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Christian Music Business

Syllabus – What You Will Learn From This Course

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Doing music regulation was so much fun that it wasn’t even like working (I’m still not over that feeling), and I enjoyed it so much that I felt guilty getting paid (I received over that). Donald S. Passman practices legislation in California and has specialized within the music business for more than thirty years, primarily representing expertise.

Itfocuses on the recording, manufacturing, and promotion of music. many different areas of the music industry, our devoted and professionally-energetic faculty will work with you to outline your career goals and create a plan of motion to attain them. Serving the Bexar County neighborhood by way of its programs and services that help college students reach buying the knowledge and expertise wanted in today’s world.

  • They have been traditionally made in recording studios (that are rented for a every day or hourly rate) in
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