LetVidimaze Elite Honest Review

LetVidimaze Elite Review and Bonus by Team LetX – auto-play videos convert more traffic into subscribers & customers AUTOMATICALLY by showing people what they want, and more specifically when they want it

LetVidimaze Elite Review

LetVidimaze Elite gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

LetVidimaze Elite A Smart & Inovative Video Browsing Technology by LetX. Section-specific, auto-play videos convert more traffic into subscribers & customers AUTOMATICALLY by showing people what they want, and more specifically when they want it. Maximize engagement & increase visitor experience: “clip” your videos to any corner of the screen, so users absorb your messages no matter WHERE they are on your page; Control the action with user-based triggers so you can send visitors to a sign-up page, product offer, demo or ANY URL you choose. LetVidimaze is a cloud-based software solution that puts the conversion power of video on steroids so you EFFORTLESSLY get more traffic, leads & sales.

“Wow” Your Visitors With Interactive Videos That Get The Click And Get YOU Paid! Make your video messages impossible to ignore by sticking them to any corner of the screen and that’s just the start. Your Vidimaze smart boxes are interactive, letting users place their mouse on top of your video. And scroll through your site WITHOUT ever taking their eyes off your message. Clip & Stick your main message. Perfect for introductions and showcasing your main message. Want to show users just 1 video to focus on your main CTA? No problem. Display a small version of your main video on any corner of the screen. That follows users and KEEPS PLAYING no matter where they scroll on your site.

MAXIMIZE Conversions With Section-Specific Videos & Our Smart Browsing Technology. Show one video to visitors as they start scrolling through the 1st section of your site. Perfect for introductions and showcasing your main message. Then use the section-specific feature to display a completely different video as users scroll to a new section of your site. The tech automatically gives each visitor a custom, guided tour of your site and your conversions go through the roof. LetVidimaze is a unique & an innovative smart video conversion technology by LetX. If You Want More Traffic, More Leads & More Sales, LetVidimaze Is For You! The technology is tested & proven. The results are in. Nothing else on the market comes CLOSE to what this software can do for your conversions.

LetVidimaze Elite Review and Bonus by Team LetX – auto-play videos convert more traffic into subscribers & customers AUTOMATICALLY by showing people what they want, and more specifically when they want it will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

LetVidimaze Elite Review

Get LetVidimaze Elite here :

LetVidimaze Elite Review and Bonus by Team LetX – auto-play videos convert more traffic into subscribers & customers AUTOMATICALLY by showing people what they want, and more specifically when they want it

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Explosive Conversions Are 3-Step Simple

Step #1
Login to the software, connect your site and upload your videos

Step #2
Configure your settings: choose where you want your videos to display, which videos to show based on WHERE your visitors are on your site, and your SPECIFIC call to action triggers

Step #3
Enjoy up to a 3X increase in conversions & profits with this smart video scrolling tech that literally walks users through EVERY part of your page!

LetVidimaze Features :

Get More 100% Free Search Traffic
Video drives 80% of online consumer traffic, and can get you up to a 157% increase in free organic traffic old news. Whats New? LetVidimaze drastically improves user experience for your site visitors. People spend more time on your page, and you get a lower bounce rate … which Google rewards with HIGHER RANKINGS. Targeted traffic for free? All yours with the software.

On-Page ReEngagement
Traditionally, you run ads to “win back” prospects that visited your page, and left without subscribing or buying. Often effective, but always expensive. With LetVidimaze, you can use section-specific videos to maximize REAL TIME engagement with your content. You get all the benefits of retargeting…but WITHOUT paying for ads and WITHOUT waiting for results.

Use Videos From YouTube & The InBuilt Library
Plug in any video from YouTube…Or choose videos from your custom LetVidimaze library. We’ll stock your library with a series of high-converting videos, and you can add more anytime you like. Save time and repurpose campaigns with a personal video collection that’s always at your fingertips.

Maximize Clicks On Your Calls To Action
Customize any element of your Vidimaze video boxes from headlines, subheadlines, call to action text and the buttons themselves. All elements support MULTIPLE languages, so you can drive GLOBAL traffic or set up targeted, country-specific campaigns. Direct your visitors to ANY link you choose.

Increase Engagement With Behaviour-Based Triggers
Customize when and how your calls to action appear based on the individual behaviour of every visitor to your site. Show people the right message at EXACTLY the right time for an explosive increase in conversions.

Scaling Built In
Get real-time stats on how your specific video campaigns are performing. Edit & archive any campaigns to save time when you want to re-launch them in future.

Your Site, Your Way
You’ve got 100% control of the layout of your Vidimaze videos and user experience. Use a single main video message, or multiple section-specific videos that trigger based on where your visitor is scrolling. Clip videos to any corner of the screen, and they’ll open and CONTINUE TO VISIBLY PLAY as your visitor scrolls your site.

Mobile Optimized
Over 50% of your website views happen on mobile. LetVidimaze videos are optimized for this audience and render perfectly across all devices.

Cloud-Based Solution: Nothing To Install
No clunky plugins that slow down your site. No memory-sucking desktop installations that clog up your hard drive. Just an elegant, cloud-based solution for creating & launching conversion-driving campaigns, anywhere and anytime.

Unlimited Access – No Strings Attached
During this limited launch period, you get ongoing access to LetVidimaze for just one low cost. No limits, no restrictions, no rebills.

Get More Subscribers, More Sales, More Customers & More FREE Traffic…With The Only Smart Browsing Video Technology That Exists Today

Forget About Expensive & Outdated Conversion Technologies That Do More Harm Than Good

  • No more wasted time, money & effort on videos that never get seen
  • No more constantly checking your site for feedback and being glued to your support desk
  • No more paying for expensive retargeting ads
  • No more painful SEO optimization & expensive paid services to boost organic traffic
  • No more low & unprofitable click-through-rates on your calls to action
  • No more relying on just a single video to do all the selling
  • No more bulky plugins or other clumsy tools that slow your site down
  • No more losing attention the second users scroll down your page

LetVidimaze Testimony

One thing that is super awesome about LetX team is that there products are always of supremely high quality and they always put their customers interest first while creating a product. LetVidimaze is one such quality product coming through from the ranks of Team LetX. Always highly Recommended. – Saurabh Bhatnagar, Online Entrepreneur

Upon seeing the demo and tooling around in the Beta app, Vidiamaze is perfect for my digital agency. We roll-out very limited opportunities into our product launches, at extremely limited discounts. We also do this while soliciting a referral or review as part of the launch discounts. Having Vidiamaze is the perfect complimentary tool, to drive traffic, scarcity and opt-ins, all with video engagement and social proof. Conversions will sky-rocket. – Todd Bradley, RepMark Strategic Commerce (Marketing Agency)

We got the opportunity to use LetVidimaze in its beta stage and we were totally shocked to see the results. It perfectly captures the user’s attention and leads them to where we want them to and not where they want to. It totally solves the problem to walk through our visitors and lead them to our deals. Very effective and unique. – Vaibhav Lall, Founder, Khojdeal.com (India’s leading deals website)

First of all, I’m not a video guy! As a Beta user, I was not sure what this new « popup box » plugin could bring comparing to others. When I get into the app, I discover a very clever way to display the right message to the right customer. It’s a very interactive way to help my prospect to find the good information. It really makes a difference. Your prospect is active and goes right to the point. Even in online private courses, this allows you to easily guide the user. I’m definitly including this video strategy in my business today. – Eric Janneau, CEO, Human Label

As I tested LetVidimaze, I loved how easy and advanced are the campaign settings. The video box perfectly synced in with my website and helped me instantly get a spike of 7% conversion rate on my existing lead gen page. That is a very good rate for me. I love the products by LetX. – Gaurav Mehta, Marketing Manager, RummyVilla

No better way to use any video for lead generation and sales than LetVidimaze. I am amazed by the way LetVidimaze uses videos with its unique boxes. It feels like you have everything on the table now to educate & convert your visitors. I haven’t seen a more effective way to use just any video for profits. Another great idea and product by LetX. – Gaurav Madaan, Co-Founder, Geekotech, Inc.

It was very easy to install on my WordPress website. Within a few minutes I created a video and set up my first campaign. I can see many great users for this awesome tool. I can’t wait to show this to my clients. – Stig Solberg, Agency Owner & Internet Advisor

The average attention span of a person is only 12 secs and if you can’t get him on those 12 critical seconds, then you lose a client. With this software, it conquers the obstacle effectively. Instead of the viewer looking where he wants to look on your website, you guide him where you want him to go, which leads to sale. This serves as a live interaction with the viewers which is the best asset of this software. Everytime a viewer scrolls down, the video changes specifically to that part of the page, which definitely is very good especially for ecommerce where you can personally inform the viewer about that product. Emotionally the viewer buys your product leading to more sales. – John Maersk Plando, Internet Marketer

LetVidimaze is the first software that I’ve used that can allow the user to see a introduction video on the website, like a personal guide. Not only that it is like a behaviour based software that allows users to see another video based on what they’re looking at in the sales page. If the software’s power is leveraged properly, and because video marketing is a thing right now, I’m sure generating leads will be very easily done. – Ng Chin Siang, Founder, AskEdmund

Very Awesome. LetVidimaze almost kick out any other web video notification app. I will strongly recommend all the web owners should have it before your competitor does. – Xiao Min Chen, Internet Marketer

LetVidimaze Bonuses :

Earlybird Bonus #1 – 3 Part DFY Video Series
Get up & running FAST with this completely done-for-you, 3-part video series (21 Spokesperson Section Videos) to deploy on the site of your choice. Customize any video and your calls-to-action in minutes, then start converting more traffic into profits right away!

Earlybird Bonus #2 – Advanced, LIVE training
LetVidimaze includes training right inside your dashboard, but we’re taking it a step further with LIVE sessions showing you how to optimize your site for conversions, using the software.

Earlybird Bonus #3 – Exclusive access to our VIP FB group
Network with other site owners, video marketers and experts and leverage the latest methods to drive more profits to your pages.

Let’s Sum Up…What are you getting today

  • Interactive Scrollable Video Camapigns (Vidimaze Boxes)
  • Smart Sectionable Videos Campaigns (Segmented Vidimaze Boxes)
  • Ability to Customize UI
  • Language Friendly Vidimaze Boxes
  • Ability to Add Call to Action buttons
  • Video Chase Ability
  • DFY 21 Spokesperson Video Templates

The LetVidimaze 30 Day Results Guarantee

If you have any challenges using LetVidimaze and we’re unable to resolve the issue, OR if you just don’t get any results, we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back. We don’t offer a no-questions-asked refund policy simply because your results are directly related to your application of the software. If you want a refund, please provide a genuine reason and proof that you did everything we showed you to do. Please read the sales page carefully before making a purchase. Results vary based on your niche, offer and many other variables. Although we and NUMEROUS beta testers have seen incredible results, legally we can’t promise you’ll make money with the software.

Results Or Your Money Back…What Could Be More Fair Than That?

LetVidimaze : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is this different from existing softwares that let me “stick” videos as website users scroll?
– In 2 very important ways. 1st, LetVidimaze video boxes are fully interactive, meaning users can position their mouse directly on your videos and scroll your page content…WITHOUT ever leaving your video.

– 2nd, LetVidimaze is the 1st EVER technology that lets you place SECTION-SPECIFIC videos on your page once viewers scroll to a new section, they see a new video. Optimized to give them the exact info they need, while encouraging them to click on your calls to action.

Q: How Exactly Does LetVidimaze Get Me Free Traffic?
– All by themselves, videos on your site will increase organic traffic. LetVidimaze takes this a step further by ACTIVELY engaging with site visitors to keep them on your site longer. Google views this as “page authority” in its algorithm, and rewards you with higher ranking and more free traffic.

Q: Do I Need To Use “Professional Quality” Videos For This To Work?
– Not at all! The beauty of this technology is that it actually works best with simple videos. Upload a slideshow or product demo, then watch as the technology grabs the attention of YOUR site visitors and turns them into leads and buyers.

Q: What Kind Of Support Do I Get?
– We have a dedicated support team to answer any of your questions. Plus if you get in on the early-bird offer, you’ll benefit from LIVE training on best practices to maximize your results.

Q: Are There Any Upsell Offers?
A: – Yes, there are but they’re completely optional and not essential to your success. They’re meant for power users with multiple sites – but we wanted to give you the option to take your conversions to the next level.

Q: Do I Get Unrestricted Access?
Yes. We also have three exclusive fast action bonuses for you which includes our on-demand webinar to make you serious bucks by selling on your leads to local businesses, an exclusive gold nugget on-demand webinar to make your leads last a life-time and 21 DFY spokesperson video templates.

Q: Is there any training?
– Absolutely, during this limited launch offer. Create unlimited video campaigns and enjoy all the benefits of the software for just one low price. Please be aware this highly discounted pricing disappears the second this launch closes then access will only be available for a monthly subscription

Download LetVidimaze Elite here :

LetVidimaze Elite Review and Bonus by Team LetX – auto-play videos convert more traffic into subscribers & customers AUTOMATICALLY by showing people what they want, and more specifically when they want it
LetVidimaze Elite Review

Get LetVidimaze Elite Now! buy LetVidimaze Elite now and you can save money and work hours. LetVidimaze Elite comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. LetVidimaze Elite review

Yes!! I want to get LetVidimaze Elite :

download LetVidimaze Elite

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