variety of writing techniques that will improve and strengthen your writing, especially in the areas of: pacing, dialogue, description, characterisation, punctuation and targeting your reader.

What is the target audience?

  • Anybody interested in writing fiction (short stories to novels), auto/biographies, or any kind of true-life stories.
  • Writers who have completed a writing project, but would like to ensure they haven’t made any glaring mistakes before sending it out to publishers, editors or getting it printed.
  • Beginner and intermediary writers interested in improving their writing abilities.
  • Writers whose native language is not English, and are looking to learn some of the more intricate parts of the written language.

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Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1


Section 2: Pacing
Lecture 2 05:09

Too much pace and piece of writing can be overwhelming, while not enough and it can be boring. Pacing is important, but often overlooked.

Lecture 3 07:34

All writing needs pacing, the trick is knowing which kind is needed and how to achieve it. This lecture covers a variety of writing techniques that can be successfully used in any style of writing.

Section 3: Dialogue
Lecture 4 06:30

Dialogue, when written correctly, offers many benefits to a piece of writing, including depth, characterisation, strength, realism and easy of reading.

Lecture 5 06:49

Learn the secrets to effectively using speech tags so that they add depth and characterisation, without cluttering up your writing.

Lecture 6 05:30

Clear and simple rules to follow when writing dialogue on the page.

Lecture 7 03:43

Writing exercises to increase your confidence and ability when it comes to writing dialogue.

Section 4: Characterisation
Lecture 8 09:18

Characters are as vital in stories as they are in real life, they also need to be as believable and authentic.

Section 5: Target Market
Lecture 9 07:21

This question is often overlooked, but if you don’t know who your reader is, how can you write a book that they will be unable to put down?

Section 6: Description
Lecture 10 07:04

Learn how to use your senses to describe a three-dimensional picture that will appeal to everybody.

Lecture 11 07:27

Everybody has two vocabularies and a wide array of possible word choices, which they use is a sign of how good a writer they are.

Section 7: Show, Don’t Tell
Lecture 12 07:11

Discover how to Show, Don’t Tell and the quality of your writing will improve immediately.

Section 8: Punctuation
Lecture 13 05:27

Current trends for punctuation and how to know what Style Guide to use for different publications.

Lecture 14 06:38

Learn when ‘its’ should be ‘it’s’, and all about contractions.

Lecture 15 03:24

Learn when to trust your computer’s auto-correct and when to ignore it.

Section 9: Rules
Lecture 16 03:05

Knowing when to use capital letters at the start of words and when not to can often be a challenge. This video offers some simple rules and exercises to follow.

Lecture 17 03:23

When is it right to write a number or time in letters, and when is it right to use numbers? This video covers the options and the rules to follow.

Section 10: Techniques
Lecture 18 05:07

Starting your piece of writing in the right place is essential because if your reader doesn’t complete the beginning they won’t ever finish the story or article. So knowing where to start is vital.

Lecture 19 04:23

Many people who write their memoir or autobiography are justified in their concern that they might upset other people who are involved in aspects of their life-story. This lecture covers a variety of techniques and writing styles to lessen the risk.

Section 11: Congratulations
Lecture 20 01:00

Congratulations on finishing this course. If you enjoyed this course please take a couple of minutes to complete a review so future students have more of an insight of what to expect.

Section 12: Resources
Quiz 1
Importance Of Pacing
3 questions
Quiz 2
Secrets Of Pacing
2 questions
Quiz 3
Creating Strong Characters
3 questions
Quiz 4
7 questions
Quiz 5
3 questions
Quiz 6
How to Show and not Tell
6 questions

Step by step Social Business Start Up is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. Step by step Social Business Start Up is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

Step by step Social Business Start Up Student Reviews

  •  Fantastic Course

    This course is simple and easy to follow. It is not bombarded with so much information that you cant remember a thing. Instead, it gives just the right amount. Elizabeth makes you feel like you are taking a private writing lesson right in her very own home. And she is happy to help with any questions post course. Highly recommend this course to any beginner writer wanting to advance their skills. – Roslyn Williams

  • excellent review of subject

    Elizabeth provides an excellent review of often over-looked areas where beginning writers may make mistakes that affect the quality of their work. The tips she provides are easy to apply to any type/ genre of writing. Her lectures are easy to follow and listen to, without losing interest. –

  • I enjoyed this course!

    This course is full of useful information and I felt the pace of the course was very well done. Thanks Elizabeth for putting this together and for the additional resources/downloads. – Todd Atkinson

Step by step Social Business Start Up Instructor Biography
Step by step Social Business Start Up instructor
Elizabeth Bezant , Writer and Writing Coach

Elizabeth Bezant is not only a professional writer and writing coach, but she is also the founder of Writing to Inspire, a business designed to inspire, inform and empower writers everywhere.

Over the past 20 years Elizabeth’s diverse range of articles, stories, columns and educational features have been published in countless magazines, anthologies and newspapers across the world. The ones she is proudest of were included in: Britain’sSunday Telegraph, Living Abroad, and Grace; America’s Chicken Soup for the Soul,Chocolate for the Woman’s Soul, and Lollipops magazine; Australia’s Nova newspaper. Elizabeth has also had an English Second Language book published by ReadyEd Publication, self-published her own books Lost Outside These Walls and I Want to Write, But Don’t Know Where to Start, and compiled, co-written and published Stolen Momentsand Caring Moments, two books created to support and guide people caring for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

As a Writing Coach, Elizabeth has provided individual coaching, mentoring, critiques and feedback to thousands of writers of all levels for well-over a decade. She’s also had regular television and radio segments, is regularly invited to give talks, run courses, give interviews and facilitate workshops.

While through her business, Writing to Inspire Elizabeth has run and judged international writing competitions, provided regular writing prompts and offered ongoing advice and answers to writing questions.

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