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VidViral Reseller Review

VidViral Reseller Review and Bonus by Rack InfoTech – Best Deal of VidViral and Get Reseller Rights to VidViral and Keep 100% profits

VidViral Reseller Review

VidViral Reseller gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Sounds exciting, right? When you become a VidViral Reseller, you don’t have to do anything but promote it. Mail it to your list, or put it on your blog with your link. Run FB ads or solo ads to it. Tell your friends about it. You will get 100% of the profits. We’ll set you up as a reseller on VidViral with 100% profits going to you from the main product, and 50% from the upsells. Resell VidViral & Keep 100% of the Profits.

Don’t MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! You won’t be able to buy Reseller rights to VidViral again. We are not going to bundle it with any other offer. This is the only place you can buy it, and only because you’ve already invested in VidViral. This may be about your only chance to buy it, because we will not make it available forever. When you come around next time, it might not be here at all. Sell VidViral & Start Earning Profits. Grab These Selling Rights For 100% Profits. Before Your Competition Does

No Video marketer will want to miss VidViral because it’s the only software of it’s type. The first ever tool that lets you search videos from Youtube & other sources and lets you add Header and Footer to any video in 3 simple steps. It makes creating Viral Videos in any niche very easy and will get marketers unprecedented engagement, likes and shares and fresh followers. With VidViral building powerful Video content for social media pages and profiles is so much easier. Viral traffic gives you fresh eyeballs and new followers very easily. This is one software that every Marketer needs to have. Buying this is a no-brainer decision that people will make naturally. You could see the potential in it instantly, you can bet others will see it too. So let’s turn this into a profitable business opportunity for you. Here, and only on this page you can sign up to become a Reseller of VidViral.

VidViral Reseller Review and Bonus by Rack InfoTech – Best Deal of VidViral and Get Reseller Rights to VidViral and Keep 100% profits will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

VidViral Reseller Review

Get VidViral Reseller here :

VidViral Reseller Review and Bonus by Rack InfoTech – Best Deal of VidViral and Get Reseller Rights to VidViral and Keep 100% profits

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Reseller Rights

Sell VidViral Without Setting up A Single Webpage…When you sign up as a reseller for VidViral we give you everything you need to sell it. You don’t have to bring anything except your marketing skills.

  • Use our Sales Page
  • Use our Sales Video
  • Everything is on our hosting
  • We support your customers (24 hours Live Support)
  • Keep 100% Profits

VidViral Reseller : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reseller License

How much money can I make reselling VidViral?
You get to keep 100% of the main offer reselling VidViral. On the other products in the funnel you get 50%.

Can I brand VidViral as my own and price it however I want?
No – you cannot brand VidViral as your own, and you will be able to sell at the price we optimize for post-launch.

Do I get access to sales page and sales video?
No – we host them – you can drive traffic to these pages and generate 100% commissions for the main offer, 50% for the upgrades!

What’s the earliest I can start selling? Do I need any more details?
Earliest you can start selling is 18th September 2017 – and you need to start by requesting your affiliate link and commission bump when you apply. To do so – just raise a support ticket on our desk with your Affiliate Email ID.

VidViral OTO / Upgrade / Upsell :

>> VidViral Front End : VidViral Yearly

>> VidViral Front End : VidViral Monthly

>> VidViral Front End : VidViral Lifetime

  • Add Header and Footer TEXT to any video
  • Search Trending Videos from Youtube and use them to create campaigns
  • Upload your own video or use the videos directly by putting a link from Youtube/Amazon S3/DailyMotion
  • Mobile & Tab compatible app which allows you to upload and customize video right from your mobile phone & Tab. This makes it easy to upload videos to Instagram, Snapchat and other mobile apps.
  • Multilingual Support- Add content in any language you want. So the text on the video can be in Spanish or any language of your choice.
  • Add Smileys or Images along with text.
  • Change BG color of header and Footer

>> VidViral OTO 1 / Upsell 1 / Upgrade 1 : VidViral Pro ( Template club + Video-to-Gif)

  • Download & work with HD Videos (720p)
  • Add Border to Videos in any color/gradient
  • Source Videos from Dailymotion/Facebook(under work)/Instagram(under work)/Vine(under work) and use them to create campaigns
  • Use the video of unlimited length and size.
  • Add logo & watermark on the video.
  • Change BG Image
  • Video to gif app
  • Post clickable GIF on FB
  • Header and Footer Banners for 6 months..( one time price)- Every month 10 images

>> VidViral OTO 2 / Upsell 2 / Upgrade 2 : VidViral Agency

  • Can add 10 Pro Users under your team who will be able to do convert videos for your clients.
  • Full outsourcing rights, you can use this software for any number of clients you want and can charge any amount for the videos which will be converted by you.
  • Can add unlimited clients under your agency.
  • Exclusive client portal : You will get a link, UN and PW as soon as you add any client These details will give your every client an access to all videos your team is working on.

>> VidViral OTO 3 / Upsell 3 / Upgrade 3 : MightyMemes Pro

>> VidViral OTO 4 / Upsell 4 / Upgrade 4 : VidViral Reseller

Download VidViral Reseller here :

VidViral Reseller Review and Bonus by Rack InfoTech – Best Deal of VidViral and Get Reseller Rights to VidViral and Keep 100% profits
VidViral Reseller Review

Get VidViral Reseller Now! buy VidViral Reseller now and you can save money and work hours. VidViral Reseller comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. VidViral Reseller review

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