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Following the emergence of CD bootlegs and illegal downloads, the traditional business for music labels and publishers collapsed within the early years of this century. The compact disc had served its time and music downloads weren’t sufficiently big but to compensate for the losses. The music trade was brief on solutions and struggled to develop effective distribution channels within the digital age.

Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (

Production PRETTYBIRD Editorial Exile Kyle Brown, editor; Eileen Miraglia, assistant editor; CL Weaver, exec producer; Jennifer Locke, head of production; Kristina Thoegersen, post producer. Color The Mill Matthew Osborne, colorist; Blake Harrop, colour producer. Music Beacon Street Studios, Venice, Calif. Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau, Danny Dunlap, composers (original song “Promise Me”); Leslie DiLullo, executive producer.Sound Design Lime Studios, Santa Monica, Calif.

would subsequently do well to keep away from John Seabrook’s The Song Machine, an immersive, reflective, and completely satisfying examination of the enterprise of in style music. It is a business as old as Stephen Foster, however by no means before has it been run so efficiently or dominated by so few. We have come to count on this kind of consolidation from our banking, oil-and-gasoline, and well being-care industries. But the identical practices they rely on—ruthless digitization, outsourcing, focus-group brand testing, brute-force advertising—have been utilized with large success in pop, creating such profitable multinationals as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. The data from BDS is used not solely by Billboard, but also by radio stations, record company executives, publishing firms, performance rights organizations, music retailers, and movie and TV producers.

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Audio Post Lime Studios, Santa Monica, Calif. Client Detroit Youth Choir’s “Glory” music video Agency Imagination Detroit Alistair Wilson, company lead; Stefania Walkowiak, Ashley Carey, government producers; Rob Cousineau, producer. Detroit Youth Choir Anthony White, Donnell Mosley, vocal arrangement, further lyrics; IndigoYa, rap lyrics. Sterling Sound, Edgewater, NJ Chris Gehringer, mastering. Audio Post Yessian Detroit Gerard Smerek, mixer.

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Joel Waters, sound designer/audio engineer; Collin Thomas, assistant mixer. VFX Elevel Mike Landry, artistic director; Nathan Shipley, technical director; Luke Davisson, movement artist. Color a52 Color Gregory Reese, colorist; Jenny Bright, sr. shade producer; Thatcher Peterson, exec producer; Jennifer Sofio Hall, managing director. Client Uber Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

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