how to speak jamaican dialect Courses Online Review

The perfect guide for learning the native tongue – Reggae, Dancehall, and Jamaican Rastafarians like Bob Marley. Jamaica

how to speak jamaican dialect Online Course Review

how to speak jamaican dialect

Course Description

Welcome to “Learn Jamaican Dialect in 5 lessons ”. This comprehensive course will instantaneously teach you how to interact with locals and become a Jamaican cultural Ambassador (FACT: There are actually more Jamaicans living outside of Jamaica, so chances of you finding a few are very high).

Our ultimate course covers the uses and relationships between popular local expressions and corresponding English translation. This course is primarily for those who want to communicate effectively with locals and allow everyone to share special moments that will create a life time of great memories.

This course features practical and real easy to follow translations between two persons having conversations to make your experience as real as possible.

So whether you’re planning to visit Jamaica or just enthused about learning our Dialect. Let us help you understand one of the key ingredient to our music, and culture from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use guide.

With this course you:

  • Gain a deeper connection to the music and actually understand the power of the Reggae and Dance-hall words that you love to sing along to and never guess another lyric again.
  • Never feel lost in a conversation again… Now you will be able Carry on conversations with locals and family members who speak Patois. So, those funny moments and surprises never go over your head and leaving wondering what just happened.
  • Learn the best words to use in common social situations and ways you can truly fit in with Jamaican friends, family, and locals you come in contact with…Experience a direct connection to the people and richness of Jamaican life and enjoy every moment (which often times are funny as hell).
  • Learn to negotiate deals for transportation, buying craft and just staying away from trouble. Yes, often time’s folks will talk and think that you don’t understand them and now you have the element of surprise where you can prepare to move away or avoid confrontations.
  • Gain a deeper knowledge than ever before of Jamaican culture because now you can interact even more freely with Rastafarian’s and share their mysteries and history.

What are the requirements?

  • Speakers or headphones for audio
  • Be Irie 🙂
  • Willingness to have fun and try it out with your friends

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 31 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Learn how to express yourself and describe people and situations
  • Get it right the first time… No more “I can’t understand you or Please repeat”
  • Learn to speak Jamaican Patois using audio material and Text Manual. The audio and Text Manual can either be used together (recommended) or separately
  • Learn how to fit in with the locals while playing a game of Dominoes!
  • Learn how to local expressions can save you time and money when vacationing.
  • Learn names of food found in Jamaica
  • Never miss out on opportunity for laughter
  • Learn Hot Tips and places and some words related to Reggae
  • Learn how to local expressions can save you time and money when vacationing and avoid being swindled

What is the target audience?

  • This material is suitable for business, personal and groups of Travelers, Visitors and Tourist on island.
  • This material is also excellent for thos planning to visit Jamaica, so they can prepare and seemlessly blend in 🙂
  • Any age group, travel enthusiast or just lovers of Jamaican culture.

how to speak jamaican dialect course is Very good course that step by step explains in a high definition recording of a presentation. if you want to better understand, develop your skills, you will greatly benefit from this online course.

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The perfect guide for learning the native tongue – Reggae, Dancehall, and Jamaican Rastafarians like Bob Marley. Jamaica


Lecture 1


Lecture 2
Getting Started:
Section 1: Lesson 1 – All about the building blocks
Lecture 3
Understanding Greetings
Lecture 4
Response To Greetings
Lecture 5
Saying Good Bye
Lecture 6
Showing Ownership
Lecture 7 04:38
Lecture 8
Common Responses To Questions
Section 2: Lesson 2
Lecture 9
How To Give Instructions
Lecture 10 03:48
Lecture 11 06:34
Lecture 12 06:29
Section 3: Lesson 3
Lecture 13
How To Use Nay , Nah , Nuh
Lecture 14 06:08
Lecture 15 03:09
Lecture 16
Posture , Action Words
Lecture 17
Words that Express Surprise or Happiness
Section 4: Lesson 4
Lecture 18
Related To Speech
Lecture 19
Lecture 20 07:01
Lecture 21
Related to Dancehall Reggae or a Night on the town
Section 5: Lesson 5
Lecture 22
Identifying Animal , Insects , Plants
Lecture 23
Clothing And Accessories
Lecture 24
Words Used to Refer to Nationality And Travel
Lecture 25 02:25
Lecture 26
Lecture 27
Lecture 28
Words used to express surprise
Lecture 29
Sports Related Expressions
Lecture 30 01:28
Lecture 31
Bonus – Rastafarian Talk plus EXTRA

how to speak jamaican dialect is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. how to speak jamaican dialect is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

how to speak jamaican dialect Student Reviews

  • Very interesting, but limited.

    Extremely interesting course for anyone curious about the Jamaican dialect. Could do with some downloadable content, though, as it would be useful to be able to listen to the audio on the go. – Darren Cameron

  • Fun

    An easy course on the Jamaican dialect. Pretty straightforward stuff, here… it’s really all about the cadence! – Janis Musgrove

how to speak jamaican dialect Instructor Biography
how to speak jamaican dialect instructor
Junior Campbell , Travel Advisor and IT Consultant

Hi, I am from the lovely Island of Jamaica, where I live in the Tourist Capital on the North Coast which boast some of the worlds best beaches and attractions. My interaction with Tourist and other Travelers spans from Hotels, Tour Operators, Attractions, Banking and for the past 7 years, Information Technology as a consultant. I have a passion for people and as a traveler myself I understand the importance of blending in like the “Natives” to get the best of all opportunities and capture every moment.

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