Web Detective Advanced Review

Web Detective Advanced Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora

Web Detective Advanced Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – NEW, Web-Based App Reveals EXACTLY How ONE Site Generated 9,326 Targeted Visitors and 15,626 Pages Views In Just 18 Days

Web Detective Advanced REVIEW

Web Detective Advanced is a brand new Web-App that allows you to gather vital information from your websites so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Web Detective Advanced truly puts the MOST vital website information at your fingerprints, so you can skyrocket your traffic and profit.

Web Detective Advanced Review

WATCH THE DEMO Web Detective Advanced HERE :

Web Detective Advanced Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – NEW, Web-Based App Reveals EXACTLY How ONE Site Generated 9,326 Targeted Visitors and 15,626 Pages Views In Just 18 Days

Web Detective Advanced Review

Web Detective Advanced REVIEW

Web Detective Advanced is THE most powerful, all inclusive, online analytics tool anyone with a website could possibly need. Use it to find the easiest and most profitable marketing opportunities that you can easily optimize and tap into, in order to get all the targeted visitors you could possibly want. Web Detective Advanced is NOT just another SEO analytics tool. In fact, SEO data is just a small fraction of the information and power this tool will provide you. It helps you in so many useful ways, the sheer scope of it’s features and benefits might hurt your brain just trying to fathom.

Web Detective Advanced Review

Web Detective Advanced FEATURE :

Web Detective Advanced Feature

  • Precise Visitor And Website Analytics
  • Automatic Rank Tracking
  • Precise Backlink Analysis
  • Automatic Keyword And Domain Analysis
  • Website Malware Checker
  • and much much MORE! (see all features below)

And that’s just the beginning… WebDetective also :

  • Allows you to get precise visitor analytics for your own sites so you know where your traffic is coming from, what content they want and how to improve your sites to make more profit.
  • Allows you to easily keep track of your rankings so you know EXACTLY what keywords are bringing you traffic.
  • Allows you to see EXACTLY what social networks your content is being shared on and where that traffic is coming from.
  • Comes with a built-in keyword suggestion engine that populates profitable keywords from the top 4 search engines on the web – Google, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon.
  • Allows you to run a full website report so you can see EXACTLY where your on-page SEO is falling short and how to correct it..
  • Allows you to quickly and easily build over 40 high-quality backlinks to shoot your sites to the first page of Google.
  • and much much MORE!

The Powerful Data You’ll Access In Seconds


  • Discover which visitors are your most profitable and where they came from (No, just because their new visitors, don’t assume they arrived there the same way twice).
  • Find out exactly which of your web pages are the most profitable and why (So that you can replicate the success factor on your other pages where feasible).
  • Want to decrease your web pages bounce rate? Simply add a clickable link, an audio or video play button (Bounce rate AUTOMATICALLY decreases when your visitor takes an action on the page they’ve landed on…sneaky!).
  • Find out how long your visitors are staying on each page and use this data to figure out what pages you need to optimize (and how to optimize it).
  • Learn your average visitor rate from each various traffic source (Discover which sources send you the best traffic).
  • Speaking of analyzing traffic, now you can find out where you should focus most of your traffic generation efforts (It might not all be coming from Google).
  • Want to find out if your social media efforts are working? (Now you can without question, and you can start by swiping your competitors tactics).
  • Discover what countries your visitors are coming from (Surprise! You might not have even thought to look for traffic from anywhere else, but this data might just change your mind).
  • Are your visitors viewing your site from their desktop computers or on their mobile devices? (This one little bit of information alone could prove to be your entire competitive advantage).


  • Alexa Rank – Using the insightful Alexa engine, with just the click of a button, you can find out detailed information that will tell you everything you need to benchmark, compare and optimize your business on the web (Find out how your competitors stack against you).
  • Alexa Data – Quickly and easily access the powerful information directly provided by Alexa’s full data set right inside your user dashboard (No need to hop around to other sites).
  • SimilarWeb Data – Grab all of the useful information you need right from SimilarWeb’s database (You want to know how your competition gets most of their traffic? Here’s how you do that)..
  • Moz Rank Info – Using their info set you can see where you score in terms of relavency, authority, and popularity (Compare yourself to competitors to see what you need to do to outpace them, fast).
  • Google Page Rank – Even though it’s been removed from public view, our software has some proprietary ways to “guestimate” pagerank information which will help you in making your SEO game plan (You beat competitors by leap frogging what they do…this is how).
  • Search index – See if your website has been indexed by various search engines because once you’ve got your position, you can see where you are relative to others and clearly see what you need to do to outrank them. (This is going to be most useful to you, especially when your website ranks way down the list).


  • Whois Search Information – get the basic registrar information needed to quickly see if a site is available or not, who owns it and how to get in touch with them (Useful if you want to capitalize on domain opportunities).
  • DMOZ Check– Originally known as the Open Directory Project (ODP), it is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. (It’s extremely hard to get listed here, but if you can grab a domain that’s already listed…you can tap into pure gold).
  • Expired Domain List – Capitalize on available SEO rich domains using the date provided to you right here (This data could provide you the TOP ranking SEO data you’ve been hoping for).


  • Your IP Information – Without jumping around all over the web, quickly find out all the pertinent internet protocol details you need including your location, region, city, postal code and country (This is helpful to know, especially when you want to know if some of those “ninja” tools you’re also using are actually “hiding” your details).
  • Domain IP Information – Bulk check any domain’s hosting IP address along with their Internet Service Protocol details, Country, City, Time Zone, latitude, longitude (Useful when you want to see how your website is viewed by Search Crawlers).
  • Sites In Same IP – Most websites use shared servers. Which other websites also share your server (Useful to make sure your site is not lumped in with “bad” or “malicious” websites…if you are, change your ISP).


  • Link Analyzer – Figure out what links your site points out to, which other sites link back to you, how many are do follow, don’t follow, etc. (Backlinks are a fundamental factor in SEO – use this data to see how your competitors are doing it, and outsmart them at their own game, easily).
  • Page Status Check – Figure out where your competitors might have dropped the ball by checking if their sites are alive or 404 (DEAD!). (Also learn your’s or competitor’s page download speed, totaltime , connecting time, Name LookUp Time, which are all possible areas of opportunity for you to consider).


  • Keyword Analyzer – Get all the useful metadata information you need to incorporate into your “onpage” SEO game plan. (Get stuff like the title, all the meta tag of the page you’re analyzing, robot.txt data, Keyword density, h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 content data, Single, 2 phrase, 3 phrase, 4 phrase keywords, their density and frequency of occurence, spam possibilities and more….it’s a lot of useful stuff).
  • Keyword Position Analysis – Find out exactly where your site appears relative to the competition for your targeted keyword in all the major search engines including: Google, Yahoo and Bing (You have to first know where you are for your chosen keyword and then you can effectively figure out how to beat’em).
  • Google Correlated Trending Keywords – This tool pulls data directly from Google’s API to find related and trending keywords by country (Useful when you want to capitalize on an upward trend or avoid wasting time on keywords that might no longer bring much profitable traffic).
  • Keyword Auto Suggestion – Using the data set provided by all of the various search engines, find out what some related areas of opportunities are by discovering the more obscure but profitable opportunities the other keyword tools might not tell you about (Every major search engine has this augmented data set of profitable opportunities you might not learn about, otherwise).
  • Keyword Poistion Tracking – Monitor the position of any website for up to 25 keywords, daily (No need to repeatedly perform a search query using this feature).
  • Backlink and Ping – See the Google shared data of where you or your competitor’s sites are getting some of their backlink “juice.” (These are backlink connections recognized by Google..there may be others…).
  • Backlink Generator – Quickly create 50 high rank, high quality backlinks at the push of a button with this feature (You’ll get a report of exactly where your links appear, once it’s complete).
  • Website Ping – Using the power of at lesat 99 ping sites, you can quickly notify search engines about any updates you’ve made on your blog or website (The more often you update your site, the more often you notify search engines of those updates, the more likely you are to start seeing massive increases in traffic to your site).


  • Site Security – Quickly assess whether or not a site is safe or infected with some sort of malicious code that could potentially harm the devices of any visitors (Leverage the power of multiple online malware scanning tools to check the safety status of any site you’d like).


  • Quickly figure out what competitors are paying for traffic and what keywords their paying for (Figure out who has a budget for ad spend and how big their potential budget might be…useful for all sorts of profitable deal making).
  • You’ll also get useful data to figure out how valuable certain competitive keywords are, which you can leverage and incorporate into your own free SEO traffic plan.


  • Email Encoder / Decoder – Want to prevent your site’s emails from being scraped, misued and abused? This tool allows does it for you by masking your email addresses (No longer worry about spam bot email attacks on your site).
  • Meta Tag Generator – Simple to use tool. Meta tags, which are the hidden text incorporated into the html code of your site, are often used by most search engines, along with other pertinent data, to give supporting details about what your site and / or page is about (It’s not the only factor for search, but will most likely always be a point of consideration that you should NEVER ignore…and now you can populate your site with this information quickly).
  • Plagirism Check – Quickly assess whether or not content on a site has been plagirized by simply copying and pasting text into this tool’s field and pressing search (Make sure your content is always original, never the duplicate from somewhere else on the web).
  • Valid Email Check – With this tool you can figure out what emails are valid, which aren’t and clean your list to make sure you’re not wasting time on fake email information.
  • Duplicate Email Filter – Clean up and consolidate your email list by getting rid of any possible duplcates using this feature.
  • URL Encode / Decode – Use this tool to mask any URL data from search engines, prying eyes and would be thieves, and to also decode url data that was otherwise masked or encoded (This tool offers an additional layer of security to your site).
  • Robot Code Generator – Quickly create the simple robot text which details what pages you’d like specified search engines to crawl and display to the public (Useful if you’d like to hide certain pages from ever appearing for all the world to find or just hide from certain search engines).


  • Display the various data on your wordpress website in widget format, which is useful if you’d like to display certain data on your site for anyone to see whenever anyone sees it (Also useful to customize the view of any page for your own personal preferences).


  • This panel is for developers who want WebDetective data be integrated with other cool web applications (Access to at least 25 useful API’s which offer additional powerful features and enhances the amount of data you can tap into…tons of power here).


  • Bengali, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.


GRAB Web Detective Advanced HERE :

Web Detective Advanced Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – NEW, Web-Based App Reveals EXACTLY How ONE Site Generated 9,326 Targeted Visitors and 15,626 Pages Views In Just 18 Days

Web Detective Advanced Review Bonuses

Web Detective Advanced REVIEW

Web Detective is our brand new software that allows your customers to gather vital information from their websites so they know exactly what’s working and what’s not. And that’s just the beginning!

GET Web Detective Advanced HERE :

Web Detective Advanced Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – NEW, Web-Based App Reveals EXACTLY How ONE Site Generated 9,326 Targeted Visitors and 15,626 Pages Views In Just 18 Days

Web Detective Advanced Review Bonuses Download

Web Detective Advanced GUARANTEE

Web Detective Advanced Review Bonuses Download guarante

Web Detective Advanced REVIEW

Get Web Detective, today. Simply download, install and use all the amazing features we’ve made available for you, immediately, once you access the members area. Use it for just the next 30 days, which is a nice long 4 weeks to put this thing through it’s paces. If you don’t feel that it was worth 10 times the amount you’ve paid to just mess around with it…. If you don’t agree that you now have more analytical data, immediately, at your finger tips than anyone else competing in your space… And if you don’t see just how easy it is to exploit your competitions missed opportunities with this simple, yet, amazing tool… Then I urge you to contact me, let me know and I will quickly and happily return every penny of your purchase that you’ve made today. Getting in touch with me is easy. Just reach out to me using the easy access support desk inside the members area and you’ll see how just how quick we are to respond. It’s that simple. I’ve taken away all the risk and placed it squarely on my shoulders where it belongs. You’ve got nothing to fear and no excuses, now, not to give this a try.

GET Web Detective Advanced HERE :

Web Detective Advanced Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – NEW, Web-Based App Reveals EXACTLY How ONE Site Generated 9,326 Targeted Visitors and 15,626 Pages Views In Just 18 Days

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