Whiteboard Video Fortune Review

Whiteboard Video Fortune Review and Bonus by Fairy Dawn – complete offline video marketing system

Whiteboard Video Fortune Review

Whiteboard Video Fortune gives you the step by step guide to get profit today. using this brand new tool

Whiteboard Video Fortune is one of the fastest ways for local businesses to get more leads and more customers. A good whiteboard video can gain attention, increase viewer engagement and recall information, better than any other type of video.Video marketing is the fastest ways for local businesses to get more leads and more customers. Video not only converts better than any other type of content but also has great SEO value. And whiteboard video is one of the highest-converting video types nowadays thanks to its ablity to gain attention, increase viewer engagement and recall information.With the help of powerful softwares, it’s simple to create a whiteboard video. But creating a high-converting whiteboard video that STANDS OUT is hard!Yes, it’s really hard.Quick whiteboard videos using default image library will only make bad impressions with viewer and devaluate your video marketing campaign.

So what’s a blackboard video?It’s another type of whiteboard video, created by adding a blackboard as background and using white-outline images.Well, blackboard video is a great alternative to whiteboard video. I’ve gotten many many customers with blackboard videos after they say “I already had someone else doing whiteboard video”.See in the slide below to compare whiteboard video and blackboard video.Aside of these assets, your customers will get 10 videos to use as promotion materials for their video marketing service. I’ve also included a detailed guide on how to rebrand, edit the videos; how to find offline business to offer services and more. Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune is not simply a whiteboard video package, it’s a complete offline video marketing system!

You will need a well-copywritten scripts, loads of good-looking artworks and special tricks and techniques to work with the softwares.The total costs to produce a whiteboard video may be as high as $500 per minute, not including hours and hours of hard working. It’s always a big investment of time and money for you, and the price you should charge will always go beyond advertising budget of almost offline businesses.Each video comes with top-notch copywriting, professional voiceover, superior quality artworks and awesome animations.A typical whiteboard video company charge thousands of dollars to create one video, and today you’ll not get one but 20 videos for less than $1 each. It’s CRAZY, but it’s REAL!Along with the video package, you will get a complete course on how to find, approach and sell to local business. You’ll get your first client in the next few hours.

Whiteboard Video Fortune Review and Bonus by Fairy Dawn – complete offline video marketing system will solve your problem, even if you have no technical experience

Whiteboard Video Fortune Review

Get Whiteboard Video Fortune here :

Whiteboard Video Fortune Review and Bonus by Fairy Dawn – complete offline video marketing system

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Whiteboard Video Fortune OTO / Upsell :

– FE: 40 premade videos + 10 promo videos + 20 animated GIFs + training
– OTO1: 20 source files (whiteboard+blackboard) + 600 SVGs + additional training
– OTO2: Whiteboard Profits Academy Course + 25 SVG packages
– OTO3: High-ticket custom video creation service

Let’s see what your list will get on this special version of Whiteboard Video Fortune.

10 Hot & Profitable Offline Niches :
1. Pediatrician
2. Personal Injury Lawyer
3. Bankruptcy Lawyer
4. Pest Control
5. Painting Contractor
6. Physical Therapist
7. Insurance Agency
8. Bookkeeper
9. Electrician
10. Dermatologist

20 Traditional 16:9 DFY Offline Videos

20 Square Videos For Facebook Ads

Product Details

  • 10 whiteboard videos in 10 hot, profitable offline niches,
  • 10 blackboard videos with the same content.
  • 20 square videos (10 whiteboard and 10 blackboard) for Facebook ads
  • 20 animated GIFs for social posting (2 GIFs each niche)

What Makes It Different?

1. Perfect Drawing Animations
That’s what makes me totally confident of my productions. Whiteboard Video Fortune was create with a special technique called ‘multi-layered drawing animation’. This technique requires a lot of preparations and time and it makes whiteboard video look like being drawn by human. I can say, such type of animation is RARE in the market. Your customers will definitely LOVE it!

2. Stunning Artworks & High Video Quality
Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune is created from 100% high-quality artworks, drawn by my talented artist in a consistent style that all of my video clients have been thriving with.Videos are delivered in full HD resolution (1080p) and in 2 formats (AVI and MP4). They’re ready to be used or reproduced with any software, any platform.

3. Well-copywritten Scripts
Good script is the core to build high-converting video and writing video script is not easy at all. Well-written scripts can range from $30-$50 a piece, and not every writer can deliver you what you want and more importantly, what local businesses want.Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune is created from well-copywritten scripts based on the ideas I got from my previous clients. Each script is aimed to suit every business in its industry. Offline businesses will believe that the videos are created just for them.

4. Professional Voiceovers
Well, you can find hundreds of voiceover artists by just doing a single search in any freelance site.  But choosing the right one is really hard, I say really hard, especially when you don’t have much experience. Poor-quality voiceovers will only devaluate our videos.I’ve been dealing with hundreds of customers. And before I find the right people who can make my scripts to super-engaging voiceover, I’ve been frustrated with dozens of cheap and poor-quality VO artists.To create Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune, I’ve hired a talented VO artist that worked with me in over 100 projects since 2014.What I want to say is that I’ve used the best materials possible to create Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune and to ensure your customers, and your customers’ customers, will LOVE it. So you can promote it with confidence.

Whiteboard Video Fortune : FAQ

1. Exactly what is Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune?
It’s a package of 20 done-for-you offline business videos. It contains 10 whiteboard videos and 10 blackboard videos in 10 offline niches. While you may already know about whiteboard video, blackboard video is a unique alternative to whiteboard in which the artworks will be drawn by chalk in a blackboard background.Along with 20 videos, you will get 10 additional videos to use as your video marketing service promotion. Each video is customized to suit 10 its targeted prospects. Plus there is a small course that teaches how to find, approach and sell to offline businesses.

2. Why do I need 10 blackboard videos with the same content?
Blackboard video is similar to whiteboard video and it’s also high-converting. There are many ways to profit with these blackboard videos. You can use these blackboard videos to giveaway to clients that purchase whiteboard videos, or give your prospects one more choice. The chances to get paid will be higher. Plus, having 10 more videos in your portfolio will be better for your presence.

2. What makes it different from other premade whiteboard video products?
Well, there are many PLR video packages out there. But they are created with similar animation. You can see the hand drawing lines, then colors (if they have colors) appear. Dawn has used his exclusive technique to make the artwork drawn, then colored naturally. Business owner will love it.Moreover, you will get customized service promotion videos and the course on how to find offline clients. Dawn has covered everything you need to start selling and profiting, right from today!

3. Will the market get saturated
Never! There are thousands of businesses founded every day in each industry, and there are thousands of cities to target. You can even translate the videos to other language like Spanish, Italian to target these markets for a small investment. The potential market is HUGE!

4. Is there a money back guarantee?
Of course! Dawn is really confident of his product. So he is offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. You have no risk when giving Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune a test.

Download Whiteboard Video Fortune here :

Whiteboard Video Fortune Review and Bonus by Fairy Dawn – complete offline video marketing system
Whiteboard Video Fortune Review

Get Whiteboard Video Fortune Now! buy Whiteboard Video Fortune now and you can save money and work hours. Whiteboard Video Fortune comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Whiteboard Video Fortune review

Yes!! I want to get Whiteboard Video Fortune :

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