How to To Create and Decorate a 3D sculpted Caricature Cake

Learn The Easy Way To Create and Decorate a 3D sculpted Caricature Cake In One Afternoon With Lesi’s Sculpting Technique

Course Description

Unleash your creativity with this Lambert Academy sculpted cake class from famed cake designer Lesi Lambert. With Lesi’s help, you will sculpt a 3-D cake of a classic looking Fat Chef. Lesi will guide you step by step through the process as you stack and carve your cake, adding in support and details along the way. Learn how to personalize your chef’s face by using Lesi’s secret cake paste technique that will only be shared with the cake designers who have this video. Lesi even includes her own cake recipe that is stiff enough to hold up under the pressure of sculpting and tastes so good your friends and clients will love it for any occasion.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a few common cake tools and supplies you can easily get from the hardware store

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 17 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • You will be able to build an amazing 3D sculpted fat chef cake
  • You will learn about structure and how to build a solid cake
  • You will learn Lesi’s secret sculpting technique that results in lifelike faces
  • You will learn how easy it is to work with fondant

What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for intermediate cake designers. You should have some fondant experience.

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Section 1: Creating Your Structure
Lecture 1 03:34

Meet your instructor, Lesi Lambert, and go over the tools you’ll need to sculpt your project.

Lecture 2 00:44

With a few supplies from your local hardware store you will have a sturdy base that will support your cake even if you must move it to another location.

Lecture 3 04:30

Learn how to properly stack layers upon layers in a way that stays uniform and stable for sculpting. You will also add underpinnings to keep your cake upright and begin building the basic structure.

Section 2: Sculpting
Lecture 4 07:42

Here you’ll begin to carve the cake and creating the overall shape using your template.

Lecture 5 01:40

Your crumbcoat is the base your fondant is laying on and this stage done well will make it look flawless!

Lecture 6 15:32

Get your gloves on and watch how Lesi sculpts and molds cake like it’s clay.

Section 3: Fondant Work
Lecture 7 09:59

You’ll notice how versitile fondant is and how easy it is to make those cool little chef shoes.

Lecture 8 11:42

Rolling, measuring and cutting fondant to fit perfectly.

Lecture 9 01:00

Lesi teaches her secret “cake paste” technique that will influence your cake sculpting for years to come.

Lecture 10 06:57

Lesi teaches you how to carefully cover the head in fondant and add definition to the face.

Lecture 11 08:51

Adding the details and finishing touches to the coat makes him look like a chef.

Lecture 12
Facial Details
Lecture 13 08:09

Fondant hair technique.

Lecture 14 06:51

A simple way to make a great looking chef hat

Section 4: Finishing
Lecture 15 16:03

We recognize a chef by his coat so the detailing has to be special and Lesi shows you how to make a chef coat with style.

Lecture 16 10:29

Add eyes, skin tone with powders and dusting to give your chef personality.

Lecture 17 02:51

How to make realistic hands that compliment the other life like features of your chef.

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Step by step Social Business Start Up Instructor Biography
Step by step Social Business Start Up instructor
Lesi Lambert , Certified Cake Designer at Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft

Lesi is a certified cake designer who has also studied with some of the top cake artists and sugarcrafters around the world. She’s won awards for her cake designs and some of her cakes have been featured on CTV Toronto and in the Toronto Sun.

Lesi teaches full time in her own cake decorating school Lambert Academy, teaching everything from cake sculpture to gumpaste art. Currently her favorite subject matter is sculpted cake design.

Lesi’s goal is to introduce as many new people to the cake world as possible by nurturing their creative processes and guiding them with her knowledge and continually growing skill set.

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