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Their function is to accurately divide up the notes on every string when you press the string down. Without frets it is as much as the participant to accurately find and play the notes up and down every string ensuring they are in tune. Let us know how the Chapman stick experiment goes – that’s definitely an enormous change to undertake. But because you braved the six string bass at one time, I’m certain you’ll be able to handle all of those ‘extra’ strings. It’s at all times good to listen to when different individuals profit from a few of the info I’ve shared here.

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Don’t be a stranger and let me know what other bass guitar posts you’d wish to learn here. My opinion is the vary between string are comfort and not tiring my fingers.

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Even though I’ve noticed a trend of late to string 4 string basses as BEAD – I’m sticking with my five. I like having all of the choices of a standardly tuned four string with the extra depth of the low B, and I don’t see that altering anytime quickly. I’m not sure that there’s one explicit purpose for me liking the 5 string bass. Plus, having 5 fingers and 5 strings just seems to make sense to me. Unlike it, “bass”, is only used as a noun, and its usage is narrowed down to the domain of music.

  • I wrote the submit over 5 years in the past and while a 5 string continues to be my ‘go-to’ instrument, I would tend to explain myself more as a musician or a music-writer as an alternative of as a bassist.
  • Awesome observations on how the way in which we define ourselves as bass gamers and musicians changes over time.
  • This has a number of ergonomic advantages for gamers, as well as improving intonation.
  • A recent improvement has been the multi-scale bass, by which the bridge and nut are slanted such that each string has a different scale size.
  • They additionally enable more flexibility in soloing and ship the thunderous low-frequency sound in demand for contemporary metal.

I additionally may play the extra melodic notes since I feel my fingers play sooner in 5 stringed bass. I don’t suppose I might go back to playing a 4 string bass exclusively, a 5 string bass just seems like house now.

If you might be buying your first bass, you most likely don’t need a fretless bass until you realize for positive that’s the sound you’re after. It takes a great bit of extra practice to precisely play the notes on a fretless bass. When you miss the notes or play sloppily you can sound pretty dangerous. Frets are the metal wires up and down the neck of the bass beneath the bass strings.


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This doesn’t necessarily mean that you could only wear a leather jacket during the winter. Rather, you should consider the temperature and whether or not it’s cool sufficient to wear one. Playing fretless bass is no less than somewhat harder than playing fretted bass.