Drum: Want to open a drums course? Know these 5 tips

Drums Course ImageThe drum is a percussion instrument that plays a very important role in a band. Some music genres, such as rock, ska, and fusion will be empty without the role of drums. The drum is the heartbeat of a band and has to be played in conjunction with other instruments.

In addition, drums also have many health benefits. Namely to reduce anxiety and stress, make the brain work better and more active, and can also eliminate emotions and other bad feelings. Therefore, not a few parents urge their children to take drum lessons to make their children’s brains work more active during their development period. Even for reasons of hobby, not a few adults just want to learn drums in order to relieve stress at work.

However, the lack of certified drum courses causes prospective students to hesitate and even cancel their intention to take drum lessons. Seeing this opportunity, drum lovers should be able to take advantage of this opportunity to open a certified drum course because the drum course business is quite promising.

Here are five successful tips for opening a drumming course.

1. Get certified.

To get a student, you have to get certified first. This certification aims to educate you to become a teacher who has the skills and teaching methods according to standards. If you already have a certification, it will be easier for you to ‘sell’ your name to prospective students.

2. Build a studio with the right concept.

Certified teachers alone are not enough to start this business. A comfortable studio and adequate facilities will attract prospective students. For example, designing a studio with a large room, using sound absorbers that aim to clarify the sound character of the drum, and also installing attractive furniture in the studio so that the studio interior looks more attractive.

3. Determine interesting teaching and learning techniques.

In addition to the responsiveness factor of a person in learning drums, learning techniques also play an important role in making it easier for students to understand and be able to play drums more quickly. One interesting technique is to provide two drum sets. Where one set of drums is used by the teacher, and the other set is used by your students. With that, students will immediately be able to easily catch what is conveyed by the teacher.

4. Promote drum lessons.

Promotion is the main foundation in conveying your drum lessons to the general public. Nowadays, promoting something is very easy. With just your two thumbs, you can promote your drumming lessons on social media. And also the reach of promotions through wider social media will make it easier for you to convey something.

In addition, make the promotion as attractive as possible. For example, holding a free trial program and attaching the learning techniques you use to convince your prospective students. Sounds trivial, but the program will attract prospective students to try your performance who has become certified teacher.

5. Expanding market share.

If you have successfully run a drum course business, don’t be complacent. You can enhance your company’s revenue by opening new branches in other locations. To help your business grow profitably, you can recruit a new workforce interested in teaching drumming from among your friends. You can provide a competitive monthly pay or a profit-sharing plan.

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