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Who Said Writing About Music Is Like Dancing About Architecture?

Surfing could or may not maintain similar cultural weight for any given wave rider, but we owe it to surfers to take seriously the connections they make between their musicking and surfing. The music that surfers associate with browsing is key to what surfing is, or rather the numerous issues that surfing is, as well as to who surfers are and aspire to be. This is why making music about surfing and surfing about music is serious enterprise. “Right now, Stem is concentrated on constructing a platform for tracking finances and helping artists recoup expenses, however over time you could plug in anything you needed as an organization, from taxes to insurance coverage,” says Nortman. “Stem was the best choice for labels releasing unique music that weren’t making much cash,” says Ben Briggs, an independent artist and label owner identified for his remixes of video-sport music, who didn’t qualify for … Read More

Writing About Music

When individuals who play completely different devices come together to play them together, it is called a band. I mean what does “modern” music have for musicians that “classical” would not? For one, it is not static, persons are writing their own, improvising on their own, expressing themselves, and with each other. Archaeologists have found primitive flutes made from bone and ivory dating back as far as forty three,000 years, and it’s probably that many historical musical types have been preserved in oral traditions. When it comes to particular songs, however, the oldest recognized examples are comparatively newer.

Music is not just sound, it’s its personal language and it communicates a lot; it’s a lovely thing. When musicians put one or more of these sounds together in concord, it creates what we all know as music. However, that’s not all to it; music could be even a kind of devices, … Read More