Step by Step How to use Java with NetBeans

Triple your skills: Learn Java + NetBeans + Basic Debugging

Step by Step How to use Java with NetBeans Online Course Review

Step by Step How to use Java with NetBeans

Course Description

Reasons to join today:

1) This course uses NetBeans. This is a powerful integrated development environment designed especially for developing Java applications.

2) This course uses a feature of NetBeans called “Step Into”. This is by far the best way to truly learn programming because it allows you to observe code execution line to line. I promise you’ll understand Java, and many generic programming concepts, as NEVER before.

3) You get 8+ hours of content, and about 140 quiz questions

4) The course is taught in a way very similar to the popular Microsoft C# course with Visual Studio 2013. That course has 1000+ students already enrolled.

5) Many of the concepts covered in this course exist in other languages, such as JavaScript and C#, so you’re learning something general that can be easily transferred to other languages.

6) Java is a popular language with many jobs in the marketplace. These are usually jobs that pay very well.

7) There is a color image of the code to accompany each lesson.

8) Given the amount of content, number of quizzes, and color images to help you learn, this is BY FAR the best deal on this site. Join today.

What are the requirements?

  • Ability to download and install JDK and Netbeans as one bundle

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 58 lectures and 8.5 hours of content!
  • Learn Java
  • Learn Debugging
  • Learn NetBeans
  • Learn Programming Basics
  • Learn Program Flow
  • Learn About Classes
  • Learn About Enumerations
  • Learn About Functions
  • Learn About Variables
  • Learn About Error and Exception Handling
  • Learn How To Read User Input
  • Learn about Interfaces
  • Learn About Generics
  • Learn About Packages

What is the target audience?

  • Programming Novices

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Section 1: Introduction: Why Learn Java
Lecture 1 02:59
Quiz 1
3 questions
Section 2: Learn The Basics Of Java In NetBeans
Lecture 2 06:08
Quiz 2
Your First Program
7 questions
Lecture 3 06:52
Quiz 3
Java Compilation
3 questions
Lecture 4 07:42
Quiz 4
Blocks, Comments and Statements
6 questions
Lecture 5 09:49
Quiz 5
Define, Change and Print Variable Values
8 questions
Lecture 6 08:02
Quiz 6
What’s a Data Type
5 questions
Lecture 7 06:46
Quiz 7
Define And Operate On Two Variables
4 questions
Lecture 8 09:36
Quiz 8
Value Type Variables
4 questions
Lecture 9 08:45
Quiz 9
Interacting With Users Through The Command Line
5 questions
Lecture 10 04:53
Lecture 11 07:45
Section 3: Controlling Program Flow
Lecture 12 06:53
Quiz 10
Coding simple if/else blocks
2 questions
Lecture 13 08:29
Quiz 11
Coding while loops
5 questions
Lecture 14 06:47
Quiz 12
If/else blocks with multiple options
2 questions
Lecture 15 07:31
Lecture 16 05:13
Quiz 13
For loops
3 questions
Lecture 17 06:24
Quiz 14
Do while loops
3 questions
Lecture 18 08:17
Quiz 15
Switch blocks
3 questions
Section 4: Operators
Lecture 19 07:54
Quiz 16
And operator
2 questions
Lecture 20 07:46
Quiz 17
Or operator
3 questions
Lecture 21 07:36
Quiz 18
Ternary operator
2 questions
Lecture 22 06:09
Quiz 19
Logical negation operator
2 questions
Lecture 23 07:31
Quiz 20
Operators that evaluate and assign
3 questions
Lecture 24 06:47
Quiz 21
Two Types Of Division
5 questions
Lecture 25 05:49
Quiz 22
Order of operations
2 questions
Section 5: Arrays
Lecture 26 08:28
Quiz 23
Basic Arrays
4 questions
Lecture 27 09:08
Quiz 24
Arrays and for loops
4 questions
Lecture 28 07:51
Quiz 25
Reference type variables
3 questions
Lecture 29 11:57
Quiz 26
Double arrays
4 questions
Section 6: Object Oriented Programming Basics
Lecture 30 06:50
Quiz 27
Create and instantiate a simple class
3 questions
Lecture 31 13:06
Quiz 28
Create a class with one function
2 questions
Lecture 32 10:34
Quiz 29
Create a class with two functions and add external functionality
1 question
Lecture 33 07:42
Quiz 30
Difference between object and class functions
2 questions
Lecture 34 07:56
Lecture 35 11:25
Lecture 36 09:50
Quiz 31
Access Modifers
3 questions
Lecture 37 11:54
Lecture 38 12:21
Lecture 39 12:05
Lecture 40 13:25
Quiz 32
Member Variables
7 questions
Lecture 41 14:29
Quiz 33
Inheritance Basics
3 questions
Lecture 42 11:21
Quiz 34
Is A Relationships
3 questions
Lecture 43 06:16
Lecture 44 15:18
Quiz 35
7 questions
Lecture 45 12:13
Quiz 36
3 questions
Lecture 46 16:06
Quiz 37
For Each Loops
4 questions
Lecture 47 10:38
Quiz 38
String Class
2 questions
Lecture 48 08:29
Lecture 49 08:29
Lecture 50 04:36
Quiz 39
Call Stacks
3 questions
Lecture 51 13:43
Quiz 40
Generics Quiz
3 questions
Lecture 52 12:23
Lecture 53 09:57
Lecture 54 08:39
Section 7: Handling Errors and Exceptions Gracefully
Lecture 55 09:31
Quiz 41
3 questions
Lecture 56 09:06
Section 8: Misc
Lecture 57 04:01
Section 9: Conclusion
Lecture 58
Useful Books

Step by step Social Business Start Up is full of helpful insights, creative strategies, and much more to help you prepare yourself effectively. Step by step Social Business Start Up is a huge time saver for your skill upgrading. This is a new course that integrates succesfuly other courses. Every section is in fact a course on its own. Interesting, practical and informative, the course responds to my needs and the instructor makes it engaging.

Step by step Social Business Start Up Student Reviews

  • Excellent course for beginners

    Recommended for Java beginners. Very well structured and can be also used to refresh old skills. The videos could be in a better quality, but the instructor speaks loud and clear and its easy to follow. Thanks for the greate course. – Jörg Vetter

  • Excelente Course

    A must have! – Miguel Letra

  • The Best Bang for your Buck period!

    Tom is easy to follow and covers a wide variety of topics that every beginning Java programmer should know. I took this course to freshen up on programming in Java .I learned so much more in these lectures, then I ever did in both my Intro and Intermediate Java classes in college. – Daniel OBrien

Step by step Social Business Start Up Instructor Biography
Step by step Social Business Start Up instructor
Tom Owsiak , Web, Math, Stats., and Physics Expert
  • Currently I work as a computer science and mathematics instructor at a prestigious
  • high school in the United States. I have eight years experience as a teacher of mathematics, physics, statistics, and programming. I worked for five years as a database programmer using various technologies such as .NET, Clipper, SQL, SQL Server, SAS, Excel, and many related technologies.
  • Related Education:
  • Associates Degrees in Programming
  • Master of Science in Applied Statistical Computing, Kennesaw State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Pure Mathematics, Queens College
  • Creator of more than 1620 math, physics, statistics and programming videos
  • Programmer of more than 500 educational simulations


Professor Lewis VanBrackle
Statistics Department Chair, Kennesaw State University
Phone: 770-423-6313

Bernard Brevick
Business Department Chair, Interactive College of Technology
Phone: 770-216-2960

Professor Herman Ray
Department of Statistics, Kennesaw State University
Phone: 678-797-2829

James Moor
Mathematics Dept. Head
Gordon Tech High School

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