WebinarJam Reviews and Bonus by Andy Jenkins

WebinarJam Reviews and Bonus by Andy Jenkins – Best Add-On For Google Hangouts

WebinarJam REVIEW

WEBINARJAM IS BUILT ON ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL BROADCASTING TECHNOLOGIES. WebinarJam Gives Google Hangouts The Marketing Tools You Always Wish It Had! UNLIMITED WEBINARS, UNLIMITED ATTENDEES, SAME GREAT PRICE! Other webinar platforms charge exponential fees as you grow your audience… WebinarJam Studio does not! There’s no “Tax for Success” here. Bring the thunder, and we’ll take them all in!

WebinarJam Review


WebinarJam Reviews and Bonus by Andy Jenkins – Best Add-On For Google Hangouts


WebinarJam REVIEW

I couldn’t find any useful reviews from people who had actually used WebinarJam and had something worthwhile to say about it. In the end, I just decided to purchase it and see for myself. I have been a big fan of Teleseminars and Webinars because of how well they convert visitors and email list members into customers. So naturally when I heard of WebinarJam (the founders also created Evergreen Business Systems for automating your webinars), I had to try the shiny new object.

WebinarJam Review

WebinarJam FEATURE :

WebinarJam Features

Responsive template designs

You don’t need a programmer or a designer: simply pick any of our gorgeous built-in templates and you’re good to go.

Your site, your design!

You can register people to your webinar straight from your own website under your own custom design and branding.

Email and SMS reminders

Automated email and SMS pre-webinar reminders so nobody forgets to attend the webinar!

Polls and surveys

Launch Polls and survey at any point through your webinar with the click on a mouse, and receive your audience votes in real time.

Public and private chat

Each webinar room has a moderated chat box that you, as the admin, can turn public or private. Moreover, you can send private messages and private questions, mute specific users, etc. The perfect tool to encourage interaction and to run Q&A!

Webcam and desktop sharing

Run a webcam conference, plus desktop-sharing features, and broadcast your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

Push real-time offers

With the click on a mouse, you can display any offer, link or clickable button in front of your audience. These pop-in call to actions will boost your click-through-ratios through the roof.

Mass-redirect your audience

If you want to redirect your audience to any website at the end of the webinar, or if you want to open a new page in their own new internet browser mid-way through the webinar, all you have to do is to type the desired URL in your admin console, and it will open it up for them right away!

Automatically record your sessions

Your webinar session will automatically recorded by the system and automatically uploaded to the internet so you can offer (or download) the replay video to your audience. You never have to worry about hitting that record button again.

Export registrants list

It’s your Data, take it anywhere you want. You can Download a full list of your registrants, see who attended and who missed the webinar, who watched the replay, who purchased your products, etc. See all their details: name, email, phone, IP, etc.

Up to 10 simultaneous speakers

Conduct webinars with up to 10 simultaneous active speakers, all being able to broadcast their respective webcam, their screen, their slide presentation.This is great for virtual summits which is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend in webinar marketing.

Unlimited attendees

You can virtually pack thousands of people into your webinar… there’s no limit whatsoever! And since our webinars are hosted in the cloud, they can take an almost unlimited number of people. Never worry again about “Max Attendee Limits” like the others guys.

Pay-per-attend webinars

You can charge a fee for people to register and attend., Now only paying customers will be able to register and attend the webinar. This is one of the hottest trends in webinars now. Registrants that pay to attend have higher show rates and higher buy rates.

Autoresponder integration

We integrate with all the autoresponder companies in the market so you can funnel your registrants straight into your mailing list. Webinars are one of the best ways to build a list.

Cross-platform compatibility

Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android…we love them all! If it connects to the Internet then it connects to WebinarJam Studio.

Embed the webinar window

Embed the webinar window to your own website so your audience can watch your live/replay sessions directly from your own site. Market where you want. We put the control in your hands.

Post-webinar target emails

You can automate targeted post-webinar emails, sending a different email to your registrants depending on whether they attended to the webinar, or whether they purchased your products, etc. Better targeting equals more post-webinar sales!

Detailed analytics

Monitor every single metric: visitors, registrants, attendees, sales, earnings per click, earnings per attendee, etc. You can only improve what you measure so this data helps you profit more on each webinar that you do.

One-click signup technology

With our hot-link technology, you can register people into your webinar automatically if they click a mere link!

Social media integration

Embed Facebook and Twitter share buttons in your webinar pages and see your webinars go viral and get you more customers

STUDIO is New From the ground up

All new written from the ground up with the Larval Framework to be the most full featured and most reliable Webinar platform on the market, Period. The WebinarJam STUDIO upgrade gives you new higher converting landing page templates, easy to use interface, and tools that just work!

WebinarJam Benefit :


Other webinar platforms charge exponential fees as you grow your audience… WebinarJam Studio does not! There’s no “Tax for Success” here.

Bring the thunder, and we’ll take them all in!


Create your webinars “on the spot”, or schedule them for a later time. The system will automatically remind your registrants, via email and/or SMS, at your selected date and time.

Plus you can also set recurring webinars. For example: Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm, or the 1st and 15th day of every month for a total of 6 month, etc.


Automatically subscribe your webinar registrants to your mailing list



Do you co-host or co-present your live event with other peeps?

No problem! WebinarJam Studio™ allows you to add up to 10 simultanous speakers per webinar session. You will all be able to share your webcam, broadcast your respective screens, etc for a truly multi-presenter webinar experience!


Share your webcam, your screen desktop, your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation… anything!

Broadcast to your audience exactly what you want, whenever you want.

You’re in full control of what you want to display in your webinar: switch back and forth between different video signals: a slide presentation, your screen desktop, your webcame, any specific application running on your computer, a Word or PDF document, etc.

This flexibility empowers you to customize your webinar event as you wish, while adding a touch of personality. For example: you could broadcast your PowerPoint to run through a presentation, and then you could switch to your webcam signal to address any question they might have, and finally switch the broadcast sign to your desktop to run a software tutorial. All with the click of a mouse.


Dozens of mobile-ready and customizable registration templates.

WebinarJam Studio comes with an extensivelibrary of high-converting registration Pages ready for your “fill-in-the-blanks” marketing skills.

Simply select your favorite template, fill out the fields (headline, description text, etc) and… that’s it!

Responsive design

Pages are mobile ready, so they’ll look great on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

Already have a custom design on your own website? No problem! You can also embed the registration box into your page. It’s as simple as copy-pasting a small snippet of code.


Whatever you do, it’s simply the best way to connect with your audience

WebinarJam Studio™ allows you to chat in real time with your attendees, take their questions, cast polls and surveys, display promotional offers, send and response private messages, etc.

Everything you need to connect and engage with your audience… right there with the click of mouse!


Your command console for everything that happens in your webinar

Everything you need to create and control your viewer’s experience is now gathered in one highly customizable interface, which you can display in a separate browser tab, a dual screen monitor, or on a separate laptop.

It’s easy and intuitive enough to use while you’re busy giving your presentation, or you can allow a member of your team to manage it for you remotely from his computer.

The Studio Control Center is the epicenter hub for all those powerful features.


Invite your audience as speakers on the fly

You can engage and invite ANY of your webinar attendees to instantly join the broadcast at anytime! They will be able to speak, screen-share their desktop, their webcam, they PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, etc. Whenever they’re done, simply click them back into “attendee-only mode”.

Why is it revolutionary?

Because it makes consulting, teaching and Q&A a breeze: instead of a slow and impersonal chat interaction, you can have an actual live conversation with them.

It’s also a powerful testimonial tool! Ask your great customers to share their experience with your products – let them tell everyone why you’re the right person to trust. Nothing gives your sales a bigger boost than hearing your customers share their success story… live and in person.

See it in action!


The power of switching between Live Mode and Pre-Recorded Mode

It’s Like Your Personal On-Demand TV Studio.

See it in action!

Simply put: there’s never been a feature like Video Engine™ in any Webinar Software.

What is a Hybrid Webinar?

It’s a webinar with both live segments and pre-recorded segments. The switch happens seamlessly, so for your audience everything happens as if it all was 100% live.

Here’s how it works: you can pre-load up to 10 videos with high-definition and CD quality audio. Then, with the click of your mouse, you can switch from “live broadcast mode” into “video mode”, and your attendees will not even notice because the switch is 100% seamless.

Imagine you want to display a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation during your live webinar. Here’s an idea: pre-record the whole event as a video and, whenever you’re ready to begin the presentation, simply click on the Play button and let the video do the presentation for you while you sit back and relax. Not only it will be less stressful for you, but also less risky since you can edit your video file to perfection!

Here’s another idea: do you conduct the same type of webinar recurrently? Just record it and play it back instead of repeating the same live presentation over and over. It’ll be a much safer, more convenient and more relaxed webinar experienced for you.

Oh! and at the end of the video, you can switch back from “Video mode” to “Live mode” and answer some questions, continue with the live presentation, or simply plug-in the next video.


Selling through your webinars? You need a strong call to action!

Say that you’re using your webinars to sell or promote something… And you get to that point where you want people to actually BUY your stuff…

Wouldn’t it be ideal if they could actually just click a button to buy it?

It’s simple: first, pre-configure whatever kind of offer you want: your product, or maybe an application for consulting or to join your mastermind, or to get a special download, or a product you’re promoting as an affiliate… you know – any kind of offer.

And then, during your webinar, when you’re ready to pitch the offer, you just click a button and an actual, clickable offer add will be displayed in real time on your attendees’ screen.

See it in action!


It’s a time-old sales technique: nothing boosts sales like a ticking urgency timer!

Now you can add a countdown timer to your Add-to-Cart buttons. No coding required: you just set your urgency duration, and when you click a button to display the offer, the timer starts counting!


With Scarcity Units Display, you can limit the number of units remaining in your offer in order to instill a pressing sense of scarcity.

Automatic update

It gives you tiny piece of tracking code, which you paste on your offer “Thank You page”. Whenever a buyer completes their transaction, a “unit” is automatically deducted from the remaining total.

Manual update

Just monitor your sales cart and manually update the units remaining as the sales roll in.


Take your audience interaction to a whole new level!

With Feedback Flow™, you can highlight any feedback, any question, or really anything you wish to your entire audience… all with the click of a button.

Here’s an example: imagine that during your sales webinar, someone asks in the chat “Do you take PayPal?“. Click that question to highlight it and embed it right into the webinar broadcast window, just as if it was a breaking news ticker. Right afterwards, you can also broadcast your answer: “Yes, we take PayPal and Credit Card”.

Anything you can imagine can be instantly mass-displayed to the entire room: testimonials from previous customers, important questions and answers, your website URL, a thoughtful quote, etc.

And that’s not all: With Feedback Flow™ you can announce new customers with the Instant Buyer Alerts.

Here’s how it works: paste a small tracking code onto your checkout “Thank You Page”, and now WebinarJam Studio KNOWS when someone buys your product. If you so choose, you can announce in real time everytime an attendee becomes a customer, encouraging other attendees to follow suit: increase your interactions, increase your engagement, increase your social proof… and increase your sales!

See it in action!


Play your replays exactly as they happened live!

Forget about the same old, tired, boring Webinar Replays that everyone else is doing… Replica Replays™ lets you recreate the same excitement of your live webinar by “replicating” all the good moments that happened during your live presentation… EXACTLY as they happened!

Everything that happened during your live presentation is replicated and re-presented during your Replica Replay™, perfectly in sync with the recorded video/audio signal.

Here’s how Replica Replays™ enhances your replays:

  • Your Replay is presented as an actual live “webinar room”, just like a live presentation.
  • Your Replay includes the original community chat, perfectly synchronized to your video/audio presentation down the milisecond.
  • Your Replay includes your Video Engine™ injections, your Feedback Flow™ broadcasts and your Buyer Alerts, exactly as the same time they happened.
  • Also your Active Offers (Urgency and Scarcity included if activated) will be prompted at the right moment.

See it in action!


You create the content, we help you fill up the room!

Do other webinar services give you Traffic to your webinars? WebinarJam does!

This is a free feature we offer to our customers: you can list your webinar in our Jams On Demand™ Marketplace: a place where people who love attending, learning and buying from webinars can visit to stay on the cutting edge. A place where someone can go to see “what’s on the air” at any given time… further bringing more people into your webinars!

No matter whether you teach, sell or present in your webinars, chances are that you want to pack the room with as many attendees as possible. Now, with Jams On Demand™, we help you filling it up!

Use the full featured online HTML editor toolkit to compose web articles!


Teaching or consulting clients? charge a fee for your sessions.

You know, many people will actually pay to attend a really good webinar, or a live consulting session, or a solid teaching class. Well, now you can do that! Charge a fee to attend your awesome presentation!

Full payment gateway integration

You can integrate with all the popular online shopping cart: PayPal, Clickbank, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, e-Junky, etc… or use your own merchant account.

Plus, we’ve implemented a security measure so only those users who’ve completed the payment will actually be able to register to the webinar. No one will be able to bypass the payment process. It’s your precious content, and we protect it!



Do you want to reach out to an international audience? English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and more!

Just select your preferred language, and the system will automatically translate everything for you: the webinar registration page, the live room, the replay page, etc.


Keep control of your branding, your design, and your traffic.

Using WebinarJam Studio’s “copy-and-paste” embed code, you can display the webinar registration box right into your website or blog, and subscribe your audience to the webinar directly from there.


Introducing our One-Click Registration technology!

Ever seen a 100% Click-to-Registration conversion? That could be in your future.

Here’s how: In your broadcast email, you can embed a “Click to Register” link. Anyone that clicks on that link will be automatically registered for your upcoming webinar! That’s right, no bounce, no lost registrations, no annoying “filling of the forms”…

Now, your “Click Through Rate” becomes your “Webinar Registration Conversion Rate”. Truly, a one-click wonder!



Your online business is global… Now your meetings can be too.

Stop traveling for face-to-face meetings. Simply set up a WebinarJam online conference room, send the private invitation link to your colleagues, and let the meeting start right away!

Start meetings anytime, anywhere, within seconds: Setting up meetings for sales demos and collaborations on the go couldn’t be any easier.

Where else can you get every important business meeting recorded and replayed for later reference? Better than a secretary taking shorthand minutes, you get a complete record of what was said and who said it!


Training your team or your customers? No problem. Train your team using WebinarJam… from anywhere in the world!

Save on meeting space, travel costs.. you don’t even have to buy coffee! With WebinarJam, your virtual meetings are inexpensive and efficient. Share your screen, a powerpoint presentation, share documents or files, etc… no need for a conference room!


May nobody ever forget about your scheduled webinar again


Email reminders of your webinar

Queue up a series of automated pre-webinar email reminders, to keep your event on their radar…

For example: you can queue up 4 email reminders to be sent out to all your registrants 48 hours, 24 hours, 6 hours and 15 minutes before the webinar, including a quick summarization of what the webinar will be about and the link to the webinar room.

Plus, queue up a series of automated post-webinar emails, giving them the link to the webinar replay, or the link any product/service you might be selling, or survey them for feedback about your webinar, or simply thanking them for attending.

SMS and voice message last-minute alerts

Configure the system to automatically SMS every registrant a few minutes before the webinar’s scheduled date and time.

Even better: you can pre-record a voice message asking them to log into the webinar room immediately, and the system will call your registrants right before the webinar and play that message… Is there any better way to catch their attention? No, we don’t think so either!



Yes! Your registrants will be able to register and access your webinar no matter their device, operating system or internet browser.

PC or Mac… desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android… Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari… it doesn’t matter, we’re compatible with them all!

The free online CSS minimizer tool will compress the style files for your websites in seconds.


Give your attendees a living, breathing community!

Let them ask questions, overcome their objections, encourage participation, and engage your audience!

This is a feature no webinar should be without… unless, that is, you don’t want it: you can turn it ON/OFF at any time.

WebinarJam Studio’s chat feature is a fully controllable communications device. Not only can you create a community chat room during your webinar, you’ll also have complete control: allow/disallow questions, allow/disallow private messages, etc.

GRAB WebinarJam HERE :

WebinarJam Reviews and Bonus by Andy Jenkins – Best Add-On For Google Hangouts


WebinarJam REVIEW

The pricing was originally $297 for a lifetime license, then $297 per year (which is the offer that I got), and now they’re saying that they’ll be raising the price to $497 per year. The biggest appeal to me is that you can host as many people as you want. 10,000 attendees? No problem! I’m paying GoToWebinar $499/month for up to 1,000 attendees. Sure — it’s really great when people get locked out because it demonstrates social proof. But ultimately I’d prefer it if people actually attend the webinar because they’d get more value from learning what I have to teach than simply knowing that the material’s in demand. And the guys at WebinarJam, Andy and Mike, both savvy internet marketers, do push the comparison so you see the value. Did it work? Well, that was part of the reason I bought!

GET WebinarJam HERE :

WebinarJam Reviews and Bonus by Andy Jenkins – Best Add-On For Google Hangouts



100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

WebinarJam REVIEW

A Word on Expectations: Google Hangouts Add On. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me when I was purchasing but what you get is essentially a Google Hangouts add on with some front end marketing features. I was incorrectly expecting something more like GoToWebinar with unlimited attendees. Honestly, I did think about cancelling my purchase a few times since this wasn’t going to replace GoToWebinar for me. But the more I played around with it, the more I realized how powerful it is. So if you’re thinking about purchasing WebinarJam, then you need to think about it as a platform to better utilize Google Hangouts. Otherwise, you might find yourself disappointed afterwards. If you’re already thinking about it this way, then let’s move on!

GET WebinarJam HERE :

WebinarJam Reviews and Bonus by Andy Jenkins – Best Add-On For Google Hangouts

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