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Karl Martin Sandberg, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Hermansen And Other Songwriters Behind The Hits Of Katy Perry And Taylor Swift

Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney maintain the document of writing all of the Top three singles for one week. The Gibbs co-wrote the highest 3 singles for the week of March 18, 1978 – #1 “Night Fever” and #2 “Stayin’ Alive” for the Bee Gees, and #three “Emotion” for Samantha Sang.

Lennon and McCartney co-wrote the top three singles for the week of March 14, 1964 – #1 “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, #2 “She Loves You”, and #3 “Please Please Me”, all for The Beatles. They continued this report the next week of March 21, 1964, when “She Loves You” switched locations with “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. French-born Jordy Lemoine (age 5 years, 156 days) is the youngest artist to chart on the Hot one hundred. He established the record when his song “Dur dur d’être bébé! (It’s Tough to Be a … Read More

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Guitar History

The soundbox was manufactured from superbly polished cedarwood and had a rawhide “soundboard”. It may be seen today at the Archaeological Museum in Cairo. The earliest stringed devices recognized to archaeologists are bowl harps and tanburs.

By the 16th century, the vihuela’s building had extra in common with the modern guitar, with its curved one-piece ribs, than with the viols, and extra like a bigger model of the contemporary 4-course guitars. The vihuela enjoyed solely a relatively brief interval of recognition in Spain and Italy throughout an period dominated elsewhere in Europe by the lute; the last surviving printed music for the instrument appeared in 1576.

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In … Read More