Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Online Course Review

Discover The “Cool” Things You Can To Do With Sony Vegas Pro! How To Produce, Edit, And Brand Your Videos For Business!

Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Online Course Review

Sony Vegas Pro Coaching

Course Description

How To Produce, Edit, And Brand Your Videos For Business Success!

You’ll find hidden video secrets, for your videos, that will promote you to the top of search engine sites.

Whether you are working for yourself or creating videos for others, these videos are easy to follow and quickly to learn!

Let’s face it…Time is money! That means, you need a ‘crash course’,

on Branding, Conceptualizing, Producing and Editing videos, for a dynamic online presence.

Look at all these lessons you get:

> How to brand your business, for yourself and for others.

> How to formulate and create a compelling ‘call to action’ script.

> How to import with Powerpoint& Camtasia Tips.

> How to use special effect features, to make your videos look professional.

> How to incorporate music in your videos to make them more alive

> What to look for, when buying equipment, like;

      • High Definition Cameras
      • Tripods
      • Teleprompters
      • Lighting Green
      • Screen

> How to powerful backgrounds, using a green, flows with your subject

> How to keep yourself out of ‘hot water’, by not showing certain things

> What type of Audio/Visual Release forms you need for recording

> How to render your videos in HD and SD, for quickness and multiple devices.

> How to create watermarks and ‘call to action’ banners

> How to import music and mp3’s for more impact.

> How to Create a Meme and make it go viral, free online Traffic.

> How to make a teleprompter.

> How to make you text more dynamic, using special fonts.

> How to optimize your videos, for faster uploads.

> How to syndicate your video over a multiple of 2.0 video sharing sites.

> How to make a video template, to save you hours of time.

This course is for entrepreneurs, self starters, small business owners, real estate agents, insurance agents, authors, attorneys, writers, bloggers, mid-level managers, CEO’s, shop owners, which one are you?

It’s also for individuals, who want to produce, direct and edit videos for extra income, on the side. (Everyone needs a side business, for extra money. This course can give you the basics, you need to get started right away, with paying, thousands of dollars, for college courses.)

You have more power now, than ever before, to be on the same playing field, as Fortune 500 companies. In fact, you have a better advantage over them, because of process. Corporations will take ‘forever’ to agree on a concept, a script and a video shoot. By learning this information, you will be able to “jump” ahead of your competition and ‘grab’ prime search engine traffic, while, they fall behind, due to bureaucracy.

Thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs are still in the dark, when it comes to marketing their businesses, online. With this Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Course, you’ll be able to out-sell them, just by being first.

Similar video courses are too expensive and hard to follow, with language barrier. Watching video tips, in broken English, is very difficult to learn and comprehend. This course is congruent and easy to understand English.

You will find other courses here, that offer Final Cut Pro. These video courses are great for Macbook users and professionals. However, if you do not have a Macintosh computer, this software works great with Windows. Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Course will have you up and running quickly.

Video is King, when it is matched up with quality content. By creating videos, for your business, visitors can watch and see, what you are demonstrating, and offering. It’s one-of-the quickest ways, to build relationships and authority online. Once people, Know-Like-Trust you, using video, as an outlet, people will want to do business with you. Order Now!

What are the requirements?

  • Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • Desktop or Laptop
  • WinXp Win7

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 28 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • How To Brand Yourself Using Videos
  • How To Write A Compelling “Call To Action” Script
  • How To Use Sony Vegas Pro Software For Quick Production
  • How To Look Professional Using Add Special Effects
  • How To Keep Yourself Out Of “Hot” Water Using Techniques

What is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Photographers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Individual Sales Reps

Sony Vegas Pro Coaching course is Very good course that step by step explains in a high definition recording of a presentation. if you want to better understand, develop your skills, you will greatly benefit from this online course.

Start Free Preview Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Online Course:

Discover The “Cool” Things You Can To Do With Sony Vegas Pro! How To Produce, Edit, And Brand Your Videos For Business!


Section 1: SV Pro Coaching Course
Lecture 1 05:32

This overview video, will show you step by step, how to brand your business, using video. Each lesson will give you a better understanding, on how to brand yourself and using special effects to make you look more professional.

Find out exactly what you need to produce a high quality video, for potential customers, to take notice.

Lecture 2 08:09

You can’t have a great video, whether it’s a corporate presentation, TV commercial, or an online review, without having a compelling script. You need a script that clearly makes a “call to action”.

In this script writing video, you will learn the key ingredients, of what makes your video more interesting and that grabs your prospects’ attention. Your online prospect will give you :08 seconds of time. It’s one BIG distraction online. You need to know how to cut through the ‘noise’, using a action driven script.

Lecture 3 01:58

Before you take the plunge into video marketing, you need to know what direction you are going. For example: How do you want to be portrayed in the marketplace? How will you social audience view your brand videos?

You will see how to brand yourself and ask pivotal questions, about your company, your market and your demographics. How to brand a video around the need of your audience.

Section 2: How To Pick The Best Video Equipment
Lecture 4 07:53

In this video, you will learn how to pick the best high definition camera, for quality and your budget. I show you the process I went through to choose my HD camera. Very simple to do, but takes time to weight out all your options. This will give you a faster way to make a better purchase decision.

Lecture 5 02:59

Here’s the ‘nickel tour’ of my studio. You will find out, why you do NOT use a certain green screen paint, plus, you see the type of stage lights I use and how to set them up. This will help you look more professional.

Lecture 6 04:46

You will be using a camera tripod, so I show you the one I use and how they work. Plus, some features you need to look for when buying a camera tripod.

Lecture 7 03:28

Since, you be using tripods often, I’ll show you how I use my white board tripod. This is an important piece of the puzzle, especially, if you do not have a teleprompter, for corporate videos and video review

Lecture 8 02:48

A Teleprompter is a lifesaver, when it comes to video recording. You have plenty of ‘takes‘, to get it right, plus, you do not have to worry about,‘forgetting your lines’! Teleprompters range into thousands of dollars, but, I’ll show you how to make your own.

Section 3: Sony Vegas Pro Basics
Lecture 9 04:50

This is a quick video on how to get your video clips off your camera andSmartphone and onto your desktop. (You can’t edit video, if you can’t get it to your computer.) Sony Vegas Pro imports many types of video formats, too many to list.

Lecture 10 05:42

Save time and frustration by setting up a template, that you can keep going back to. Import your video clips, images, music and text, one time and reuse it. In the video business, you need to be quick and find ways tomake short cuts, to decrease your editing time. The faster you complete quality work, the quicker you get paid.

Lecture 11 10:05

Adding music to your videos makes you look more professional and adds ‘flavor’ to your clips. Music bites are great for ‘Intro’s’ and ‘Outro’s’. You will learn how to import music, mp3’s, wav files into Sony Vegas and into your videos.

Lecture 12 08:35

You have seen fancy text on various TV commercials. Very rarely will you see a commercial not showing text. We use text to explain what to do. Take action means writing an e-mail, making a phone call, or signing up to a newsletter.

You’ll see how to make your text come “alive”, using drop shadows, outlines, and unique fonts.

Section 4: Sony Vegas Pro Special Effects
Lecture 13 12:09

It seems like everyone want to be a star. One way to be an online star, is to use the green screen effect. You can create virtual studios and funny backgrounds, for viral traffic. You see the quick way to do this, without being totally frustrated getting your colors right.

Lecture 14 08:03

Not everyone wants to be a star, which means, if you do not have written or verbal recorded permission, you cannot record faces or license plates. I’ll show you how to blur this out so you’re legal.

Lecture 15 06:09

You may want to use this special effect for a cool intro or to place emphasis, on a particular part of the video to show. Remember, “James Bond” barrel introduction, made from this technique.

Lecture 16 08:47

The latest “Star Trek” movies using this special effect, a lot through out the movie. It look futuristic and adds dimension to your images and logos.

Lecture 17 06:38

This video shows how to light up your logo and grab their attention. You can also make an animate gif, using this tool.

Lecture 18 07:16

Everyone is worry about copyright infringement these days. So in this video, you will see how to “brand” your videos, by creating a watermark of your logo, and placing it on your videos. If you are looking to brand your videos, this video is important to watch.

Lecture 19 03:39

If you are going to make funny videos, of people doing things in fast/slow motion, then, you will know how to do it, using time lapse technique. Also, if you are doing ‘how-to’ videos, this is a great way to fast forward through the ‘boring’ parts and show the meat of the video.

Lecture 20 06:26

You can have fun using unique transitions. These are subtle changes, from clip to clip, that can give your video some spice. Now you can produce the same transition effects, as major blockbuster movies. Believe it or not,people do see the different changes between frames. The “Home Improvement” show had memorable transitions.

Lecture 21 04:58

This is a ‘Part II” of masking a face, that does not want to be on camera.This will be tedious, but, it will be legal, and keep you from lawsuits.

Lecture 22 02:35

Which platform will you upload your video too? How big do you want your video to be? 1080p or 720p HD or Mobile video size? Many platforms have mobile conversions, for your uploaded videos, but, if it’s too big, it will take too long to load. You see the different types in this rendering video.

Lecture 23 02:52

If you have a lot of text and parts, you need these markers, in place, so you don’t get lost. Video editing is time consuming as it is, so using these markers, will save you a lot of time.

Section 5: Bonus: Videos Just For Fun
Lecture 24 05:11

We see them everywhere and they either, make a statement or create a laugh. They’re called, ‘Memes”. I’ll show you how to create one from Sony Vegas Pro. You can use the special effects in this course, to make yourmemes go viral. The more people share your meme, the more traffic you will get to your website.

Lecture 25 04:52

Here’s a quick video, on how to Import your video clip to Camtasia and add it to the timeline, edit it, render it and use it for Sony Vegas project. Camtasia is a great screen cast software, to record your powerpoint presentations and how-to tutorials.

Lecture 26 02:18

I ran into this problem of using a Powerpoint template. It had a audio file attached to a motion element of the template, which had to be removed, so it did not interfere with the recording. Powerpoint is another great way to show off your brand and yourself.

Section 6: Bonus 2: Video Marketing
Lecture 27 07:55

This Sony Vegas Pro course would not be complete, without showing you how to upload your video online. I use Youtube for this demonstration and how you can use special keyword tools to find out what people are looking for, so you can optimize your title, description and tags.

Lecture 28 03:03

Back in the cable TV days, we used a promotion called, “Cross-Channel Promotions”, which means, a client would use a specific targeted group, for special offers and deals. Their commercial could be aired onESPN,CNN,TBS,CMT, for a golf package or other channels of their choice.

The same principle applies online. This video will show you how and where to ‘syndicate’ and blast your video, over several video sharing sites,for more exposure and higher search rankings.

Sony Vegas Pro Coaching is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. Sony Vegas Pro Coaching is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Student Reviews

Sony Vegas Pro Coaching Instructor Biography
Sony Vegas Pro Coaching instructor
David Deke , Discover A New Life Skill That Generate Income

Over 25 Years Of Marketing Experience and On-The-Job-Training. He has owned and partnered several small businesses. In fact, one of his ventures, helped grow a struggling marine construction company, from $0-$405,000 within 9 months!

Recently, Deke has launched his new show, The “Get A Clue Marketing Show”, to help the marketing inept. From VIP expert interviews to online demonstrations, his audience learns how to take action and implement profit generating techniques.

Video plays a major roll, in today’s online marketing strategy, which, helps small businesses, show the world the “Who,What,Where,Why & How” they can assist others, in achieving greater ROI. That’s why David, has created special online courses to help individuals and businesses receive more traffic to your sites, trickling down to more leads and sales.

Cancer Survivor, Web TV Host, and Marketeer, Deke has battled two mid-life crisis’ back to back, only to come up on top. From cleaning toilets to owning and operating small businesses, he has proven experience to help people able to encourage and inspire others, going through hard times, to keep the faith and hold out hope.

Specialties: Product Creation, Video Production, Video Syndication, Vlogging, Online Marketing (Get More Traffic), Lead Capture Strategies,Graphic Design.

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