How to use Google Drive basic Online Course Review

Google Drive is a perfect tool for anyone looking to store, share, edit, and create documents online.

How to use Google Drive basic Online Course Review

How to use Google Drive basic

Course Description

Are you constantly sending Word documents to coworkers? Do you lose track of where your documents are and who has made the last edits? Do want to be able to access your files anywhere, at any time? If so, this class is for you.

Google Drive is a free tool that is provided by Google that allows user to create, share, edit, revise, and store all kinds of documents. This course is designed to teach you the basics of Google Drive and how you can use it to simplify your life.

This course will walk you through account setup, basic document creation, tools, and everything else you need to get started on Google Drive.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • A willingness to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 23 lectures and 58 mins of content!
  • Set up your Google Drive account
  • Learn how to create and upload documents
  • Learn how to share your documents with anyone
  • Learn about the additional features Google Drive provides
  • Edit and work on documents in groups
  • Learn about forms and spreadsheets
  • Learn to track edits and revisions
  • Learn how to access your documents offline

What is the target audience?

  • People who use Microsoft Office
  • People who use Open Office
  • Team Leaders
  • Organization Leaders
  • Sales Executives
  • People who want to share documents
  • People who are always on the go
  • People with a home office
  • Small business owners

How to use Google Drive basic course is Very good course that step by step explains in a high definition recording of a presentation. if you want to better understand, develop your skills, you will greatly benefit from this online course.

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Google Drive is a perfect tool for anyone looking to store, share, edit, and create documents online.


Section 1: Course Introduction
Lecture 1 02:51

Find out what we are going to cover in the course!

Section 2: The Basics of Google Drive
Lecture 2 01:46

Before we dive into Google Drive, I want to do a brief overview of what it looks like and what it can do.

Lecture 3 01:50

We are going to have to have a Google account before we can access Google Drive. This video shows you how to do just that.

Lecture 4 02:23

This is the last of the real basics. We need to make sure that we can get to Google Drive in order to use it.

Quiz 1
Basics Quiz
5 questions
Section 3: Document Basics
Lecture 5 04:35

To get started, we need to know what kind of documents we can create.

Quiz 2
Document Type Quiz
5 questions
Lecture 6 01:23

It may seem basic, but I want to make sure you know how to create a document.

Lecture 7 01:29

The first thing we do after creating a document is name it.

Lecture 8 02:02

This video is designed to help you understand how you can upload documents to Google Drive.

Lecture 9 04:43

This is one of the awesome features of Google Drive. The ability to share documents seamlessly.

Lecture 10 01:54

Having trouble finding documents that were shared with you? Here is where you can find them.

Lecture 11 02:06

We know how to upload documents, now it is time to learn how to download or export them.

Lecture 12 02:07

If you already have a document and would like to make a copy, this video shows you how to do just that.

Quiz 3
Documents Basics Quiz
5 questions
Section 4: Google Drive Features
Lecture 13 04:32

Google Drive integrates right into your desktop. This video walks you through the steps to make it happen!

Lecture 14 02:37

This is an easy trick to allow you to easily convert documents upon upload.

Lecture 15 01:49

This is a feature that is only avalible for users of Google Chrome.

Lecture 16 02:41

This is one of the coolest features of Google Drive. It gives you the ability to work on documents without being in the same place at the same time.

Lecture 17 01:42

This is an awesome way to communicate within Google Drive.

Lecture 18 01:59

Do you want to see what others are working on? This will show you how.

Lecture 19 01:50

Track who did what and even revert to old copies using this feature!

Lecture 20 03:59

A nifty way to save time and easily collect responses

Lecture 21 02:28

This is just one of many reasons I suggest using Gmail in conjunction with Google Drive.

Lecture 22 02:49

An added feature that I love!

Quiz 4
Features Review
5 questions
Section 5: Class Summary and Next Steps
Lecture 23 02:53

Just a few basics suggestions of what you should do once you finish this course!

How to use Google Drive basic is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. How to use Google Drive basic is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

How to use Google Drive basic Student Reviews

  • Excellent Course Describing Google Drive

    I needed a to learn to use Google Drive for business reasons and I needed to learn fast. Chris does an excellent job of explaining the different aspects of Google Drive and how to use it effectively and efficiently. Chris speaks clearly, at a good pace and tone. He knows what he is talking about and the confidence comes across well in the videos. The production quality was very good. I would recommend you take this course if you need to understand what Google Drive is and how it works. Good job Chris! – Kmack450

  • Getting Started

    Great tutorial of How to use Google Drive basic and to begin using the features right away. I think I might have a newer version of Google Drive as some things looked different on mine compared to the tutorial. Chris’s advice at the end to take what we learned and start playing around with Google Drive is good advice and I feel the video prepared me to just that 🙂 – Dave Barker

  • Meet expectation and well delivered

    Chris did a fine job of taking the time to research, understand and deliver a course that is fit for purpose. Well recommended to anyone who wants to learn a new skill that is not too cumbersome. Enjoy!! Thanks Chris. – Bosun Sogeke

  • Great Basic Overview

    This was a great starting point for learning Google Drive. – Michael LeMoine

  • Getting Google Docs

    Easy quick snap shots that gave an understanding of the content. Would recommend. – Reed Hermstad

How to use Google Drive basic Instructor Biography
How to use Google Drive basic instructor
Chris Wilkey , Social Media Marketing Expert

Chris Wilkey is the founder and CEO of Hosskey Consulting; a social/digital media consulting agency. Over the past five years, Chris has worked for companies such as RE/MAX, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and the Indianapolis American Marketing Association (Indy AMA) and has helped them create communities online. Chris now serves on the board of the Indy AMA and also runs a DJ company on the weekends. He is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping small businesses succeed. More information on Chris can be found at or on his LinkedIn account.

Hosskey Consulting is social/digital media consulting company. To put it simply: We help businesses create and maintain their digital presence. We work with companies to create a social media strategy and put it into place. We specialize in social media, but we can also help companies with: Web design, video production, email marketing, blog development, digital workplace transition, technology training, emergency management planning (for digital assets), and much much more. Check out our website at

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