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Music For All The Family Some Of The Best Music Out There For Children And Grown Ups Alike

“She was learning each piece within five minutes and would embellish with her left hand, or put it in a minor key,” recalls Kadie. Neither Stuart nor Kadie, 53, who has a PhD and was a university lecturer in English literature until the birth of their fourth child, https://www.wikipedia.org/ are musicians. “They were getting scores I didn’t know it was even possible to get,” says their father Stuart, who also showed promise on piano at the age of 12 but turned down the chance to go to music school, fearing he would no longer be able to play football.

With separate accounts, you can all enjoy your own ad-free music listening without having to take turns. But what is perhaps most remarkable is that Sheku and his talented siblings have achieved all this through the state school ­system – and through the determined ­organisation of their mother. “Because Kadie no … Read More