Kick-Ass Toons V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski

Kick-Ass Toons V3 REVIEW

Kick-Ass Toons 3 is an INCREDIBLE pack featuring 170 unique, studio-quality character animations. It’s a powerful vidos assets pack to help your customer make their videos more engaging, boost conversions & sales. This volume includes the special module “Kick-Xmas Toons” featuring Santa, Elf & 8 Animated Christmas caracters, plus Christmas related backgrounds & Music, turning this offer into a great opportunity to profit HUGE during this weeks.

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Review


Kick-Ass Toons V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski


Kick-Ass Toons V3 REVIEW

Order Now Before Your Competitor Does. And Get Our 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We’re taking all the risks here and making it comfortable for you to take advantage of this amazing offer! If the pack isn’t everything we said it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we’ll refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. That’s more than a guarantee, that’s a promise. And you can keep the pack and the free bonuses. That’s fair enough, Right? But I’m sure you won’t want your money back because you’re going to be satisfied with your purchase!

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Review

Kick-Ass Toons V3 FEATURE :

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Benefit

  • Stop wasting time and money with dull, mediocre and “cheap-looking” videos that don’t convert
  • Fully engage your audience on a deep psicological level using Emotional Storytelling “On Steroids”
  • Stand out from the crowd with Higher-Quality animations (Zero animation skills needed!)
  • Premium-Quality assets that work EVEN WITH POWERPOINT! (no expensive difficult to use software needed!)

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Modules :

  • MODULE 1 – “Hairdresser” JENNA
  • MODULE 2 – “Business Woman” MARY
  • MODULE 3 – “Massage Therapist” NATALIE
  • MODULE 4 – “Baseball” BOBBY
  • MODULE 5 – “Karate” KEVIN
  • MODULE 6 – “Professor” PAUL
  • MODULE 7 – “Judge” JOSEPH
  • MODULE 8 – “Car Mechanic” FRANK
  • MODULE 9 – “Business Man” BRETT
  • MODULE 10 – “Fitness Trainer” STEPHANIE
  • MODULE 11 – Special “Kick-Xmas Toons” Module!!

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Bonuses :

  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 – Kick-Xmas Toons – 28 Extra Assets
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 – VIP Access To “Graphics Mystic” Facebook Group
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 – 12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 – Step-By-Step Video Trainings How To Customize Your Graphics
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #5 – 19 Extra Facebook Cover Graphics

Kick-Ass Toons V3 FAQ :

What Would I Need To Edit These Videos?

You need a video editting or video creator software that accepts at least one of the formats included (SWF, MOV, GIF, PNG) in the globe uses at least one of those formats. Yeah, PowerPoint is ok 😉

Do You Provide Any Support?

YES, absolutely! We’re always here for help, just send a ticket and we’ll answer any issues in 24-48h. You will never be left alone. We’re here to help.

Do You Own A Full License To All The Graphics?

Yes! We’ve created all the graphics listed above and have the full rights to them. I only used public domain images and free resources that I have rights to include in this pack.

Does It Work On Mac/Windows?

The graphics work on Mac and Windows. Also you can customize them freely on both platforms.

Can These Assets Be Used In Explaindio?

Absolutely! Kick-Ass Toons 3 has been made with Explaindio in mind. Just use the nested SWF files.

Is There Any Recurring Payment?

No. You’ll get instant access to the full graphics package for just a small one-time investment.

Does It Come With Developer’s License?

NO. The main offer comes with unlimited personal license. That means you can edit and use these graphics freely within your own projects. In order to get a developer’s license to use them for your client’s work, you’ll have to get the upgrade to this offer. It’s an upsell offer you’ll see after purchasing this product.

GRAB Kick-Ass Toons V3 HERE :

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski


Kick-Ass Toons V3 REVIEW

The animations come in popular formats, like SWF (looped & non-looped), GIF & MOV in 2 diferent sizes, and high quality PNG, and can be easily integrated to top video software tools, like: Explaindio, Easy Animator Pro, EasySketchPro, Powerpoint, Keynote, Open Office, Camtasia, Premiere, After Effects, GoAnimate and others. Also, for the first time, Kick-Ass Toons 3 includes 2 different software and training so even complete newbies can start creating highly-engaging videos right away!!

GET Kick-Ass Toons V3 HERE :

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski


Kick-Ass Toons V3 GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Kick-Ass Toons V3 REVIEW

“Kick-Ass Toons is nothing like anything out there” I work extensively on products creating high quality cartoons and backgrounds for my video business as well as for other marketers. Needless to say I have created a ton of them and used numerous other packs in the market. But Kick-Ass Toons is nothing like anything out there. It just raised the bar in the graphic and video assets category. These are neatly designed expressive characters that you can use in your video creation and marketing activities today. Lucas is back with one another master piece and if you have been his customer for once you know he delivers some serious value in every single of his launches. Grab Kick-Ass Toons as soon as you can, because you will love what you create using it! – Niranjan Pradhan

GET Kick-Ass Toons V3 HERE :

Kick-Ass Toons V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski

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