Instant Expert 2017 Review

Instant Expert 2017 Review and Bonus by Steve Rosenbaum – the newest product, from mulitple Deal of the Day winners Lee Cole & Steve Rosenbaum. Land High Paying Clients with Confidence and Authority

Instant Expert 2017 Review

Instant Expert 2017 gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Instant Expert 2017 is our new training that shows you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to become an expert in any niche, virtually overnight. Our method is proven! Anyone, regardless of past experience or skill level, can use it to dominate their target market. Let’s take a look at the entire course and see exactly what you get when you purchase Instant Expert.Instant Expert is composed of three modules and fifteen instructional videos. When you purchase, you not only get our incredible training, but you also get access to our thriving online community of over 800 entrepreneurs. And, even more valuable bonuses.Let’s list each of the modules and lessons of the training so you know exactly what you’re getting.

I want to tell you about this guy, Dwight. He was a complete failure at offline marketing. Total face plant failure!Smart guy! Brilliant, even! (He was an IT guy. Computer jock.) Just he couldn’t sell his way out of a paper bag! Literally.Here’s what happened to him.He was sick of his job, and thinking that since he knew so much about computer he “should” be able to sell offline services to businesses, he quit his job before having ever landed a real client.Most of us would get our feet wet, land a few clients, then quit. Not Dwight! He took the big plunge without looking to see if there was even water in the pool!And, he failed and failed and failed. He was desperate.Finally he got this training.

Until now, only a handful of insiders (like me and Steve) have known the secrets of rapidly becoming perceived as experts in their marketplace. Most folks think you have to spend years “earning” that privilege. Those of us who know differently can establish ourselves as experts in any niche within a couple of months, often less.The benefits of holding expert status are HUGE! Business flows to us effortlessly, allowing us to cherry pick only the best, highest paying clients. Upselling these top tier clients often occurs naturally as they have the money and desire to buy more, and they know that we are the experts they want to help them achieve their business goals.Learning how to master the art of becoming an Instant Expert is much easier than you might think. Steve and I both have been training newbie and experienced marketers alike in the insider secrets of personal branding and positioning for years. And, like the stories of the real people I told you about at the top of this sales letter…Dwight, Jamie, Jay and others…once you know how to command expert status, you suddenly land big juicy deals just like Steve and I do on a regular basis!

Instant Expert 2017 Review and Bonus by Steve Rosenbaum – the newest product, from mulitple Deal of the Day winners Lee Cole & Steve Rosenbaum. Land High Paying Clients with Confidence and Authority will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Instant Expert 2017 Review

Get Instant Expert 2017 here :

Instant Expert 2017 Review and Bonus by Steve Rosenbaum – the newest product, from mulitple Deal of the Day winners Lee Cole & Steve Rosenbaum. Land High Paying Clients with Confidence and Authority

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Instant Expert 2017 OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

Front End Product – Instant Expert
Instant Expert is our new, community and video based training that shows people how to quickly build a substantial following with credibility and authority! In this training we teach them “The Instant Expert Triad”, so that:

  • Business comes to them
  • Prospects are pre-sold
  • Sales are made much more easily
  • They command much higher prices

OTO1 – Instant Expert Deep Dive
Instant Expert Deep Dive expands the training even further by providing in depth training in Content Secrets Revealed and Positioning Secrets Revealed. In these two brand new training courses, your visitors learn all of our secrets for creating and leveraging content while working only a few hours per month! Just a few hours every month is all they will need to not only position themselves as the go-to expert but to exponentially increase both their income and business growth.

Down Sell – Content Secrets Revealed
Visitors that decline “Instant Expert Deep Dive” will be offered “Content Secrets Revealed” separately as a down sell.

OTO2 – Expert Accelerator
Group coaching from Lee and Steve expanding the training beyond the course offering.

Here’s Exactly What You Get!

Get Ready!…Module One

Module One lays the foundations for our whole system. You’ll learn what an expert actually is. (Probably not what you think.) And, you’ll gain the conceptual understanding to start implementing our system quickly and easily!

  • Lesson One–You…An Instant Expert!: In this lesson, you’ll learn what an expert actually is. (You might think you know this, but we can absolutely guarantee you that you don’t.)
  • Lesson Two–Our Proven Instant Expert Triad: Being an expert is a function of Trust, Confidence, and Influence. In Lesson Two, you’re going to learn the details about establishing all of this in your market area fast!
  • Lesson Three–Instant Trust: You might think that it would take a long time to establish trust in the minds of your target market. Not so! Lesson Three shows you exactly what to do to achieve this.
  • Lesson Four–Instant Confidence: Building on trust, you can rapidly establish confidence in your target market. In this lesson, we show you exactly how to do this.
  • Lesson Five–Instant Influence: In Lesson Five, you’ll learn how to create a tidal wave of market Influence! When you get to this level, you’ll either have to double your prices (or more) or turn away business!

Aim!…Module Two

Module Two is all about crafting your messaging, targeting your audience, and not letting obstacles stop you.

  • Lesson Six–Crafting Your Message: If you’ve wondered exactly how you can get complete strangers who’ve never met you to think of you as an expert, Lesson Six will answer that question.
  • Lesson Seven–Corraling Your Herd: Your “herd” is your audience. Now that you’ve got the right message (Lesson Six), you need to get that message in front of the right audience. You learn that in this lesson.
  • Lesson Eight–Becoming Unstoppable: Lesson Eight is all about breaking free and not letting obstacles stop you. After this lesson, you’re going to breathe a sigh of relief, because you’re going to understand and know on a gut level that you can and will achieve your goals this time!

Fire!…Module Three

Module Three is where you actually start building and leveraging your platform. We’ve both been told at various times… “Guys, I see you everywhere!” Yep, you do see us everywhere. You see us on iTunes, on YouTube, in your inbox, on Amazon, and tons of other places. Yet, neither of us spends much time per month creating all this. How? The secret to this is in the details of what we do and how we do it, which you’re going to learn here!

  • Lesson Nine–Creating a Firestorm: Lesson Nine is going to basically be like pouring gasoline on a small blaze and creating an firestorm! Want more? Want more faster? Far more money, far less work? Lesson Nine shows you the way!
  • Lesson Ten–Laying Breadcrumbs: Lesson Ten is the heart of our “I See You Everywhere” strategy. It’s so easy to do and takes only a few hours per month!
  • Lesson Eleven–Becoming An Author…Even If You Can’t (Or Won’t) Write: One of our favorite ways to position and brand yourself is a positioning book on Amazon. Now, before you complain… “but guys, I can’t write”… don’t worry! We got you covered. No writing required!
  • Lesson Twelve–Leveraging Podcasts: In Lesson Twelve, we’re going to show you how to leverage iTunes without killing yourself or your bank account. We even show you how to get the amazing benefits of podcasting without actually creating your own podcast!
  • Lesson Thirteen–Becoming An Video Boss: Like podcasting, people generally think video marketing takes a lot of skill and equipment. Not so! In this lesson we show you all our tricks that we use to kill it with video marketing, without spending a ton of time and/or money!
  • Lesson Fourteen—Hijacking Other People’s Authority: In Lesson Fourteen, you’re going to learn our own “stealth” way to gain massive credibility in whatever marketplace we’re in. For the little time required to do this, the benefits are huge…and lasting!
  • Lesson Fifteen—Owning The Client: If you want total marketing domination, Lesson Fifteen is the key!

Instant Expert 2017 Bonuses :

Command Big Bucks: Personal Branding & Status Growth Hacks is the complete course that shows you exactly how and where to effectively market your personal brand so that you can successfully differentiate yourself from the competition.

Press Release Gold Mine is my new, video based training that shows you exactly how to sell high-value, high-ticket press releases to local businesses. You do none of the writing yourself! This is all outsourced. I assume you know nothing and take you through the entire process from A to Z.

Offline Credibility Hacks Breakout Training shows you 12 more hacks that Steve and I use on a daily basis to create and repurpose high quality content. Some of this stuff we’ve never told anyone about ever!

Instant Expert 2017 : FAQ

I’m interested, but you’re not telling me what I’m actually selling. What does this system sell?: Honest answer is this. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re selling something that will benefit your client, Instant Expert will work to position you as an expert.

All I want to do is to make money, show me the steps!:  The “magic bullet” doesn’t exist! The only thing that really works is to learn real skills. Learn our skills and you’ll never lack for business again!

I’ve been promised success before. How is this different?: Look at the answer to the question above. Steve and I don’t teach hacks, or stuff that doesn’t work. How do you think we got all those testimonials? Our stuff works!

I really don’t want to be an expert. Why should I get this?: Fine. Don’t. Believe me, Steve and I won’t miss your money. I mean seriously. Look at what we’re charging for this! Keep on with the insanity of thinking you can build a real business without this level of skill. Good luck!

How long will it really take to start making real money?: Great question. And, the answer depends on what you know and where you are in your journey. If you know how to deliver a product or service to a business, but you just can’t get clients, then this will work FAST! If you’re one of those folks who don’t really know what they want to sell yet. Then you’ll need to address that issue first. (Buy Instant Expert today anyway while it’s selling for the intro price!)

I’ve never sold anything before. Will this work for me?: Actually, you’re the perfect person for this because you don’t have to unlearn anything.

I’m NOT a salesperson and I HATE selling!: Right, we “got” it! Instant Expert is perfect for you, because it’s designed to do the selling for you.

On Sale Today!
Don’t wait! Right now, Instant Expert is one sale. We reserve the right to raise our price for this money making training at any time for any reason…and without warning. We’d hate for you to get frozen out! Buy now!

Let’s Summarize
Instant Expert is our new training that shows you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to become an expert in any niche, virtually overnight. Our method is proven! Anyone can use it to dominate their target market, regardless of past experience or skill level! Best of all, when prospects perceive you as an expert business will come to you, more easily and more quickly than you ever believed possible. You’ll sell more for much for much more money per sale!

Any OTOs?
Yes, there are two, and you do NOT have to have either. Having said that, you’ll want to take a very close look at them. OTO1 is more in depth training on personal branding and instant expert status creation. OTO2 is affordable coaching from me and Steve. Both are excellent material! But if you can only afford what you’re looking at right now, get it! This one thing will change your business and quite possibly your life!

Get In On This Today!
As you can see, Steve and I are selling this for a very low, introductory price! Again, we’re “hell bent” on getting business and life changing information into the hands of people who need it! As you can see from all the testimonials above, we have an excellent track record at helping others build real businesses and make real money! Get Instant Expert today before we come to our senses and raise the price!

Download Instant Expert 2017 here :

Instant Expert 2017 Review and Bonus by Steve Rosenbaum – the newest product, from mulitple Deal of the Day winners Lee Cole & Steve Rosenbaum. Land High Paying Clients with Confidence and Authority
Instant Expert 2017 Review

Get Instant Expert 2017 Now! buy Instant Expert 2017 now and you can save money and work hours. Instant Expert 2017 comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Instant Expert 2017 review

Yes!! I want to get Instant Expert 2017 :

download Instant Expert 2017

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FB Live Streamer (Worth $247):

This is a facebook streaming tool which allows you to go live on Facebook with Pre-made videos and share across all your fan pages. You can use this to go live immediately or schedule live video for future. Also, this application has the option to create Live Event for more Engagement before actual live broadcasting… We all know that Facebook is giving live videos massive engagement at the moment, so imagine using live videos to promote your promotional marketing videos and make more money, from both your products and your affiliate products too. Production cost is around $3800. Retail for $247. 

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