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Filmfare Award For Best Actor

This sweep enabled her to surpass Michael Jackson as the top winner in the show’s history. During the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler hindered Richard Kuhn, Adolf Butenandt, and Gerhard Domagk from accepting their prizes. All of them were awarded their diplomas and gold medals after World War II. In 1958, Boris Pasternak declined his prize for literature due to concern of what the Soviet Union government may do if he travelled to Stockholm to accept his prize. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; received the prize twice.

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He alleged that Jelinek’s works were “a mass of textual content shovelled collectively with out artistic construction”. The 2009 Literature Prize to Herta Müller also generated criticism. According to The Washington Post, many US literary critics and professors were ignorant of her work.

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  • During the 1890s, von Behring developed an antitoxin to treat diphtheria, which till
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