Reward Leads Honest Review

Reward Leads Review and Bonus by Steve Benn – Best New The Future Of Marketing Online And What It Means For You. 11,823 New Subscribers, Over $100,000 In Extra Sales And 87% Increase In Lifetime Customer Value

Reward Leads Review

Reward Leads gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Reward Leads Is Your Sales Conversion Engine – Working 24/7 In The Background Thanks To Extensive Payment Integration. No matter what payment systems, affiliate programs or shopping carts you use, Reward Leads can receive sales data from them. This your chance to have your own automated list building, marketing and sales team. Working round the clock to bring you more profits. We call this system Reward Leads. A true digital rewards scheme combined with advanced automation and artificial intelligence. And we are constantly adding support for new platforms. Remember every time you make a sale of any product or service (yours, other, affiliate recommendations) your buyers earn points automatically. Reward Leads emails your buyers letting them know how many points they have. The result is that you get new buyers, more repeat sales and conversion rates are off the charts! Your members recommend friends to buy more, so they earn more points as well. The key to massive results is to get those who buy once, to buy again. Those who occasionally purchase, to buy more often. Those who frequently buy to start investing in more expensive products. Tell Reward Leads where to send your different types of buyers and what kind of individual rewards to give them. The Next Revolution In Email Marketing. Available To You Now.

Reward Leads gets your buyers making bigger purchases and more often. With email segmentation, email followup and laser accurate custom audiences, you get more sales. Builds Facebook Audiences That Are Full Of Hungry Buyers – Skyrocketing Your Ad Clicks And Plummeting Costs! Reward Leads automatically segments your buyers to Facebook customers audiences. These custom audiences are FULL of not only buyers but the right type of buyers for different types of product and offer! Reward Leads custom audiences mean Facebook gets more sales data and you get bigger audience reach, more ad engagement and lower costs per click/conversion. After This Special Offer RewardsLeads Starts From $1700.00 Per Year. Let me be upfront with you. We aren’t offering Reward Leads at this incredible special offer to just ‘give back’. There’s something in it for us. We want people talking about Reward Leads. We need case studies and success stories. We know that you are the people who will bring us those great case studies and success stories. Then when we come to sell Reward Leads to the public, they will see that Reward Leads works for anyone. Now imagine that you run a two-week campaign for a new product. As a result of Reward Leads, you get one extra product sale per week from your existing email list. You get 30 new subscribers and one extra sale thanks to our referral scheme. You make 33 sales instead of 30 sales via ads thanks our Facebook Custom Audience sales. That’s a total of six extra sales by just touching the surface of what Reward Leads can do. Not to mention extra subscribers.

30 extra subscribers and six extra sale at $37 each equals 222 Dollars in extra revenue EVERY MONTH ! that’s $2664 A year EXTRA PROFIT. That’s over 56% more cash without lifting a finger. Guess what? Our example only used Reward Leads for half the month. Imagine using it for the whole month. On more than one project or offer. What would happen if you used Reward Leads in every aspect of your marketing? Good things. Seriously good things. This Is Your Only Chance To Get Reward Leads Charter License For A One Off Payment Of Just $197. For a very limited time, you can save over 90% on our regular pricing and lock in our Charter level membership at no extra cost. In 18 months you can be certain that many of your competitors will be running reward schemes. Your choice is to roll over, or get in early and lock them out. Reward Leads will cost over $1700 per year for our standard package. People will pay that many times over because of the immense return on investment it delivers. As I hinted earlier, we need your stories, your success. Which means you get a phenomenal deal. Stop Trying To Compete: Bonus Products And Discounts Don’t Cut It!

Reward Leads Review and Bonus by Steve Benn – Best New The Future Of Marketing Online And What It Means For You. 11,823 New Subscribers, Over $100,000 In Extra Sales And 87% Increase In Lifetime Customer Value will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Reward Leads Review

Get Reward Leads here :

Reward Leads Review and Bonus by Steve Benn – Best New The Future Of Marketing Online And What It Means For You. 11,823 New Subscribers, Over $100,000 In Extra Sales And 87% Increase In Lifetime Customer Value

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Reward Leads OTO / Upsell :

Front End : Reward Leads – Charter License
Reward Leads Charter edition is a cloud based loyalty program ideal for people:

  • selling their own products online
  • affiliate marketing
  • organising events
  • running eCom stores

OTO 1 : Reward Leads – Professional
Reward Leads Pro edition adds numerous features to Reward Leads

  • Virtual Assistant Account Access
  • Interactive Loyalty Emails
  • Webinar Triggers (Join / Attend Webinars Earn Points)
  • Marketing Hub Integrations
  • Physical incentive fulfilment
  • 20,000 transactions per month!
  • and much more!

OTO 2 : Reward Leads – Agency License
Reward Leads Agency adds four extra accounts for the main user to run for their clients.

OTO 3 : Reward Leads – Advanced Training
Reward Leads Advanced training is a three week training program with live webinars and case studies designed to accelerate success based on two years of testing and experiments!

OTO 4 :  Reward Leads – Premier Coaching
For those who want to be taken through the entire process of setting up and running campaigns to get maximum results one on one, this is the best way to get results.

Presenting Reward Leads – Bringing You Buyers, Sales And Subscribers 24/7 Thanks To Advanced Automation

  • Reward Leads works in any niche that sells online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a digital product, an event, coaching, service, a physical eCom product or even an affiliate offer.
  • You get new subscribers because everyone loves free, and loyalty points fire peoples imagination. They desire the increased status that comes with threshold rewards, and they love spending points on the things THEY want.
  • You get new customers because friends are incentivised to send you real buyers
  • You get better email engagement because of automatic segmentation and your Loyalty Store offers and emails
  • Buyers spend more and more with you. Thanks to automated triggers buyers are incentivised to get that upgraded product, to buy a new product from you rather than a competitor.
  • Your Ad costs plummet as you automatically build hyper-targeted Facebook lists based on buyer behaviour

Here Is How You Get More Subscribers, Buyers And Sales!

Getting started with Reward Leads is incredibly easy. All you have to do is:

Connect Reward Leads To Your Favourite Payment Programs
Whatever payment system, affiliate network or shopping cart you use, Reward Leads can ‘hook into it’.  Just copy our webhook code to your payment platform of choice and Reward Leads can start assign points and building up profiles.

Link Up To Facebook And Your Email Autoresponders
Simply link Reward Leads to your Facebook accounts and email autoresponders, and you can begin segmenting your buyers based on how much they spend and how they behave. That means you can laser target buyers with Reward Leads created custom audiences and mailing lists.

Create Your Rewards Store And Automation
Now, all that is left to do is to tell Reward Leads what sort of incentives to deliver and what they cost. You can also set rewards for completing their profile and recommending friends. Add SMTP Email Sending details, and Reward Leads can even mail out your buyers to tempt them to keep buying!

This Is How You Are Building Your Success

Let’s Take A Close Look At How Reward Leads Is Getting You Customers And More Sales Per Customer!

Creates Your Loyalty Program In Just A Few Clicks
Tell Reward Leads how many points you want to give for every Dollar spent with you, and the name of your rewards program. Then connect any payment systems and email system that you use. Reward Leads is now ready to start accepting new members into your rewards program and dealing out loyalty points. It’s THAT easy.

Not Started Selling Yet? Want Subscribers?
To begin building your list, simply share your loyalty program signup form, with a generous incentive of loyalty points just for joining! Don’t forget to let your visitors know what incentives are available in your loyalty program store.

Gets Viral Member Growth With Our Unique Two Tier Referral Technology
Reward Leads get you viral subscriber growth by allowing your members to earn EXTRA points when their referred friends purchase from you. So when your new subscribers recommend friends, they recommend people likely to buy, so they get more rewards.

Let Reward Leads Automatically Build Your Program And Automagically Cultivate Your Best Buyers!

Every business ends up with three types of buyers:

  • Those who buy once
  • Those who buy occasionally
  • Those who buy regularly

Builds Facebook Audiences That Are Full Of Hungry Buyers – Skyrocketing Your Ad Clicks And Plummeting Costs!

Resurrects The Dead! Let Reward Leads Reanimate Old ‘Zombie’ Buyers And Get More Dollars Out Of Every Offer.
Simply set an automation to identify those customers who have stopped buying from you, and then send them to unique custom audiences and email lists. Got old buyers you want to add to your scheme? Use our import function to bring in your old sales records! Shower these old buyers with incentives and reward points. The result is you get old customers buying again and all customers buying more for each offer you make. (As you might have realised this system also works to re-engage email subscribers who just aren’t engaging with your email system).

Lets Your Subscribers LEVEL Up With Automatic Incentives.
Reward Leads allows you to create incentives that are automatically triggered by thresholds set by you. So when a buyer reaches your threshold, they get their incentive. The important type of thing with this rewards program is that members don’t spend their ‘points’ on these rewards – and this allows us to send them out automatically based on spending thresholds.

People LOVE to Spend. Run Your Own Points Store In Reward Leads And Gamify Your Business – Driving Massive Sales!
Set up your Rewards Store with just 3 clicks. Give people points for purchases and other actions and let them spend on what they want from your store, and they get WAY more excited. Letting people choose what they want to get from your reward store lets you gamify your business. Your business just linked sales to gamification – a huge sales driver in modern marketing.

Increases Sales And Engagement With Automatic Followup Emails
Not only does Reward Leads allow you to segment your email list by spending, but you can also have the system followup with your subscribers. Reward Leads connects to your favourite SMTP services, allowing Reward Leads to send emails:

  • Incentive Delivery Emails – delivering your rewards automatically
  • Reminder Emails – You Are X Points Away From This Threshold Or Reward

Removes Difficult Customers and Save Money!
The power of Reward Leads to build up buyer profiles means that not only can the system nurture your best buyers, it can also identify those who are serial refunders. Simply segment them onto their email lists and Facebook audiences and never waste a dollar on email or advertising to them again!

The fact is – that’s great value.

  • For the marketer who wants to build a list, we’re getting them insanely cheap subscribers who are very like to buy.
  • For product creator who sells products, we are exploding repeat purchases and upgrade purchase without them lifting a finger
  • For the entrepreneur who uses Facebook advertising, we are slashing the cost of their advertising with our laser-focused custom audiences

Think about it:

Making a Profit With Reward Leads Is Easy…

  • One extra product sale a week at just $37 means Reward Leads gets you into profit.
  • Just 1 new subscriber a day and Reward Leads is giving you better quality and cheaper leads than FB or solo ads!
  • Imagine it takes 20 clicks per day to get you sale from online ads. Reward Leads only has to reduce your ad cost by 13% for you to be in profit each day. With our take on custom audiences do you not only get a ‘seasoned’ pixel faster, but you also get more conversions.

Plus Order Right Now And Get Upgraded

  • Unlimited Subscribers To Your Loyalty Program
  • Reward Leads ‘Charter’  level features such as email notifications at certain spending levels

You’re Also Getting These Exclusive Training Programs To Accelerate Your Results!

  • Live Training Webinars x
  • Our Project X CaseStudy
  • My “Dimensionalise” high-end Training Product that shows you how to get more sales out of existing products
  • My Affiliate Sales Guide
  • My Custom Audiences Special Training
  • My Small Audiences – Training

Our Promise To You – Our 30 Day No-Quibble Guarantee

We’ve got a thirty day, no questions money back promise. All you do is let us know at that Reward Leads isn’t for you and we’re going to force you to take every Dollar back. We part as friends, no hard feelings. But you’re just not going to want to EVER give up your Reward Leads account. The return on investment is too big.

Now Is The Time To Future Proof Your Sales, Your Business.

The Reward Leads Charter is an incredible saving of over 90% compared to our public price. Only Reward Leads can boost your:

  • Subscriber list with buyer quality leads
  • Get you more sales and funnel upgrades thanks to segmentation and autofollouwp
  • Increase your email engagement with timely bribes
  • Slash your advertising costs
  • The Reward Leads Charter is an incredible saving of over 90% compared to our public price.

Reward Leads : F.A.Q

Do I have to pay for updates?
No! We give constant updates to Reward Leads. The system you are getting today is far more advanced than the one we began with two years ago.

What About GDPR? (European Privacy)
No! We give constant updates to Reward Leads. The system you are getting today is far more advanced than the one we began with two years ago.

Is My Data Secure?
Yes! Everything is transmitted with encryption, and all date is backed up to secure location daily. We also give you the option to anonymise your data based on location or after a certain time.

Do You Work With Webinars?
Webinar events take huge amounts of actions – (imagine getting 10,000 registrants) – and wouldn’t fit in the normal allowance. As such we only offer Reward Leads Pro Members webinar functionality. We offer rewards for both webinar registrations and attendance (depending on platform support) for GotoWebinar and Attendance for WebinarJEO. We are waiting on Demio to add API functions we need, and Webinar Jam to approve our API connection.

Do You Work With Physical Products As Incentives?
You can choose to define any webpage as a delivery point for an incentive, and we’ve done this to send out books as Rewards. If you’re looking for API level integration to DVD and Physical Product Delivery, those are only available at Pro level.

Do You Work With Local / Physical Businesses
While much of Reward Leads could work perfectly well with a digitally enabled local business, we are expressly for digital businesses and as such will not be adding functionality such as kiosk operation, QR Codes, and other mechanisms to link real-world businesses to a Reward Leads account. We believe in being focused and transparent and want to be clear this kind of functionality would never be added to Reward Leads. We are a digital loyalty SaaS and do not offer services for retail and entertainment locations such as Restaurants, Supermarkets, Gyms, Bars etc. Reward Leads is designed to work with online retailers and services providers only.

How long are your contracts?
There are NO long-term contracts or commitments. If you get a Charter account, you can use up to your allocated ‘actions’ limit and there is nothing else to pay. Should you choose to join our pro account, you pay monthly and may cancel whenever you wish.

What If Decide To Leave, What Happens To My Data?
Should you decide to close your account, for whatever reason, or move, you can export all data via CSV directly from your control panel. Please remember for security reasons we can’t access or recover your data if you choose to anonymise or delete certain data automatically. For example, if you choose to delete data relating to European purchases, we can’t recover that data for you.

Who Owns My Data?
You own your data. We won’t ever use sell your data, or use your data for any purpose other than anonymised statistics. We may give you a choice to pool common data and anonymised statistics with other users at a future date, but this will be based on you actively choosing to join any such scheme. For support reasons, we may ask to access your account to assist you.

Who Is The Data Controller For My Account?
For privacy purposes, we act as a Data Controller for your data as part of your account. So, if you join our reward program as part of signing up to Reward Leads, we will always be able to provide you with your records for your accounts. For privacy and security reasons, we can not and do not act as a Data Controller for your scheme members – as your account and data are controlled by you. This means that you are responsible for ensuring compliance with your state or regions legislation regarding privacy and access to information should your customers request it. For example. If one of your members wants to see their purchase history, remove or change a record, or be removed from your scheme, that is your responsibility, and you can do this from your dashboard. We cannot do this for you.

Can you handle the load?
Yes! Because Reward Leads is hosted in the cloud, we have virtually unlimited ability to scale in real time. However, we do stipulate generous limits on the number of actions in the Charter license. This is to prevent abuse of the system. If you are achieving significant levels of success, then you will be required to move to our Pro Level accounts.

Are There Terms And Conditions Attached To My Charter Account?
Yes, and you will be required to agree to them to use your account. We’re not talking anything scary, just things like not abusing your account privileges, agreeing to not spam, not sharing account data with others, maintaining your user’s privacy, not trying to hack our system. We also require for your account to remain active; you process at least 20 actions a year (defined as ‘marginal activity’). That’s easy to do. After a year of continual ‘marginal activity,’ your account may be made dormant to reduce resources. Don’t worry – you can reactivate your account up to two years after being made dormant.

Do You Offer An SLA?
No. The Reward Leads Charter license is an incredibly good value offer that will not be repeated. We don’t believe that it is reasonable, practical or possible to offer any service level agreement, the promise of service quality, indemnity or liability for your use of our service or any resulting consequences. Remember, you own your data in Reward Leads and are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and your members experience on the scheme. Be smart and don’t share passwords, or access to your account!

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Reward Leads includes a knowledge base and tutorials but should you require further support you can either email or go to We aim to offer an initial response within one working day and resolve most tickets during 72 hours. We are based in the UK and our office hours are 9 am GMT To 6 PM GMT, Monday to Friday. We do not offer support outside of those hours. Please note we do not offer Skype support, live chat support, telephone support or in-person support to Charter license holders.

I Have Presales Questions – Is There Someone I can Talk To?
During this special offer period we are only able to answer sales enquiries via our support desk or email – or during our live webinar events. Under no circumstances can we answer telephone calls, in person, Skype, Facebook or chart queries during the Charter license offer period. If you require these, we will look to offer them after the Charter license has ended.

What If I’m Not Happy – Do You Offer A Guarantee?
We offer a 60day no quibble price promise where we will refund 100% of your cash. We will honour all refund requests that are on an account with cleared payment (we can’t refund until your payment has cleared as you can imagine). Our no quibble price promise does not apply to chargebacks and disputes where there is no evidence of engaging with our support team (defined as a minimum of 3 working days after us receiving at least one support ticket with a ticket number or email sent to support). For all chargebacks and disputes outside the above process, we levey admin and processing fees based on your jurisdiction.

Do You Offer Email Sending Services / Are You An Autoresponder Service
No, we can send subscribers to most autoresponder system and offer the ability to integrate with your SMTP services to send timely emails about rewards and deliver them.

Do You Offer Payment Processing Services?
No, we are not a payment processing platform and do not intend to become one. We do connect to many payment processing services, affiliate sales platforms and shopping carts to track your sales.

Do You Offer An Agency License?
Yes, we offer an Agency license upgrade for anyone buying a Charter License during the special offer period. An agency license may be of use if you have multiple brands or clients. Please note you will be responsible for servicing your clients both regarding collecting payments and offering support. Apart from your Charter License, any agency license accounts will be renewable on a yearly basis and will be an Agency, not Charter licenses. As such, they may feature certain restrictions regarding billing as these are handled by you and not your clients!

Do You Offer Support For Payment Terminals, P.O.S Or EDI Standards?
Unfortunately, we do not offer, and will never integrate with Point Of Sale devices, EDI and warehousing protocols. We are a digital loyalty SaaS and do not offer services for retail and entertainment locations such as Restaurants, Supermarkets, Gyms, Bars etc. Reward Leads is designed to work with online retailers and services providers only.

Do You Offer A WhiteLabel Or Reseller License?

Do You Offer A Free Trial Period?

Will You Be Integrating with X Product?
Certain Integrations and possible future integrations are reserved for pro customers only. Webinar integrations, physical product distribution, marketing hubs (such as Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Marketo) will be Pro only. Please do not infer future support for any system that is not mentioned in this sales letter as explicitly being included.

Choose How You Process Your Data

Your data is alway your data, but in some jurisdictions, you might prefer to anonymise or delete any sales data from people who haven’t joined your rewards program. You can choose to anonymise or delete data instantly or after a set period for different jurisdictions. So those customers that have to give permission don’t have their sales processed or earn points until they say ‘yes’.

The Easiest Way To Get Permission. Bribe Them.
When customers in jurisdictions that require explicit permission to be marketed to buy from you, the easiest way to get compliance is to ask them to join your rewards program and get free points. For your recommendations and free signups – you do the same. Then you can put up whatever terms and conditions you see fit. We don’t control or restrict what your terms are, so get to choose your marketing terms and conditions.

Use Your Data Your Way.
We don’t hold your data hostage. You can choose to export all your data, or narrow the data by email and spending patterns. Just click on the button and Reward Leads creates a CSV of your data.

Download Reward Leads here :

Reward Leads Review and Bonus by Steve Benn – Best New The Future Of Marketing Online And What It Means For You. 11,823 New Subscribers, Over $100,000 In Extra Sales And 87% Increase In Lifetime Customer Value
Reward Leads Review

Get Reward Leads Now! buy Reward Leads now and you can save money and work hours. Reward Leads comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Reward Leads review

Yes!! I want to get Reward Leads :

download Reward Leads

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