Stay Tuned: Music creates community

Many of us know, music itself is a gift, but we often don’t know the depth of that gift. The impact runs deep into ourselves, our souls, and our society. Music can give us identity, it brings us together, it helps us find our people, and music creates community.

In May, NVMS and Nate Chute Foundation held a Music and Mental Health panel including a music therapist, musicians, families and students.

In a Nate Chute PSA about music and mental health, a student claimed, “Music has helped me relate to other people through the community that I’ve built in orchestra. Being able to relate to people through music is just really amazing.”

Each summer NVMS partners up with Glacier Symphony and presents Festival Amadeus and Camp Festival Amadeus. Some children can struggle to find their niche. My son didn’t find his until sixth grade in cross country. A seventh grader had a similar experience with Camp Festival Amadeus.

“I finally found my people,” she said, “and I will come back every summer.”

I feel honored to be a part of this musical family at North Valley Music School. I indeed found my tribe in music. You might find yours here as well. Perhaps it’s in the Learn to Play Ukulele class, or the Veteran’s Learn to Play guitar class. We offer a children’s choir, the NVMS Glee Club and a community Bluegrass night, both free thanks to the Great Fish Community Challenge. There’s a music tech class, a drumming class and several preschool music classes. Maybe the Acoustic Jam is YOUR Jam! Call 406-862-8074 or email [email protected] and find your community today.

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