Indie Music, Ruler of the Market

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Music is one of the things that can make everyone happy. As a universal thing, music can be enjoyed by everyone, depending on their tastes. Music genres also vary, including dangdut, rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, and many more. Not only music applications, but now there are also many concerts or music festivals featuring top musicians or indie musicians from within or outside the country. Music festivals like this are often awaited by many music lovers. Seeing the developments in the music world, of course, many business opportunities can be exploited. To get into the world of music, being a musician or singer is not the only way, you can also be a businessman. Indie music is very closely related to the daily life of the millennial generation. Indie music also opens new horizons for the music industry.
Indie originated from the word “independent” which means independent, free, independent, and not dependent on certain patrons. Indie is not a type or genre of music, but a musical movement that is free, independent, and does not depend on a music label or the like. Indie musicians create songs outside of the mainstream, bucking the trend of songs on the market. Therefore, they are passionate about making songs according to what they want and like.
Types of Businesses in the Music Industry
Create a Channel on Youtube
In today’s digital age, we can use so many innovative ways to promote music out there. Youtube works with artists around the world to generate income and help musicians earn more. Artists who put their music through third-party distributors who can send our music to youtube and can raise money from youtube ads and premium.
Collaborating with Other Brands and Musicians
Many musicians make extra money through other things. One of the ways is by making money through collaboration. It depends on the type of music we make and the specific musical skills.
Sell ​​Beat and Samples
For some producers, this can even be their main form of income. Selling beats and samples allows us to spend time working on making music which is a major benefit. Here’s what you need to know about selling beats online:
Mixing and mastering.
Teach music classes or sell lessons
Not all musicians are after global superstardom. For some people, training the next generation of artists is the achievement they want. Where to find teaching jobs for musicians:
• Skillshare
• Teachable
• Podia
• Udemy

This business if run without passion will end up miserably. At least the business will be profitable or will go bankrupt. There are some businesses in the world of popular music.
Here are five businesses in the music world that you can try:

  1. Open a music studio
    Music studios for band rentals are still widely found in big cities to rural areas. If we want to open a music studio, first look at the targeted market map.
  2. Additional musician
    If you have the skills to play music, you can also relate this business in the music world. Usually, additional musicians or additional members in a band have a close relationship with the band they are assisting.
  3. Home recording
    The home recording business is not just about recording. We can offer song mastering and mixing services, even workshops for bands and budding musicians who want to do their first record.
  4. Live sound engineering
    Behind a good performance and running smoothly in a band’s concert on stage, there are supporting factors too such as a skilled sound engineer. The sound technician played a big role in the performance.
  5. Music teacher (private)
    Private music teachers can set their schedule and rates, of course, it’s different from joining a special music education institution. But the responsibility of educating students is greater. Therefore, you must be diligent and serious if you intend to become a private music teacher. The world of music now has no end to be taken. As a recreational activity, music provides ample business opportunities.

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