Rock and Metal Music Difference

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Rock & Metal- For ordinary people, listening to metal music and rock music makes no difference because both of them are ear-splitting. It’s a bit difficult to distinguish between metal music and rock music, but what is clear is that metal music is certainly part of rock music, but rock music is not necessarily metal music. For more details, below will explain some of the differences.

Judging from the vocalist

In metal music, many or most of their vocalists have a voice that growls, screams or screams as if in a trance. This is what makes some people judge that metal music is the music of the devil. Unlike metal, rock band vocals are more melodic and pleasant to hear. Their screams also sounded more fun and it was clearer what they were singing, for example, Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach with his distinctive high voice and sexy voice.

Judging from the Guitar Play

In terms of sound selection/guitar effects, metal music uses thicker distortion and is impressed with a disheveled and far from melodic playing, but there are also some whose playing is quite melodic, as seen in Metallica and other heavy metal bands. Meanwhile, in rock music, the selection of guitar effects is more melodic and their playing is clean and melodic.

Judging from the Tempo

In terms of tempo, metal music has a fast tempo and only a few metal songs are a slow tempo. Meanwhile, rock music in addition to its fast tempo, this music also uses a slow tempo, for example, the song Guns N ‘Roses entitled “Don’t Cry”.

Judging from the theme of the song

The themes in metal music are more songs with the theme of darkness, torture, blood, and violence, and not least using anti-religious themes. While the themes of rock music refer more to love, protest, nature/environment, or society.

So now you know the difference between these two genres of music, and hope you don’t get me wrong in the future.

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