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Apply a generous layer onto skin after cleansing and using your choice of skin-shot. Leave on overnight to allow skin to absorb and rinse off in the morning with lukewarm water. Smooth a coin-sized amount onto clean, dry skin for a potent antioxidant exfoliating boost.

They are stories of redemption and absolution. They satisfy age-old hopes that justice will be done and that the good guy will get the girl and eventually save the world. In the immediate wake of 9/11, Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan hastily declared an end to The Celebrity Culture. His polemical wager centred on the dawn of a new age of serious thinking. It cut directly against the grain of tabloid thinking and effectively signed his own newspaper death-knell, as The Mirror’s sales fell directly into freefall. The goat with symbols of all the ills of the community and then they would banish it.

It had begun developing its own serious agenda, becoming at once synonymous with the idea of personal identity and community empathy. (Go on. Start an argument in the pub. Say the words ‘Victoria Beckham.’ Everybody cares, one way or another). Thus the outsider is both the ritual embodiment of all that is wrong with the community, while also being the means of healing it.

Acknowledging the tenuous and fluid nature of identity, Gavin’s work expresses the idea that we frame things but that we are also framed by things. “A Portrait Of Something I’ll Probably Never Really See” shows a face shot of the shaven-headed artist with his eyes closed. Almost like a death-mask, the image is dream-like and tranquil, as if Gavin had reached a Zen-like state of transcendence.

But looking inwards, not outwards, what the artists “sees” is that he cannot see himself in all his totality. What he sees is that representation is necessarily false. And this, Gavin’s work suggests, is about as near to any kind of Nirvana he, or anyone else for that matter, is able to get. And yet… and yet, there is that niggling, parasitical “probably”. During the student social workers placement, they will gain a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience in working with children and young people both at an early preventative stage and at a statutory level of intervention and support. This ultra-effective, yet gently exfoliating serum combines potent powerhouses like apple fruit extract, glycolic acid, vitamin B3 and witch hazel for skin that will come up EXTRA LIT!

But Gavin’s “signature” is his repetition of works by other artists. Even his artist signature is not his “real” one. Of The Union Jack taken from The Sun, the artist is here to save the world as both war hero and advocate for peace. In, punk is a wax work museum-ified in a glass vitrine; impotent, dead, useless. With milk the core ingredient of our handcrafted gelato lollies, it’s important to us that we use only ethical milk that is locally sourced and produced with both the animals’ welfare and the quality of the milk in mind. After extensive research, we decided to work with a Dairy Farm in Leicestershire, who produce fantastic quality A2 milk with traceability and good animal welfare practices.

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