Genre: Types of Pop Music

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GENRE- Pop music is one of the most popular music genres in the world and is loved by all people, both young and adults.

Now the genre of pop music has also developed rapidly with various types. In general, there is three type of pop music, namely as follows. Types of Pop Music The following are the types of pop music that are currently developing:

Standard Pop Music

The first type of pop music is standard pop music which has a melody that is easy to apply in various lyrical characters, flexible when combined with other types of styles, has harmonies that are not too complicated, varies in tempo, and is easy to hum and absorb. Examples of standard pop music include a song called Maybe, sung by Stinky’s band, Marilah Kemari by Titiek Puspa. To know about travel you can visit this site kelilingkota.

Creative Pop Music

Another type is creative pop music that has unique rhythms, melodies, harmonies, instruments, dynamics, styles and creative lyrics. Songs in the creative pop music genre include Ada Band Karena Wanita Ingin Dimengerti, lagu Ari Lasso yang entitled Arti Cinta, Hampa, and Penjaga Hati.

Pop Ballads

The last type, namely pop ballads or ballads. Pop music usually has a slow and medium tempo. The lyrics are dominantly expressive and can be in the form of satire. In addition, usually the lyrics of pop ballads talk about social feelings and the ups and downs in life. You can find this type of ballad pop music in some of Iwan Fals, such as Umar Bakri, Bento, and Perwakilan Rakyat.

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