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She repeats the same up-and-down vocal gesture again and again, with almost no vocal participation on the part of the infant. Where the infant does participate , the infant appears to be setting up the possibility for a dialog – vocalizing exactly on the ‘bar-line’ and then around the mother’s pitch . Indeed, the infant’s vocalizations persuade the https://www.artmindfestival.com/ mother out of her repetitiveness – the mother momentarily takes notice of her infant and responds to her infant’s conversational offering by ceasing her unresponsive repetition and vocalizing once more at the infant’s pitch. But the dialog almost immediately breaks down, and the mother returns to her stereotypical, repetitive vocal gesturing.

Whether that be a song or a piece by Bach, I’m sure that by doing this, day after day, the child will benefit incredibly from it. To mark World Earth Day, Yorkshire Sculpture Park has teamed up with the Nature … Read More