The FB Prospector Reviews

The FB Prospector Reviews and Bonus by Iva Embley

The FB Prospector Reviews and Bonus by Iva Embley – Strike It Rich in the Facebook Goldmine By Using This Underground Money Method Discovered by a Professional Data Miner

The FB Prospector REVIEW

You will be introduced to a strategy traditional marketers do not tell you about… a strategy that online giants use to cash in billions… a strategy perfected by forensic experts… Let me explain how I came across this classified source of goods. To start with, I had no idea that profiling dangerous criminals could be useful for Internet Marketing. But, truth be told, I did not know much about Internet Marketing in my forensic days. Except that IM guys had 4-hour workweeks, which seemed as outlandish to me as flying to Mars. Let’s face it, you don’t have time for daydreaming when you work 80 hours per week.

The FB Prospector Review


The FB Prospector Reviews and Bonus by Iva Embley – Strike It Rich in the Facebook Goldmine By Using This Underground Money Method Discovered by a Professional Data Miner

The FB Prospector Reviews

The FB Prospector REVIEW

All I had to do was to use my true and tried data mining methods, combine them with proven forensic insights, and I was in business… What a blast! Using just a few simple techniques, I created an audience that Likes, Shares, Comments, and Clicks on Ads as if they were going out of business. As for ads, this audience is 9.5x more active than the typical FB audience. 9.5x more active! These people crave ads! I was smiling again

The FB Prospector Review

The FB Prospector FEATURE :

YOU can find YOUR raving clients here, too

even if you :

  • are allergic to numbers;
  • avoided math like the plague;
  • never heard of data mining before;
  • are not a forensic expert;
  • never advertised on Facebook or another platform;
  • do not promote your products on Facebook!

But don’t just take my word for it…

  • “It’s rare to find a program which takes you directly to the money on Facebook, uses a method which is proven to work and is delivered in a way which is fun to learn and fast to implement. FB Prospector does all of this and more. I strongly recommend you invest in this right now and start making money from the richest goldmine on the internet – Facebook.” – Michael Cheney
  • “According to the latest news, more than one billion people used Facebook in a single day!! Can you imagine how much golden “data” you can find there?! No wonder many successful marketers are mining a lot of their profits there.
    FB Prospector is a newbie friendly course that reveals how to create your own goldmine on Facebook, easily and quickly!
    If you are ready to build a profitable cash machine, do yourself a favor & get this today!” – Andreas Spyrou, Internet Marketing Expert
  • “One of the great things about advertising on Facebook is that you can laser focus on your target market. There is an incredible treasure trove of data in Facebook’s ad platform to help marketers. So much data that sometimes people get overwhelmed. More importantly most people do not know how to analyze this data in a systematic way to maximize its usefulness. As someone who has advertised significantly on Facebook I can tell you it can get expensive to learn using the trial and error method. That is why I highly recommend Facebook Prospector. Facebook Prospector takes you through all the steps required to run campaigns using Facebook advertising. There are many courses that do this. Where Facebook Prospector is different and where it excels, is in showing you how to use and analyze the market data that Facebook provides and how to analyze the data that is generated by your ads. It is the analysis of this data that will lead you to your “golden nuggets”. Anyone using Facebook’s advertising platform should get this course. I highly recommend it.” – Bruce Wells
  • Iva is like a CSI investigator. Only she doesn’t use her skills to find a killer. She uses them to make a killing… on Facebook. And she shows you — using super-simple techniques a math-challenged 10-year-old can follow — how YOU can make a killing too. If you’re serious about making money online, then you need to use serious powertools. And Iva’s tools are the simplest, most impressive, FB-money-making tools I’ve ever seen. Would the CSI guys try to track down a perp without taking DNA samples and sticking them in some spinny thingy? Hell no. Those tools give them an unfair advantage. They always win. And that’s why you should use Iva’s CSI tools to make money with FB. This is the real deal. Grab Iva’s treasure map now while it’s still available for sofa change. That sofa change might changeyour life too. And, if you really want an unfair advantage, grab her look-over-her-shoulder videos where she shows you EXACTLY how to find the FB gold with no sweat. This is a game changer. Don’t miss out.” – John Crosbie,

If you want a comprehensive system that takes you from capturing clients through running traffic to managing your financial flows, then the FB Prospector is for you. It will show you…

  • A quick way to pre-select audiences for your FB ads. (And save your advertising $.)
  • A rarely told technique to trim sluggishness out of your audiences. (And ensure that you are fishing in a full pond rather than an empty one – sorry, hitting rich gold veins rather than dirt.)
  • Merciless ads triage. (Making the most of your advertising $.)
  • Step-by-step employment of FB’s pixel to track audiences and conversions (Yes, having FB do the heavy lifting for you.)
  • How to whip your numbers into shape to make every nugget count. (Even if numbers are not your best friends.)

So, while others chase the next big thing and discard product after product without ever giving them a chance, you will be systematically capturing and cultivating converting clients. You will discover:

  • The secret reason why traditional marketers drive FB’s fabulous database in 2nd gear, and what you can do to rev it up to its Ferrari glory.
  • The proven way to read your niche like an open book and leverage the evidence created by your competition.
  • What to do if your passion is finding the hottest niches around, regardless what they are all about.
  • The key to taming the torrent of data and letting it work for you.
  • What to focus on when assessing audiences.
  • What’s a good size of an audience when you are starting in a niche.
  • How to effectively decrease or increase the size of your audience.
  • How to use FB’s data power to expand a small audience to similar larger audiences.
  • The sure sign telling you that your audience should be segmented.
  • The essence of the art of targeting, and how to deflect the two nightmarish targeting fallacies.
  • How to court your audiences and amuse them with juicy morsels that leave them craving for more…
  • The one mistake you must avoid to prevent false readings of your audiences’ desires.
  • How to speed up the process of converging on craving clients.
  • The two tactics to turn your FB ads into heat (= gold) seeking missiles.
  • Which metrics to use to illuminate the Internet Marketing ‘black box’.
  • And much, much more…

So if you want to take your business in your own hands, you would want to check out the FB Prospector and find out:

  • Which knobs to twiddle to increase your profits.
  • The pitfalls of paper predictions.
  • The two classical mistakes that will sabotage your testing and optimizing.
  • The one never spoken about strategy, which will immunize you against market changes.
  • The one single thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common, and you can master too.
  • The one very important, yet often overlooked approach that will make you thrive.

Get your FB Prospector now and get these exclusive bonuses absolutely free:

  1. FB Prospector Walktrough…

    A video that will:

    • Give you crystal-clear overview of all the steps you need to complete.
    • Show you how it all fits together.
    • Take you on a helicopter view of the path…
    • … so that you will know exactly where you are and stay on target during your whole journey to the money.
  2. Hot Niche Finder

    Which will reveal:

    • What you have to do first and upmost to find a niche that will work for you.
    • The dilemma you have to resolve while finding a niche, and how to do it effectively.
    • The proven strategy to make targeting easier.
    • A comprehensive Niche Ideas Checklist.
    • Five niche assessment criteria.
    • And many more tips…

GRAB The FB Prospector HERE :

The FB Prospector Reviews and Bonus by Iva Embley – Strike It Rich in the Facebook Goldmine By Using This Underground Money Method Discovered by a Professional Data Miner

The FB Prospector Bonus

The FB Prospector REVIEW

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever in investing $7.00 in this ONE-TIME OFFER, because I have a FULL 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee… No pitches, no excuses, no questions asked.

GET The FB Prospector HERE :

The FB Prospector Reviews and Bonus by Iva Embley – Strike It Rich in the Facebook Goldmine By Using This Underground Money Method Discovered by a Professional Data Miner

The FB Prospector Download

The FB Prospector GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The FB Prospector REVIEW

And yes, the price will eventually go up. I am offering this training now to action takers who are serious about their business. The FB Prospector will not be always available to everyone for this price. So take advantage of this special offer and get your copy while you can.

GET The FB Prospector HERE :

The FB Prospector Reviews and Bonus by Iva Embley – Strike It Rich in the Facebook Goldmine By Using This Underground Money Method Discovered by a Professional Data Miner

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