The 5 Right Audio Sound System Accessories

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Audio sound system is a device that you often encounter because this device is almost used on all occasions, whether for family events, celebrations, concerts, houses of worship or other activities that require sound equipment. Of the many sound system devices, there are a number of accessories that are very basic and often used. For more details, see the following article.

Audio Sound System Accessories


Speaker is an output device or audio sound system output device that is useful for producing louder sound from the input source (eg human voice) that comes from the mic (microphone). In general, speakers consist of a number of types with many different functions, namely:

a. Subwoofer

Subwoofers are useful as equipment that handles bass or low sound. Usually, the subwoofer is on speakers at home (home theater), cinema, or music concert speakers. To know about political law you can visit this site folderaccess.

b. Middle Speaker

This speaker is useful as a tone producer with a medium frequency or commonly called a mid. In music concerts, using these speakers is common for musical instruments such as tam-tam, drums or a number of other percussion instruments.

c. High Speaker

As the name suggests, this speaker is useful for producing high notes (treble). Dedicate this Speaker to the vocal tone of a singer or person using a mic.


If you are a music lover, maybe this audio sound system device is already familiar. The power amplifier is useful as the center of a sound because sound is processed using this device. Amplifiers are usually used by equipment that requires speakers such as guitars. In a sound system, an amplifier is very important and a must-have. There are also many types, some are designated as low, mid or high tones. The power also varies from 2000 watts to 10,000 watts.


Ever heard of this word? yes equalizer is usually found in music settings whether it’s a dvd, computer or smartphone. In the world of sound, an equalizer is a tool for arranging low to high tones in a graphic format that we can slide as we wish. The sound master often has different equalizer settings depending on the type or genre of music performed (if a concert). Even for a home audio sound system, you have to adjust the equalizer so that the sound you produce fits and is pleasant to hear.


Crossover is useful for dividing tone frequencies into amplifiers. Usually, a crossover consists of 3 lines (3 lines) namely low, mid and high, and channel them to each amplifier. So this equipment is a tool to divide the tone frequency.


When viewed from the physical, the mixer looks the most complicated. Mixers are often located on sound operator desks with multiple loops (potentials) and complex mic line cables. This device is useful for adjusting the tone of each different mic. For example, a mic for vocals, a guitar mic, a drum mic and so on. Why is this device necessary? because every musical instrument or human has a different tone.

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