Metalweb are a leading AS9100 accredited metals stockist and service provider, supplying aluminium, steels, titanium ,nickel alloys , copper alloys and other hi-tech metals. Based in the UK with 3 sites, metalweb are part of the ‘Reliance Steel & Aluminium’ family of companies, a global metal stockholding group with nearly 300 global locations. An increasing range of copper alloys are available from metalweb and these are suitable for a number of applications including aerospace. The range of copper products supplied to customers ranges from primary copper forms through to brass, aluminium bronze and phosphor bronzes.

Despite being a poor conductor of electricity, titanium has a resistance to corrosion and a high strength-to-weight ratio. It’s commonly used in the aerospace market, in art and architecture, in medical devices, and various everyday products. Yield strength refers to the metal’s ability to withstand permanent deformation or bending. It is the elastic limit of any given material, including metals.

Along with our range of material options, we off a selection of forms. Metal forms are the type or shape a piece of material is supplied in. The range of material forms allows for a more accurate starting material when working on a project. When added to expensive metals, alloys can be created to produce a cheaper alternative with many of the same properties as the original metal. The wide range of metals and the complexity of parts and components it can be used to produce, makes metal an ideal material for manufacturing. Materials such as wood, metal, and plastic have different properties that can affect the design and manufacture of goods and products.

As well as being premier stockholders of the more popular, we can also supply Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Tungum, Chrome Molybdenum, Cupro Nickel, 17/4 and Aerospace Metals. Sheets in all materials are available pre-polished in a wide range of sizes, as are our other products, so whether you’re looking for a non-standard or standard size, you’ ll find it at Metal Supplies™. Engineering Steels are workhorses of industry because of their economical cost, wide availability, ease of processing, and good mechanical properties. Alloy steels are generally more responsive to heat and mechanical treatments than carbon steels.

Keys and padlocks should not be placed in your recycling bin or bag as the machines used to sort mixed recycling cannot extract them properly. These items must be disposed of as general waste, where any remaining metals are extracted for recycling at the energy recovery facility. They should not be placed in your recycling bin or bag since they will cause damage at the MRF. The metal used for making pans is also usually made up of a mix of materials and is often covered with a non-stick layer.

Damaged cardboard ring binders can be recycled, but before you dispose of these in your paper and cardboard bin, you will need to remove the metal rings from your binders. The metal rings go in your general waste bin so they are extracted for recycling at the energy recovery facility. The metal rings can damage the pulping machinery at the paper recycling mill. Plastic ring binders are different and cannot be recycled. These must also be placed in your general waste bin.

In construction, lead is used due to its ductility to form roofs and other cladding panels as well as windows, linings for cornices, tanks, copings, gutters and downpipes, flashing, and so on. Delivering quality products with 100% mill traceability. From one-off requirements through to direct-to-line feed contracts, metalweb can deliver your material needs. In this section of the website, you will be able to easily navigate through our product-specific pages that will help suit all of your engineering needs.

In today’s fast paced commercial world many leading manufacturers are looking for more than just a material supplier. They want a supply partner to understand and share their goals and business strategies. A supply partner who can offer a range of bespoke solutions to meet the needs of whatever specific business sector they are in. A supply partner who both listens and then acts on what is required by providing innovative solutions. Metalweb already make the difference to many of its existing customers by being such a supply partner.

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