Every instrument we sell receives a full pro setup in our Glasgow guitar shop before dispatch. We offer free delivery on many of our products and we deliver throughout the UK and beyond. Not only do we stock brand new guitars but you will also find an impressive range of second-hand guitars available.

It is really important to make music accessible to all. This ground breaking World record https://www.wikipedia.org/ lesson attempt is a great initiative, and is a small stepping stone on the way to enabling visually impaired people to learning an instrument. We meet in the pub, we jam in the park, many of us have holidayed together and plenty of us have formed bands. Receive weekly news of special offers, discounts, new products and promotions. Line 6 Catalyst 60 Guitar Amp Original Amp Designs The Catalyst family includes three dual-channel combo amplifiers that perform like traditional guitar amps-while providing the increased versatility… To take the mantle from the American Standard is no mean feat – Fender really stuck their neck out by discontinuing such an iconic model – but my word they have done it in spades!

Often an electric guitar is plugged into an amp and may have effects used to create a particular sound or style. No instrument has inspired so many to start rocking as the electric guitar. Here at Andertons, we’ve got iconic electric guitars like the Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and the Gibson Les Paul — instruments that you would see gracing stages the world over. We’ve also got a massive stock of folk and bluegrass instruments such as Ozark Resonators, Mahalo, Mandolins, 12 String guitars, Tanglewood and Takamine acoustic basses. The new Les Paul Standard returns to the classic design that made it relevant, played and loved – shaping sound across generations and genres of music. Duesenberg are proud that for the first model of this brand-new series they have had the honour of working with one of the most remarkable and influential musicians of our time.

So, if you’re looking for a knowledgeable team that can guide you through your guitar purchase, our guitar sales assistants would be happy to help in-store. There are a lot of very talented guitar players, makers and tutors out there, and here in Guest Corner we give them a chance to tell us more about them. As a Gear4music member you can quickly check out, view and track your previous orders, and choose to receive our latest offers and deals. Guitar had not been looked after, but it is so well built that, with care, it will soon be a wonderful instrument again. The tone is superb and playability is amazing. The build quality is superb and I love the ‘naked’ concept.

All of our learning is based around practical application, so we don’t just learn a scale; we learn a scale and then get a group jam going based around that scale. We don’t just learn a chord-group; we learn that chord group and then jam songs that use those chords. We aren’t just about scales, theory and solitary practice , we’re about the magic that happens when musicians meet. It is ROKIT ScienceBuilding on over 30 years of monitor innovation and countless developmental partnerships with successful award-winning music and sound productions, the new KRK ROKIT G4 line has…

Guitar.co.uk is the online store for Merchant City Music, one of the best independent Glasgow guitar shops. We pride ourselves on having a huge stock of high quality guitars and amplifiers from some of the most famous brands in the world. We stock all of the brands you’ve heard of including Fender, Ibanez, Marshall and Orange as well as some fantastic high end guitars from the likes of Hagstrom, Guild and Reverend.

They have pickups on the body of the https://www.artmindfestival.com/ and need to be plugged into an amplifier to get the proper effect of the guitar. The electric guitar comes in many shapes and sizes. Some well-known shapes are a strat style, a tele style ,a les paul style and an sg style. The SE Hollowbody II Piezo combines the balanced, clear, resonant tone of a hollowbody instrument with the power and stability of a solid-body electric guitar. Constructed with a maple back and top with mahogany sides, the SE Hollowbody II Piezo offers a light shimmer and snap in an attractive package.

Discover the HiGloss Lyra – our first-ever nylon… We are delighted to announce the release of our HiGloss ‘Lyra’ Nylon String model. Our very first nylon string offering from the British guitar brand, the Faith Lyra is designed as the perfect nylon stringed guitar for non-classical specialists.

Amongst our world-renowned brands you will find both Classical and Flamenco guitars from Alhambra, Burguet and Esteve to name just a few. Amongst our luthier models, look out for expert names such as Greg Smallman, Teodoro Pérez and Chinese sensation Yulong Guo. The Gibson ES-335 DOT is the cornerstone of the Gibson ES line-up. From its inaugural appearance in 1958, the Gibson ES-335 set an unmatched standard. The pearloid dot inlay rosewood fingerboard on a hand-rolled Rounded “C” mahogany neck remind players where it all started, and Gibson’s Calibrated T-Type humbucking pickups are paired with their hand-wired… The pearloid dot inlay rosewood fingerboard on a hand-rolled Rounded “C” mahogany neck remind players where it all started, and Gibson’s Calibrated T-Type humbucking pickups are paired with our hand-wired…

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