How to Build Home Automation System using a Vera and ZWave

Learn how to make your house Smart! Then teach it to do the stuff that you shouldn’t have to.

How to Build Home Automation System using a Vera and ZWave Online Course Review

How to Build Home Automation System using a Vera and ZWave

Course Description

Advancements to Home automation have made it affordable and easy enough that everyone can do it!

In this course you will learn how to make your house smart. When someone thinks of a smart home they usually just think of being able to control it via their mobile device. While you will learn that, this course takes home automation to the next level. This course will show you how to actually make your house smart. Your house will learn how to use inputs such as temperature, movement, weather, scheduling, geo-fencing, and so much more to control Lights, HVAC, Blinds, TVs, almost anything.

This course provides step-by-step instructions from basic setup to advanced examples. It includes theoretical information and step-by-step videos for setting up and using devices. There are also step-by-step videos for using automation, triggers, and program logic to perform actions. Code examples are provided and explained anywhere code is used. No coding experience necessary.

You will learn how to:

  • Setup a Vera Lite of Vera3
  • How to add and use devices
  • How to use Scenes
  • How to use Triggers
  • How to use LUUP code
  • How to use Mobile Applications
  • How to Troubleshoot issues.

You will also learn how to add and use:

  • Z-Wave Devices
  • IR Devices
  • IP Devices
  • Light/Dimmer Switches
  • On/Off Swithces
  • Motion Sensors
  • Heat Sensors
  • Light Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Thermostats
  • IR Devices (TV, Stereo, Portable Air Conditioner, etc)
  • Motorized Blinds

What are the requirements?

  • No Prerequisite knowledge required
  • A home automation controller (Vera) is required if you intend to follow along with the step by step videos
  • Z-wave devices of your choice

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 55 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • By the end of this course, you will know how to make your house smart
  • You will learn which devices are best for you
  • You will learn how to setup many types of devices
  • You will learn how to use devices automatically
  • You will learn how to get devices to talk to each other

What is the target audience?

  • Someone who is looking to learn how to automate their house themselves
  • No Prior Experience Necessary
  • Beginners: You will learn all the basics needed to get started and leverage that to learn more advanced automation and concepts.
  • Experts: You will learn about features that you didn’t know existed and have real world examples of new ways you can automate your house.

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Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1
1.1 – Introduction


Section 2: Getting Started
Lecture 2
2.1 – Introduction
Lecture 3
2.2 – What is Z-Wave
Lecture 4
2.3 – Hardware used (and why)


Lecture 5
2.4 – Home Construction Considerations
Section 3: Setting up your Vera
Lecture 6
3.1 – Introduction
Lecture 7
3.2 – Vera 3 Overview
Lecture 8
3.3 – Vera Lite Overview
Lecture 9
3.4 – First Time Setup
Lecture 10
3.5 – Setting up Localizations
Lecture 11
3.6 – Setting up Notifications
Lecture 12
3.7 – Adding Additional Users
Lecture 13
3.8 – Overview of the Simple Interface
Lecture 14
3.9 – Overview of the Advanced Interface
Section 4: Adding/Setup of Devices
Lecture 15
4.1 – Introduction
Lecture 16
4.2 – Vera 3 Inclusion/Exclusion Mode
Lecture 17
4.3 – Vera Lite Inclusion/Exclusion Mode
Lecture 18
4.4 – Excluding a Device
Lecture 19
4.5 – Adding a Light Switch/Dimmer
Lecture 20
4.6 – Adding a Plugin On/Off Module


Lecture 21
4.7 – Adding a Motion/Combi Sensor
Lecture 22
4.8 – Adding a Thermostat
Lecture 23
4.9 – IR Distribution Setup
Lecture 24
4.10 – IR Distribution Adding a Device – File Overview (Part 1)
Lecture 25
4.11 – IR Distribution Adding a Device – Service File (Part 2)
Lecture 26
4.12 – IR Distribution Adding a Device – Implementation File (Part 3)
Lecture 27
4.13 – IR Distribution Adding a Device – Device File (Part 4)
Lecture 28
4.14 – IR Distribution Adding a Device – Adding to the Vera (Part 5)
Lecture 29
4.15 – Setting up the Somfy Blinds Bridge
Section 5: Creating Scenes
Lecture 30
5.1 – Introduction
Lecture 31
5.2 – General Scene Overview
Lecture 32
5.3 – LUUP Introduction
Section 6: Making your House Smart
Lecture 33
6.1 – Introduction
Lecture 34
6.2 – Linking Lights Together


Lecture 35
6.3 – Turn on a light when motion is detected (Direct Control)
Lecture 36
6.4 – Turn on a light when motion is detected (Trigger)
Lecture 37
6.5 – Motion Detection Notification
Lecture 38
6.6 – Advanced Scheduled Scenes
Lecture 39
6.7 – Using Virtual Switches
Lecture 40
6.8 – Scene Delays
Lecture 41
6.9 – Perform action only between a certain time
Lecture 42
6.10 – Trigger actions only when the light level is low
Lecture 43
6.11 – Trigger actions only when it gets too hot
Lecture 44
6.12 – Notify me when my device’s batteries are low
Lecture 45
6.13 – Using a Geo-Fence
Section 7: Mobile Applications
Lecture 46
7.1 – Introduction
Lecture 47
7.2 – iPhone Application
Lecture 48
7.3 – Android Application
Lecture 49
7.4 – iPad Application
Section 8: Troubleshooting
Lecture 50
8.1 – Introduction
Lecture 51
8.2 – Re-Configure Devices
Lecture 52
8.3 – Getting your Root Password
Lecture 53
8.4 – Looking at the Luup log
Lecture 54
8.5 – Writing Variables to the Log
Lecture 55
8.6 – Z-Wave Network Repair

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Step by step Social Business Start Up Student Reviews

  • Good Starting Point Intro to Z-Wave Devices

    This is an excellent course on how to setup a Z-Wave Home Automation Network using the Vera line of controllers. Devin is a great instructor and presents things clearly and is very easy presenter to listen to. He works extensively in the course with the Vera Interface showing you how to access, setup and work with “scenes” to control lamps in the home. The only thing I wish he had added to the course was a lecture or two specifically about Z-Wave devices, the “mesh” network and how they work together. Other than that small point, it’s a great course and well worth your time if you are thinking of playing with Home Automation Devices. – LarryB

Step by step Social Business Start Up Instructor Biography
Step by step Social Business Start Up instructor
Devin Berci, President and COO at Aethr Inc.

Devin has extensive background in corporate business system design and a passion for home automation. He has self taught himself home automation and completely automated his whole house. His professional background in technical system design and business analysis has allowed him to work with both technical and non-technical people. This unique ability to interact between both worlds makes him the perfect instructor to teach to both worlds. His courses contain goodies that techies will drool over, but at the same time are explained in a way that anyone can understand. He has a passion for sharing knowledge with others and loves the fact that places like Udemy exist!

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