How to stop beating yourself up Online Course Review

Feel better and live better without a bully in your head.

How to stop beating yourself up Online Course Review

How to stop beating yourself up

Course Description

“I’m so stupid.”

“I always mess that up.”

“If people only knew what a screw-up I am.”

Sound familiar? Whether you are successful or struggling on the outside, inside many of us have a running, critical commentary in our heads. It’s as if we’ve allowed a bully to move into our brains and operate at will. This bully endlessly replays any mistake we’ve made or think we’ve made. This bully calls us derogatory names, in many cases calling ourselves names we’d never dare call another person.

Allowing this bully to run wild can have significant repercussions. Such critical self talk can be a factor in both depression and anxiety. It also becomes a way we unconsciously program ourselves for failure through self sabotage. It can sabotage relationships, careers and keep us from realizing the dreams we have for our lives.

Not to mention it just doesn’t feel good.

“How to Stop Beating Yourself Up” gives you the tools for understanding this bully – and for making your mind a bully free zone. Peggy Haymes is a Licensed Professional counselor. She’s helped many clients identify their own critical voices and helped them develop the tools to beating up on themselves and to start using their minds as a positive force.

In this course you’ll learn how this internal bully is formed and the influences and habits that help feed and empower this bully. You’ll learn the difference between helpful criticism and the bully who beats you up. You’ll be guided in how to identify what makes you most vulnerable to engaging in self-critical thoughts. Finally, you’ll gain tools for taking control back from this bully and shirting your thoughts into a more positive pattern.

The course includes lectures, worksheets for applying the material to your life, recommended reading list and a short ebook.

It’s time to stop stop getting in your own way. It’s time to stop sabotaging yourself. It’s time to stop beating yourself up. Click on the “Take This Course” button to get started.

Why wait to feel good?

What are the requirements?

  • You do not need any special skills or knowledge to succeed in this course.
  • A willingness to be open to new concepts and to consider how they apply to your life.
  • A willingness to do the worksheets so that you make concrete connections with your own life experiences, patterns and habits.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 22 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • In this course, you will learn how your internal critical voice (the “bully”) has a negative impact on your life, including your moods and your ability to achieve your goals (for example, why you may sabotage your success).
  • You will learn how this bully is formed and what habits and thought patterns feed this bully.
  • You will gain tools for silencing this voice and reducing its impact on your life
  • Finally, you will be able to identify what triggers this voice and makes it active
  • This course includes not only lectures that present the information but also worksheets that allow you to apply the information to your own life.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is interested in self improvement and development.
  • Anyone who is tired of feeling like they are beating themselves up (or whose friends are telling them that they are beating themselves up.)
  • Anyone who is frustrated by self-defeating patterns in their lives.
  • Anyone who has struggled with depression.
  • Anyone who is interested in the ways in which our minds influence our behaviors.

How to stop beating yourself up course is Very good course that step by step explains in a high definition recording of a presentation. if you want to better understand, develop your skills, you will greatly benefit from this online course.

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Feel better and live better without a bully in your head.


Section 1: How does the bully influence our lives?
Lecture 1 16:37

Negative, self critical voices in our head (“the bully”) can have a significant impact on our work, our relationships and our overall quality of life. We’ll look at some of these impacts.

Lecture 2 01:53

In this “know-toon” Bob discovered the impact of letting the bully move in.

Lecture 3
Worksheet #1 Identifying the impact
2 pages
Section 2: How is the bully formed?
Lecture 4 07:59

When the negative messages of the bully become a part of our unconscious they may pull us down without our even realizing what’s happening.

Lecture 5 07:39

As children. we are completely dependent on our caregivers, so we believe whatever they tell us. Those beliefs can later form the foundation for the bully.

Lecture 6 07:59

A critical parent creates a soundtrack of putdowns and criticism that the bully can continue to use, even in adulthood.

Lecture 7
Bobby’s Big Lesson
Lecture 8 10:21

When a parent is impaired (whether through issues of health, mental health or circumstance) a child may feel overwhelmed and internalize the bully’s messages that he or she is not good enough.

Lecture 9 01:33

In this “know-toon,” Bobby discovers how the misperceptions of childhood can lead to big trouble in adulthood.

Lecture 10 08:04

How does the experience of trauma affect the development of the bully inside our heads?

Lecture 11 08:36

We’ll identify the ways in which perfectionism and unrealistic expectations help to set the stage for the bully.

Section 3: How the bully operates
Lecture 12 06:40

We all need helpful criticism from time to time, right? We’ll look at how the voice of the bully differs from helpful criticism and how to tell them apart.

Lecture 13 04:05

Self critical thoughts can be so familiar that we fail to notice they’re there. We’ll identify some of the ways to know that the bully is active.

Lecture 14 06:23

Being aware of what triggers negative thoughts helps you make a plan for avoiding or short-circuiting them. We’ll look at how to identify what trips you up.

Section 4: Taking control and silencing the bully
Lecture 15 05:19

Who first told you these negative things were true about yourself? This lecture helps you identify the voice behind the bully.

Lecture 16 07:05

We’ll examine different ways of naming this self critical voice and what difference this makes.

Lecture 17 13:54

How do you “hit the pause button” on your thoughts? This lecture explains the “OPS” method for taking control of your thoughts.

Lecture 18
Worksheet #2 Identifying the bully
2 pages
Section 5: Watch out for the Wicked Witch
Lecture 19 06:59

Once you begin breaking free from this bully you may experience a negative reaction of self critical thoughts becoming stronger. We’ll look at this normal process.

Lecture 20
Worksheet #3 Identifying the triggers
2 pages
Section 6: Additional resources
Lecture 21 6 pages

A short guide to help you get started if you would like to explore this topic further.

Lecture 22 1 page

Recommended further reading.

How to stop beating yourself up is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. How to stop beating yourself up is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

How to stop beating yourself up Student Reviews

  • Provides to anyone dealing with self-esteem issues
    The course was very well structured and presented. Particularly helpful was the exploration of how loss of self esteem develops and is manifested, and the tools and strategies for regaining self-esteem. Peggy Haymes professional experience as a counselor shines through. I highly recommend this course and reading the references she provides to anyone dealing with self-esteem issues. – Enceladus
How to stop beating yourself up Instructor Biography
How to stop beating yourself up instructor
Peggy Haymes , Helping people make a good life from the inside out.

As a counselor, writer and speaker, Peggy Haymes has a passion for helping people make a good life from the inside out..

Part of the joy that she’s had in working with clients is in helping them heal the wounds and get rid of the roadblocks that keep them from living the lives of meaning and joy that they want to live. Throughout her practice she’s also been intrigued with the question of how to make these things accessible to more people. Offering courses is one way to do that.

The author of five books and numerous short ebooks and articles, she’s no stranger to facing challenges. After being hit by a car in 2005 (leaving her unable to walk for five months), she became a runner and a triathlete. Completing her first 5K less than a year after the accident and her first tri just two months after that, she’s learned much about the power of the mind to help us or hold us back.

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