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In the old days, if my records sold big numbers, it didn’t make any difference to the number of sales you had. In fact, if you had a big seller, it would bring a lot of people into record stores, and that increased the chances of selling my records. For reasons we’ll discuss later, the more listens you get, the less money I make. That’s because the music industry has changed more radically in the last few years than at any other time in its history.

You might be reading this thinking “good one Jenessa, what gigs have you been going to lately? Similarly, did something happen that night that didn’t on the rest of the tour? Setlist.FM can be helpful here, but also make use of your phone for notes – it’s much easier than squinting in the dark with a notepad and pen. If it’s appropriate to do so, take videos to log parts of the set that feel especially visceral – a watch back later will likely jog your memory better than an awkwardly scribbled note. I waxed lyrical about it myself for DIY, but other insightful examples can be found by Ellie Desborough at The Line Of Best Fit, Robin Murray at Clash, and Ross Jones at So Young.

They are also often played at International Sporting Events to help identify the nationality of participants, particularly to salute the nationality of the winner or winning team as they receive their medals or awards. Our article National Anthems and Patriotic Songs looks at the origins of several National Anthems and Patriotic Songs, and includes a variety of examples in the form of sheet music of piano arrangements, with midi files and mp3 files. Caps exams a number of candidate scores from a given composer and carefully considers which scores should be classified as a “salvo scores”.

(You’ll see how absurd this is when you get to Chapter 3.) Even then, I knew this wasn’t right, so I nervously called up the guy to negotiate. I still remember my voice cracking as I said his proposal was over the industry standard, since most managers took only 15% . I wasn’t really sure what managers did, much less who they were. There’s also an update of all the current industry figures, a new section on the recent copyright infringement cases, an overview of the Music Modernization Act, and much, much more. The good news is that, after fifteen years of music revenue falling like buckets of rocks, we had our first earnings increase in 2016. This tenth edition is the most extensive rewrite of my book since the first edition.

There is no written test but candidates are required to submit a video recording audition of up to 5 minutes performing on their chosen instrument in advance of their interview. We also run a contemporary music group and organise weekly research seminars and concerts, so students can perform, exchange ideas and collaborate with other students and professional musicians. Following on from our Film Music History and the article on “What is Music”, we take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the obvious Film Music Cliches which we all recognise. While we understand that these cliches can be thought of as a useful shortcut to achieve an effect, we also recognise that the skilled composer who is able to avoid them can be seen as original and different.

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