Nature Music And Algorithmic Composition

The problem is how two or more organisms can share innate biological rhythms in such a way as to achieve communication which can permit transmission of information they do not already share.” (Bullowa, 1979, p. 15, italics added). There are a few humans that are very meaningful to me but the rest seem to be unnecessary and unneeded. You can, instead, devote your time to being amongst nature and, through doing this, you do feel much richer. The seasons of nature and their different aromas and colours are like the salt and pepper of life.

Then René Spitz and Bowlby revealed the devastating effects on a child’s emotional well-being of separation from maternal care in routine hospital care with nursing directed only to respond to those reflex demands. Spitz observed that babies develop smiling between 2 and 5 months to regulate social contacts , and he went on to study the independent will of the baby to regulate engagements of care or communication, by nodding the head for ‘yes’ or shaking for ‘no’ . Lévi-Strauss refers to music as a unique system of signs possessing ‘its own peculiar vehicle which does not admit of any general, extramusical use’. Yet he also allows that music has levels of structure analogous to the phonemes and sentences of language. The absence of words as the connecting level is an obvious and pertinent fact in the structuring of meaning within music as a sign system.” (Champagne, 1990, p. 76). There were at least three other Sedge Warblers that could be heard but we were able to get close enough to this one to record only its song.

He identified two types of children’s singing – ‘egocentric’ for private pleasure, which, as the child matures, gives way to more social or ‘communicative’ music making. We conclude with a Coda – an enquiry into the philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment, which built on the work of philosophers Heraclitus and Spinoza. This view of living in community gives innate sympathy or ‘feeling with’ other humans a fundamental role within a duplex mind seeking harmony in relationships by attunement of motives .

We strive, and we try, but we will never arrive at that same greatness. My phone was not constantly ringing and I felt that the world was very calm and beautiful. Considering, of course, all the people that suffered during this period, I felt that it was a positive moment for me. I am very grateful that I felt like this, considering everything. He is the most streamed classical artist of all time and he’s written scores for Oscar-winning films. Many will say Ludovico’s majestic piano melodies have stirred a multitude of emotions in them, bringing peace and calm in times of stress and creating lasting memories.

The Spell Songs ensemble features the multifaceted talents and collaborative genius of Karine Polwart, Julie Fowlis, Seckou Keita, Kris Drever, Rachel Newton, Beth Porter and Jim Molyneux — all renowned musicians in their own right. Together, their music blends a diverse array of sounds from instruments like the kora, electroharp, cello, Indian harmonium and more, which are gorgeously layered with musical and linguistic influences spanning from Orkney to Senegal. Spell Songs is a musical evolution of both The Lost Words & The Lost Spells books by acclaimed author Robert Macfarlane and award-winning illustrator Jackie Morris; creating a listening experience that intersects music, literature, language and art, as a call to reawaken our love of the wild. Autumn drives into winter so it can sometimes be a moment of depression but, really, it’s so beautiful. The change of the leaves and that moment where all the leaves become red and yellow, and then fall down…

Any attempt to understand how human life has evolved its unique cultural habits needs to start with observing what infants know and can do. Organisms regulate the development of their lives by growing structures and processes from within their vitality, by autopoiesis that requires anticipation of adaptive functions. And they must develop and protect their abilities in response to environmental affordances and dangers, with consensuality (Maturana and Varela, 1980; Maturana et al., 1995).

Key components of the Emotional Motor System are in place when the neocortex is unformed.” (Trevarthen, 2001, p. 26). We add that skilled FAPs are not “composed of reflexes” as separate automatic responses. Rather they are purposeful projects that are animated to be developed imaginatively, and affectively, with exploration of their biomechanical “degrees of freedom,” as in Nikolai Bernstein’s detailed description of how a toddler learns to become a virtuoso in bipedal locomotion, which he calls The Genesis of the Biodynamical Structure of the Locomotor Act (Bernstein, 1967, p. 78). The testing of these locomotor acts is with an immediate and essential estimation by gut feelings of any risks or benefits, any fears or joy, they may entail within the body. “There are certain aspects of the so-called ‘inner life’—physical or mental —which have formal properties similar to those of music—patterns of motion and rest, of tension and release, of agreement and disagreement, preparation, fulfilment, excitation, sudden change, etc.

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