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Music Awards

Launched in the week of Earth Day 2021 , this year the Arts Foundation has teamed up with PRS Foundation to create a new music award. During the auditions in the Spring of each year, the Trustees consider who, amongst the beneficiaries of the Trust, would be most suitable for the Recital Scheme, selecting outstanding performers. In September, details of the chosen artists are made available to the clubs and societies who are members of the Recital Scheme. The club or society can then contact the artist directly to arrange a booking for a recital or concerto performance for which the Trust pays the artist’s fees.

In addition, a Scholarship of £400 is available to help finance lessons for a gifted instrumentalist. Leask Music Scholarships are competed for by audition during Hilary Term and are intended to assist students with the cost of music lessons. Magdalen2Any undergraduates in their first … Read More